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Mar 12th    – 2017


Rev. E. Anderson


Thought for the Day follows an instructive theme for everyday of the Week. One of the things that man has been created with is sensitivity and it plays a very important role within the enjoyment and blessedness of life. He was made to exist and experience two kinds of senses: spiritual and natural. The first to be able to be conscious and taste spiritual realities, the second, to know the immense delights in the natural such as hearing, seeing . .  and so on. He was meant to live and experience two worlds, the spiritual to major and impact the natural.


The account of the fall of Adam and Eve in the most perfect surroundings, the Garden of Eden, was a most beautiful place where visited them for fellowship and input. They were alive and awake to His constant communion and communications that was a means of enriching their beings and making them conscious that they were birthed into something significant. For quite a while this occurred. No doubt they looked forward to these visitations. They needed to keep sensitive to Him and His requirements so that they could move forward to attain their ultimate destiny.

Unfortunately they allowed themselves to be de-sensitised by listening to another voice, Satan, the evil one. They hearkened to his persuasive argument and so became permanently sensitised to sin and evil and lost out on that beautiful God-consciousness and meetings. They were excluded from the garden and so there were no more personal communions with God. The lost out on the most important and essential factor of life of being sensitive to God and His Word. The whole human race since has been affected by it.

Thankfully, Jesus Christ came to restore the sensitivity by dealing with the sin problem and opening a new and living way into accord with God. He makes it possible for the sons of men to become sons of God and to be birthed into God’s Family and to know Him as Heavenly Father – see John 1:10, 12. It is now possible for all to be alive and awake to God the Father and to be sensitive to His daily inflow and input. There is more than a lost Eden; there is a Heavenly Realm to be known where God becomes the great reality of life, now. Make sure you do not miss out on it.


Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present. Jim Rohn


Saviour, like a Shepherd Lead us

Like David of old, let us ever recognise that the Lord is our Shepherd. You and I are His sheep. We must allow Him to do His gracious work and seek to our well-being now as well as eternally. He is ever around to manifest His loving presence, to provide and protect so that we are a living testimony to His goodness. Enjoy your Shepherd relationship, today.

The text of “Saviour, Like a Shepherd Lead Us” first appeared in Hymns for the Young, 1840, which was edited by Dorothy Ann Thrupp (1779-1847). Although no author’s name appears with the text, it is thought that Thrupp wrote it, since she often published hymns anonymously, under the pseudonym “Iota,” or simply using her initials

  1. Saviour, like a shepherd lead us, much we need thy tender care;
    In thy pleasant pastures feed us, for our use thy folds prepare.
    Blessed Jesus, blessed Jesus!  Thou hast bought us, thine we are.
    Blessed Jesus, blessed Jesus! Thou hast bought us, thine we are.2. We are thine, thou dost befriend us, be the guardian of our way;
    Keep thy flock, from sin defend us, seek us when we go astray.
    Blessed Jesus, blessed Jesus!  Hear, O hear us when we pray.
    Blessed Jesus, blessed Jesus! Hear, O hear us when we pray.

    3. Thou hast promised to receive us, poor and sinful though we be;
    Thou hast mercy to relieve us, grace to cleanse and power to free.
    Blessed Jesus, blessed Jesus!  We will early turn to thee.
    Blessed Jesus, blessed Jesus! We will early turn to thee.

    4. Early let us seek thy favour, early let us do thy will;
    Blessed Lord and only Saviour, with thy love our bosoms fill.
    Blessed Jesus, blessed Jesus! Thou hast loved us, love us still.
    Blessed Jesus, blessed Jesus! Thou hast loved us, love us still.



The divine call of Isaiah came at an important moment in his career. There is the mention of the fact when it took place – “In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord” – v1. This monarch had performed an outstanding work in establishing the growth of the kingdom over a 52 year period of time. The vision was given to assure him of the throne that really mattered. He sees the Lord on His seat of authority and power and knows that He is the one that rules the destiny of the nation. He can be at peace because of this knowledge and understanding.

There is a role that the Lord would have him fulfil to the advantage of his own people and the world at large. The need is for someone to become His messenger that will bear the true tidings and inform all of what is needed to be heard. He will have much to say that will challenge the minds and hearts of all and His servant will have to be very courageous to perform the task. He is ready to respond to the Lord when faced when the commission is extended and says, “Here I am Lord; send me.” The Lord must have been delighted with his sudden reply and anticipated a complete abandonment to Himself and the mission.

How essential it is that the Christian believer has sight and knowledge of the exalted status of Jesus Christ. He is Lord of all. It must be sensed that He is building His Kingdom and that He has a work to be accomplished in and through every one of His subjects, and that includes you. There is a need for you to become His messenger where you are to communicate His truth to those around you. Have you heard His call and commission to your life? The spiritual privilege is sounded out so that you will be His herald and witness of the Good News of Christian Gospel. Make yourself ready and available and so engage in this vital ministry to the world.






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