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Mar 24th – 2017


Rev. E. Anderson


Thought for the Day follows an instructive theme for everyday of the Week. To be able to achieve and succeed in daily living we require strength. One may have all the ‘know-how’ but have little or no strength to perform and do. It is imperative that you have the life and energy physically, spiritually, morally, mentally etc., so that you see things coming to pass that will gladden your days. The Scriptures are present to guide you into knowing how to know strength of an incredible nature be yours to achieve.

STRENGTH – To Endure Suffering – Job 2

Many individuals within the scriptures knew what it was to be put through their paces with regard to pain and suffering, amongst them is Job. Everything was successfully moving along in an unprecedented season of growth and blessing on every front. Then major calamities struck his family and then his own person – Job 1. He must have wondered what he had done wrong for all this to suddenly happen and then to be put under extreme pressure by his wife and so-called friends.

As far as God was concerned, Job handled it well although he had his moments! Within the ordeal he did make some very choice expressions that have served to inspire others when in extreme suffering. He did make the bold confession: “For I know that my redeemer liveth, and He shall stand at the latter day upon the earth: And though after my skin worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh I shall see God . . .” Job 19: 24-27.  In spite of his awful circumstances he did not curse or blame God but believed all would turn out alright, and it did! – Job 42:10-17. He came through with flying colours with a testimony to God’s goodness.

It may be that you are in the midst of a tough and rough experience right now. The Lord can and will provide both added grace and strength to more than manage it. Be assured in your being that He will make the ordeal serve to your development and blessedness. You will not be alone but His support will be extended and enable you to turn all to a quality character and future. The suffering will not be a waste but a road to spiritual maturity and prospect.


My family is my strength and my weakness. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan


Jesus the Name High Over All

What a Name has been given to Christendom to be used and bring blessing! JESUS! As it is sung with faith and inspiration it invades the atmosphere and manifests its influence and dynamic. If there is one thing that Christ responds to, it is the proper use of His name by the Christian believer. So make sure it has its place in your life and experience!

This is one of those hymns which, as Dr. Tel­ford re­marks, has “stamped it­self deep in the re­li­gious life of Meth­od­ism.” Few hymns have been more quot­ed by Meth­od­ist min­is­ters in their dy­ing hours than this, es­pe­cial­ly the last stan­za. But per­haps the young­est “preach­er” that ev­er made use of it ten­der­ly and ef­fect­iv­ely in the dy­ing hour is de­scribed in the fol­low­ing in­ci­dent, which serves al­so to show how the ear­ly Meth­od­ists taught such hymns as this to their child­ren at home and in Sun­day Schools:

By a dis­tress­ing ac­ci­dent a lit­tle girl on­ly sev­en years of age was se­vere­ly burned and had to be tak­en to a hos­pi­tal in Lon­don. At a Meth­od­ist Sun­day school she had learned to love and to sing the hymn be­gin­ning, “Je­sus, the name high over all.” On the last night of her life all the pa­tients were qui­et in the ward where she lay, and no­thing was heard but the tick and strike of the clock, when sud­den­ly the lit­tle suf­fer­er broke the si­lence by sweet­ly sing­ing…from her fa­vor­ite hymn…Then si­lence reigned again in the room, and for some time, as be­fore, on­ly the tick­ing of the clock was heard when the me­lo­di­ous voice of the lit­tle suf­fer­er again broke the si­lence and many other suf­fer­ers in the room heard her sing­ing soft­ly: “Hap­py, if with my lat­est breath I may but gasp his name”…

And with that the lit­tle preach­er’s voice was in­deed hushed in death, but not un­til ma­ny had heard, in the words of this ten­der song as she so sweet­ly sang it, a gos­pel mess­age ne­ver to be for­got­ten.

1/. Jesus! the Name high over all, In hell or earth or sky;
Angels and men before it fall, And devils fear and fly.

2/. He breaks the power of cancelled sin, And sets the prisoner free;

His blood can make the foulest clean, His blood avails for me.

3/. Jesus! the Name to sinners dear, The Name to sinners giv’n;
It scatters all their guilty fear, It turns their hell to Heav’n.

4/. Jesus! the prisoner’s fetters breaks, And bruises Satan’s head;
Power into strengthless souls it speaks, And life into the dead.

5/. Oh, that the world might taste and see The riches of His grace!
The arms of love that compass me Would all the world embrace.



The Lord can and does show His contempt for those who disregard Him and the ways of truth, goodness and mercy. He has the capability of not only pouring scorn on people that deliberately pay no attention to grace and justice but He takes action against them. This is the subject matter of this chapter. In moving in opposition to Tyre in judgment He reveals His disapproval of their wickedness. In v9 it states: “The Lord Almighty has done it to destroy your pride and show His contempt for all human greatness.”

He abominates the sinful arrogance of men and nations, which in due course He judges. No matter how great, strong and proud a person and nation may become, God eventually reaches the point where they have to be rightly dealt with. In the case of Tyre, it meant its removal. There were those who felt it was impossible for this secure and lucrative nation to be reduced to nothing. Whatever heights Tyre may have reached, the Lord would have the last say by its total destruction.

One of the vital lessons of history to be noted is of God causing people and nations to be humbled through His judgments. There has been over the centuries and millenniums of time the rise of human power to enormous heights of strength and position but because of their attitude to God through conceit and self-importance have fallen into nothingness. How essential, at a personal level, it is to ensure that success doesn’t lead to vanity and immodesty taking over. When such takes place, there is the inevitable humbling by God.




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