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March 17th

Rev. E. Anderson


Thought for the Day follows an instructive theme for everyday of the Week. One of the things that man has been created with is sensitivity and it plays a very important role within the enjoyment and blessedness of life. He was made to exist and experience two kinds of senses: spiritual and natural. The first to be able to be conscious and taste spiritual realities, the second, to know the immense delights in the natural such as hearing, seeing . .  and so on. He was meant to live and experience two worlds, the spiritual to major and impact the natural.


Many served the Lord in Old Testament times in the ministry of a prophetic. In fact, a great deal of the books is focused on the word of the Lord into the days that were and the future, too. Isaiah can be stated as being one of the Major Prophets and he was sensitive to Jehovah and to the message for his times and the distant future. He mind and heart is open as he foresees and foretells the advent of a unique person who  would impact Israel and the world.

The inspired utterance of Isaiah 53 gives a revelation of a person who would know a unique death and accomplish an amazing work of salvation for all mankind. It can only have interpretation concerning Jesus Christ. It would seem that this ancient seer is at the foot of the Cross 600 years before it happened, viewing the most important act of human history. It really endorses and underscores Christ and His substitionary death. It was dramatic to him and later it became dramatic to Christ and is now a dramatic fact that the Church proclaims. The sensitivity continues.

As you seek to live and walk close to the Lord then He is able to open your ears and eyes to vital matters. Mind and heart can suddenly be enlightened to things that cannot be known by natural means so that you are up-to-date with the workings of heaven. Get into the place with your Lord, now, so that you become sensitive to Him and what His plans and expectations are for you and other considerations, too.

QUOTES TO NOTE – Happiness

Happiness doesn’t depend on any external conditions, it is governed by our mental attitude. Dale Carnegie


I’ve Something in My Heart

Thankfully, when Christ comes into the life He brings all of His attendant blessings with Him so that the individual life is enriched beyond measure. This is expressed in this song in the glorious fact that the heart is greatly touched in a blessed manner. When the Christian sings out his faith in words like these there comes added inspiration and delight and even faith is enriched. So let the words ring out today and enjoy the saviour and Song!

1/.  I’ve something in my heart that Jesus gave to me,
It makes me feel like singing glory all the day;

He found my captive soul and gave me liberty, And now I feel like singing glory!

He makes the path grow brighter ev’ry passing day He makes the burden lighter all along the way;
His Word is my delight, His will I now obey, And all the time I’m singing glory!

2/.  My Saviour loosed my tongue that I might speak His praise;Since then I have been singing glory all the day;
I love to tell the lost of Jesus and His ways, And oh, it keeps me singing glory! [Chorus]

3/.  My Saviour took my feet from out the miry clay;Since then I have been singing glory all the day;
He placed them on the Rock that shall not pass away— I cannot keep from singing glory! [Chorus]

4/. O weary heart and sad, O heavy-laden soul, If you would feel like singing glory all the day;
Just let the Saviour in, and let Him take control; Then you will feel like singing glory! [Chorus)]


HARDNESS OF HEART – Isaiah 9: 8-21

The people of Isaiah’s day were epitomized by a hardness of heart. The leaders in particular lacked any genuine sensitivity to God and showed a careless arrogance and indifference to Him. This was especially so amongst the northern tribes of Israel. It did not matter whether God expressed great kindness to them or He executed punishment, they remained with a malignant evil attitude. In v13 it declares – “For after all this punishment, the people will not repent and turn to the LORD Almighty.” It appears they were unmoved in their beings towards God.

It becomes apparent that they lacked the capacity to see their true situation and also to be softened to a spirit of repentance. Although God did His best, they were at their worst and all because of a hardened heart. He tried to break through to show them their wrong doing and to get them straightened up in their knowledge and relationship with Him but they would not have it. They gave Him the cold shoulder and rejected His gracious dealings. This was a most grievous matter that could not go without some just judgment.

This is ever a current evil and danger, hence the warning to all professing Christians in Hebrews 3: 8 “Don’t harden your hearts against Him as Israel did when they rebelled, when they tested God’s patience in the wilderness.” It is essential to be aware of this sinister wickedness and to make certain that the spirit is ever open to God and that there is utmost sensitivity to His Holy Spirit and Word at all times. Do not permit anyone or anything to bring about any hardening in your being but ask the Lord to keep you soft and tender before Him. Let His grace minister His goodness.





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