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Mar 16th – 2017


Rev. E. Anderson


Thought for the Day follows an instructive theme for everyday of the Week. One of the things that man has been created with is sensitivity and it plays a very important role within the enjoyment and blessedness of life. He was made to exist and experience two kinds of senses: spiritual and natural. The first to be able to be conscious and taste spiritual realities, the second, to know the immense delights in the natural such as hearing, seeing . .  and so on. He was meant to live and experience two worlds, the spiritual to major and impact the natural.


Samuel was most unhappy about the turn of events with Saul. But the Lord had his answer in unexpected quarters. A young lad by the name by David had the basic, quality spiritual ingredients of being a worthy successor. As a shepherd boy David had come to know and trust the Lord whilst looking after a flock of sheep. He had learned the art of worship of the Lord and proved His incredible assistance in minding the sheep. He had been emboldened to take on a bear and lion and won the contests. Through his musical capacity he also had the ability to help Saul when he was in a demented state.

The Scriptures affirm that David ‘was man after God’s own heart’. He was an individual who from earliest years cultivated a warm relationship with the Lord and sought to be sensitive to what he had to say and teach. There were some very big lessons he had to learn about the Lord and he was ready to be disciplined and brought into line with what was required. He knew the Lord was always right, good and fair and so aligned himself with His good will and pleasure and so prospered.

Time and opportunity is at your disposal to make it your business to get into a dynamic accord with the Lord. It is imperative that you know and build a union and communion with Him if you are to really make a real success of your life and work. Neglect of Him and time with Him will spell bankruptcy and death. So today, you are given the moments to open up to Him and to allow Him to make Himself known in a greater manner. In so doing, you will become a better person and more effectual in living.

QUOTES TO NOTE – Happiness

A smile is happiness you’ll find right under your nose. Tom Wilson


Nothing between, Lord

The Lord does not want anything or anyone to come between Him and those who profess to know Him as their Saviour, Lord and Friend. He is utterly committed to a constant accord so that there is a flow of knowledge, faith and power to live in agreement with heaven’s laws. As you maintain this holy state, so you will enjoy to the full the input of His grace and favour in a constant fashion. The bond you have with Him requires an incessant relationship so that you attain to the highest in this life.

1/. Nothing between, Lord, nothing between; Let me Thy glory see,
Draw my soul close to Thee, Then speak in love to me—Nothing between.

2/. Nothing between, Lord, nothing between; Let not earth’s din and noise
Stifle Thy still small voice; In it let me rejoice—Nothing between.

3/. Nothing between, Lord, nothing between; Nothing of earthly care,
Nothing of tear or prayer, No robe that self may wear—Nothing between

4/. Nothing between, Lord, nothing between; Unbelief disappear,
Vanish each doubt and fear, Fading when Thou art near—Nothing between.

5/. Nothing between, Lord, nothing between; Till Thine eternal light,
Rising on earth’s dark night, Bursts on my open sight—Nothing between



Although God’s people were to experience a long period of suffering, exile and despair, nevertheless, the prospects were to prove very hopeful because of divine intervention. In spite of the evil that they would pass through, because of God’s judgment on them, there would be a change in their fortunes. He wa Instead of existing in despair and darkness the divine light is to shine upon her and all is to turn to her advantage through God’s favour.

But the forecast goes much further than their immediate future: it reaches way ahead with the prophecy of the coming Messiah that will affect the destiny of the world and all men – vv6, 7. A unique person is to make His advent from their ranks who will be renowned not only for His titles but for the fantastic administration He will bring. His wisdom, peace and justice will be universal, especially in those who receive Him and His rule. The hope of real peace is with Him and His reign.

As Christ moves in and takes over the heart of those who receive Him, the supremacy of peace begins. The prospect of peace can only be when the Prince of Peace is allowed into the life and permitted to exercise His government. His advent into your experience is to establish this particular feature so that you can enjoy the benefit of His serenity at all times even though all around you is one of upheaval and despair. He will keep you in peace and save you from going to pieces.




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