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Mar 10th    – 2017


Rev. E. Anderson


Thought for the Day follows an instructive theme for everyday of the Week. God made the believer to be a victor not a victim. It was His eternal an original intention that those who knew, loved and served Him should be kings and sit enthroned ruling life an eternity. Thought for the Day follows an instructive theme for everyday of the Week. God made the believer to be a victor not a victim. It was His eternal an original intention that those who knew, loved and served Him should be kings and sit enthroned ruling life an eternity.


There are some situations and experiences that can only be answered by intercessory prayer as seen and noted ion the life of the disciple Peter. There are some things to be observed in this event that are salutary.

  • The Lord is always aware of what His servants and people have to confront and is not take by surprise. He is always [p-date on you!
  • He can, in His grace and mercy, give prior intimation of the crisis or crises to be confronted and dealt with. Sometimes he forewarns so that you be forearmed.
  • There is an awareness on His part of the frailty and feebleness that can be manifest.
  • Through His prayerful commitment He would render a supportive role and bring about change for the good. It was essential that Peter discover himself and be rid of certain elements in his nature, self-confidence.
  • Eventually it is apparent that prayer was successful in this incident because of what later happened. Peter became a stronger person and also succoured many


Of two evils, choose neither.


It Took A Miracle

Finding an Air Force pilot with the nickname of Deacon is quite unusual, but that was the case with John W. Peterson. This nickname was given to him because, every morning while in the military service, he read his New Testament.

These devotional periods stood Peterson in good stead when he flew the China Hump. He later said, During those long, lonely flights I had wonderful opportunity for meditation and prayer. It always seemed that the Lord was very near. Perhaps there is no greater display of God’s power and handiwork than the Himalayan Mountains.

So often as I flew, while observing the rugged terrain below and the glories of the heavens above, I was overwhelmed by the power of our Creator and the glory of his creation in general.

Then the thought gripped me that the same God who created this universe with its never-ending wonders was the God who loved me and sent his only begotten Son to take my place on the cross.

John Peterson said: “I was quite overwhelmed as I began to think of these two aspects of God’s power and love; and suddenly, the words of a new song began to form in my heart. Within a very short time, I was sketching the words and melody of a new song.”


(1) My Father is omnipotent, And that you can’t deny;

A God of might and miracles – ‘Tis written in the sky.



It took a miracle to put the stars in place, It took a miracle to hang the world in space;

But when He saved my soul, Cleansed and made me whole,

It took a miracle of love and grace!

(2) Though here His glory has been shown, We still can’t fully see

The wonders of His might, His throne – ‘Twill take eternity – chorus

(3) The Bible tells us of His power – And wisdom all way through,

And every little bird and flower Are testimonies too – chorus



The passage is a sad song communicated by the Lord in relation to His people. He puts to word and music His dealings with them and reveals how sorry He is about the end results. He compares Israel to the planting of a vineyard and Himself as the owner who is totally committed to their development in the best possible surroundings. He had prepared the ground for them and everything had been done to make them truly prolific and fruitful. Nothing more could have been done by Him to produce a quality crop of people – “What more could I have done to cultivate a rich harvest?” – v4.

It was a huge disappointment to Him at the end of His loving labour to discover that instead of them bearing sweet grapes, they were sour. His expectations of them were dashed by sensing that they had failed to positively respond to His love, grace and goodness. They had not imbibed His life, nature and standards and were no different to all the other nations around. Their failure left Him with no alternative but to expose the vineyard to judgment. It could have been so different and they missed the golden opportunity of being something of worth.

It is a New Testament teaching that the Christian believer has been grafted into Christ in order to produce the same kind of life and fruit in terms of grace and gift. The Lord’s hopes are high for each one that comes to a dynamic faith in Him that they will make the grade. He will be relentless through His Spirit and Word to generate and achieve the finest in you. Make sure that you allow Him to do all He wants to effectively nourish and produce in and through you – John 15: 1-17. He is looking for a good and healthy harvest as a consequence of His labours in you.




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