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Mar 28th


Rev. E. Anderson


Thought for the Day follows an instructive theme for everyday of the Week. In the next few days we will be considering ‘fulfilment’. During your life and stay of earth and within the church of Christ you must be able to perform so that you achieve your God-given destiny. Christ lived a fulfilled life and at the end he could say to His heavenly Father, “I have finished the work you gave me to do”. So you, too, must be able to complete your course in life and work.


No doubt Ruth must have been delighted to have married one of Naomi’s sons and become part of the Jewish people. Her prospects for the future seemed to be vastly improved by such a union. How tragic it appeared when she experienced his death and the other men-folk in the family unit!  It looked as if her future was doomed. She decided to throw in her lot with Naomi as she returned to Bethlehem, trusting Jehovah to work her future out.

How lovely to read that some glorious plans are ahead that she knew nothing about would settle everything. The Lord had lined up for a wonderful man who would become her life’s partner and open the years ahead in grand style. She was not to spend her days being a widow. There was a Boaz who was rich and caring and would accept total responsibility for her welfare and her mother-in-law, too. Out of seeming tragedy a lovely love story and marriage emerges with the birth of the Davidic and Messianic line!

As you put the Lord first in your life, He can so direct affairs that the right and best person for you turns up to whom you can be wedded. He is interested in you discovering the best individual suited who shall be your close partner and through who whom worthwhile things can be born. Make sure that He is allowed to play the match-maker and all will turn out well in His providential dealings.


Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear. Mark Twain


Father Of Jesus Christ, My Lord

This is one of Charles Wesley’s faith inspiring hymns that we need to know, believe and sing. They are words that get into your spirit and inspire to trust God for the impossible and this is what should occur in the Christian believer’s life and experience. We have a miraculous God who loves to perform miracles for his offspring. It is time once again to see His goodness in the manifestation of His extraordinary love and power.


1/. Father of Jesus Christ, my Lord, My Saviour and my Head;
I trust in Thee, Whose powerful Word Hath raised Him from the dead.

2/. Eternal life to all mankind Thou hast in Jesus given;

And all who seek, in Him shall find The happiness of heaven.

3/. Faith in Thy power, Thou seest I have for thou this faith hast wrought;

Dead souls Thou callest from the grave, And seekest worlds from nought.

4/ In hope, against all human hope, Self desperate, I believe;
Thy quickening Word shall raise me up,  Thou shalt Thy Spirit give.

5/. The thing surpasses all my though, but faithful is my Lord;

Through unbelief I stagger not For God hath spoke the word.
6/. Faith, mighty faith, the promise sees, and looks to that alone;
Laughs at impossibilities, and cries, “It shall be done!”



The Lord’s elect household needed some assurance because the days ahead were going to be very difficult. They would come to the position where they would believe they were written off as a people and nation and so there was no real future. In His foreknowledge the Lord knows this and speaks a prophetic word affirming that in spite of the threat, there would be divine intervention to transform the situation.  The word comes: “He shall cause them that come of Jacob to take root: Israel shall blossom and bud, and fill the face of the world with fruit” – v6. There will be a renewed establishment of Israel and a broader universal influence.

It is something that the Lord will do and achieve through His sovereign grace and power. Instead of being a non-entity, He will bring them back to firmly plant and nourish the rooting process. All will be amazed as they see the budding, blooming of the nation and in making it a blessing to all nations. The fruit will be of such a nature that it will convince everyone that God has changed it for the better and to bring untold benefit to all. What the Lord desired originally of it will come to pass at the end and they will serve to honour Him to all peoples.

God has planted the Christian Church in and through Christ to be a very productive plant. Each Christian is to be rooted in Christ and be brought to the place where they sprout, flower and evidence the nature of Christ with a divine quality of life. In learning to live and abide in Christ (see John 15) they are enabled to generate a divine fruitfulness that is ever on going. It is a case of fruit, more fruit and much fruit that will bless others. As you are fixed in and fed by Christ, His Word and the Holy Spirit, you will fructify and enrich all around you.





Having responded to the stirring words of the prophet from the Lord, and the spiritual and practical movement having commenced, the Lord now takes things a further stage forward. He utters great assurances that were intended to inspire and assist the leaders and people in a greater way. By these messages He was revealing that their endeavour would not be a waste of time and energy but there would be inevitably good returns. The assurances were great because they came from a great God and would be wrought in a great manner and measure.


The thing that essentially mattered at the start was that they should set to work with a good heart with regard to the building of the Temple. They must not be disheartened because in material substance it was nothing in comparison to the sanctuary built by Solomon.  It had to be remembered that circumstances were different then in many ways. In comparison the people now were much fewer and less prosperous. The vital thing was to become excited at the prospect of seeing a building built for God. It should be approached with good will etc., because the Lord was amongst them by His Spirit.


They need not be too concerned as to the outcome if they did their part. The Lord gives real prophetic testimony here by stating that abundance of treasures would come to this Temple and that the glory of this house would be greater than the former. Peace would be its hallmark. They need not worry about the aspect of silver and gold because it was all His. What they were doing was worth going for. 


As they gave themselves to obedience to His Word they would discover something uniquely taking place in the following harvest. Already the seed that was to be sown was divinely blessed and as a result would yield prolifically.  The curse would be off the land and there would be a bumper harvest for all. Not only blessing on the land but on their lives. They would discover very soon that as they had meant work and given themselves to God’s business He had given Himself to their welfare.


The ultimate assurance is to Zerubbabel a leader and an individual who must have given a real lead in matters. He also stood representative of the people. He is informed of what was going to happen around amongst the nations. There is the great prediction of the fact that he will be honoured by the Lord. Best of all he is told that he is a chosen person, choice in the sight of the Lord and in a special place of close relationship – a signet ring on the finger of the Lord. It will certainly be because the LORD Almighty has spoken!



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