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 March 9th 

Rev. E. Anderson


Thought for the Day follows an instructive theme for everyday of the Week. God made the believer to be a victor not a victim. It was His eternal an original intention that those who knew, loved and served Him should be kings and sit enthroned ruling life an eternity.


  • Even when so young one can do incredible things – David knew what it was to slay a lion, bear, Goliath and overcome a Saul
  • Faith can be present and effective at the various stages and points of life, right through the years
  • Adversaries may seek to intimidate but you are quite capable of facing them and have victory over them
  • Each new day may bring its fresh contest but the victories of the past set you up to add yet more in your experience and testimony
  • With Lord alongside there is nought to over-concern in spite of your years. He will nerve and strengthen you for battle and blessing


We have come to a turning point in the road. If we turn to the right mayhap our children and our children’s children will go that way; but if we turn to the left, generations yet unborn will curse our names for having been unfaithful to God and to His Word.


Fairest of All the Earth Beside

This was a regular song inspiringly sung at our Communion Service. The saints used to get into raptures in meditating on the wonder of the Cross and the exceeding beauty and worthy of Christ Jesus the Lord. It was a spontaneous outpouring of the mind and heart in holy adoration and worship that brought a sense of His immediate presence. I reckon there is still a need for this kind of experience!!

1/. Fairest of all the earth beside, Chiefest of all unto Thy bride,
Fullness divine in Thee I see, Beautiful Man of Calvary!


That Man of Calvary Has won my heart from me,
And died to set me free, Blest Man of Calvary!

2/. Granting the sinner life and peace, Granting the captive sweet release,
Shedding His blood to make us free, Merciful Man of Calvary! – Refrain

3/. Giving the gifts obtained for men, Pouring out love beyond our ken,
Giving us spotless purity, Bountiful Man of Calvary! – Refrain

4/. Comfort of all my earthly way, Jesus I’ll meet Thee some sweet day;
Centre of glory Thee I’ll see, Wonderful Man of Calvary! – Refrain



The Lord assures that, at the end of all the judgment poured upon them, there will come the blessing of divine restoration. Having paid an awful price as a consequence of their wicked conduct, the Lord will act in love and grace to bring about a wonderful change. Although the land will become lush and beautiful, the best thing will be the state of His people. – “the fruit of the land will be the pride of its people” – v2. All the sin and corruption will be gone as the Lord washes away the moral filth of His own. This is but a new beginning.

The Lord will then be the watchful Guardian of Jerusalem and nation. His protective cloud by day and night that will make it obvious that He is overseeing their welfare – vv5, 6. Everyone will live under the sacred covering of the Lord thus they will be safe and secure. No evil from enemies or even the weather will be able to beset or overcome. It will be a time to rest and be at peace in the knowledge that He is in control of all, enemies and elements.

When the Lord moves in to restore He knows how to perform a perfect work. His first job is to sanctify those who profess faith in Him and make them into people that are a praise to Him. His major task with you is to bring you into likeness with Himself so that He can see His qualities of life and nature in you. He then assures that He will render all the protection required so life can be lived with a great sense of His nearness and security. Learn to dwell under the safeguard of His shadow.




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