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Mar 7th    – 2017


Rev. E. Anderson



Thought for the Day follows an instructive theme for everyday of the Week. We now turn our thoughts to another important factor if there is to be positive dealing with God. The word is ‘victory’ a spiritual reality to be entered into if one is to know God to live a true life and extract the best from God. In coming to know Go through His Word, Spirit and Jesus Christ, the min an heart is to be possessed with sure knowledge of truth an things that matter. God made man to be a victor not a victim. It was His eternal an original intention that those who knew, loved and served Him should be kings and sit enthroned ruling life an eternity. In no way does He desire that you wallow in defeat and self-pity, rather the opposite. It is important to discover the route to glorious conquest.

VICTORY When Evil is Silently Planned – Esther 1-4

The story of Esther is all about God quietly planning in the background amidst the working of evil. Mordecai and God’s people certainly found themselves in a threatened scenario. The wicked Haman sought his demise and God’s people, too. Everything appeared to be going his way but he was really ignorant of what was occurring.

Quietly Jehovah had worked the promotion of Esther to becoming the queen. In a unique way she that was a nobody became a somebody. Of all the women alive at that time she is selected. When pressure comes to her uncle and people she is made aware of what it is all about. ‘Who knows whether you have been brought to the kingdom for such a time as this’ – 4:14. She had a role and duty to perform and how well she did it. All turned out so well for all!

Know that the Lord is ever serenely and wisely in the background overseeing proceedings. He is always up and totally aware of what is occurring. He will deal with injustice. One must make certain it is not us who are guilty party. In His own way and time action will take place where all is properly addressed and dealt with. One can afford to allow Him so work it all out.


Beware of no man more than of yourself; we carry our worst enemies within us – C H Spurgeon


I Come to the Garden Alone

Here is the account of how this beautiful hymn was written—from the hymn-writer C. Austin Miles himself:

One day in April, 1912, 1 was seated in the dark room, where I kept my photographic equipment and organ. I drew my Bible toward me; it opened at my favorite chapter, John 20–whether by chance or inspiration let each reader decide. That meeting of Jesus and Mary had lost none of its power and charm.

As I read it that day, I seemed to be part of the scene. I became a silent witness to that dramatic moment in Mary’s life, when she knelt before her Lord, and cried, Rabboni!

My hands were resting on the Bible while I stared at the fight blue wall. As the light faded, I seemed to be standing at the entrance of a garden, looking down a gently winding path, shaded by olive branches. A woman in white, with head bowed, hand clasping her throat, as if to choke back her sobs, walked slowly into the shadows. it was Mary. As she came to the tomb, upon which she placed her hand, she bent over to look in, and hurried away.

John, in flowing robe, appeared, looking at the tomb; then came Peter, who entered the tomb, followed slowly by John.

As they departed, Mary reappeared; leaning her head upon her arm at the tomb, she wept.  Turning herself, she saw Jesus standing, so did 1. 1 knew it was He. She knelt before Him, with arms outstretched and looking into His face cried, Rabboni!

I awakened in sunlight, grip­ping the Bible, with muscles tense and nerves vibrating. Under the inspiration of this vision I wrote as quickly as the words could be formed the poem exactly as it has since appeared. That same evening I wrote the music.

1/. I come to the garden alone While the dew is still on the roses
And the voice I hear falling on my ear The Son of God discloses.


And He walks with me, and He talks with me, And He tells me I am His own;
And the joy we share as we tarry there, None other has ever known.

2/. He speaks, and the sound of His voice, Is so sweet the birds hush their singing,
And the melody that He gave to me Within my heart is ringing – Refrain

3/. I’d stay in the garden with Him Though the night around me be falling,
But He bids me go; through the voice of woe His voice to me is calling – Refrain



The Lord, through the prophet, charges His people with the evil of making a wrong alliance – v6.  They had formed an association with this sinful power, Egypt, and He made it clear to them that it was against His will and purpose. This union would only work to the undoing of His Elect Household.  This foreign nation from which they had been formerly delivered from was given over to idolatry and other evil practices. Their action would soon lead to the adoption of Egyptian beliefs and behaviour.  God’s rebuke was motivated by the fact that He did not want them to be disadvantaged. They were not really helping the situation by sidelining God and placing their confidence in the human factor.  Rejection of Him meant His rejection.

The final verse really emphasizes the point – “Stop putting your trust in mere humans. “They are as frail as breath. How can they be of help to anyone/” – v22. It was a very poor exchange from their previous position of trusting the living God. The main thing was to ensure that their covenant God with remained intact because He was able to meet whatever situation they encountered. A meaningful future was utterly dependent upon a single-minded devotion to Him.  They must not permit others to displace God. At the end of the day the Egyptian alliance would prove worthless.

A real watch has to be maintained in this area. There is always the danger for any believer to allow the transfer of faith to other people and systems that divide loyalty to the Lord. Be awake to this factor. Do not allow your trust in the Lord to be weakened but make sure it becomes stronger than ever. By ensuring your accord and coalition with Him you will enjoy the constant benefit of His presence, approval and assistance. You will discover that He alone is sufficient for everything you will have to face and deal with.



THE GREAT FALL  Nahum 2 & 3



If there is one lesson that comes repeatedly over in the revelation of the Scriptures, it is this: none are too high and mighty that they cannot fall. The problem and danger is, the higher the climb the greater and more catastrophic the fall if it should occur. There is the record of the awful fall of Satan, the star of the morning, the fall of Adam the beginning of a new creation and order, the fall of Israel a nation destined for great things, and here mentioned is the fall of Nineveh, a famous, outstanding pagan city. It would seem to suggest that this fact has something to say and teach and procure us from. Nineveh could not be saved from an awful end:


The book of Jonah gives testimony to what had occurred in her previous history. She was destined to judgement previously because of her waywardness and wickedness and a prophet had come to pronounce its doom and there had been a spiritual awakening and a divine conviction sensed that she was in deep trouble. The king and people had repented and turned from their evil practices and so were wonderfully spared despite the attitude of the prophet. That tremendous intervention did not ultimately save them because the lesson had not gone home and affected a deep-seated and permanent change. It shows that sin lurks in the deep and ever seeks to make its presence and power known and one should not simply rely on the legacy of the past. Past revival is nothing to go on unless it has wrought a powerful, inward spiritual change.


One of the things that had been demonstrated was the amazing grace of God. It had been manifested in the sending of a rebellious prophet and in the giving of a an opportunity to amend their attitude and ways. This had been temporarily achieved but then there was a resorting back to past conduct. It was a case of abusing God’s goodness. What should have occurred was a more determined and committed way of life to divine righteousness.  They failed themselves, their generation and God. There was a price to be paid for such neglect.


These two chapters portray her seeming invulnerable position. From a natural setting, she was situate in a place where it was difficult to attack and destroy. Politically, economically and militarily she was very strong and the other nations envied her. She was proud and arrogant and seeming untouchable. But God brought her down. He had done it to other places Thebes – 3:8 and it would happen to her. There was no way that she would escape the hand of God in judgement. Nineveh, was representative of the nation, Assyria, that had meted out brutal punishment to others and she had not softened up but was now due to be paid back in the same coin. When God calls time on any people or person there is nothing and no one that effect their salvation. Sin always has and pays its ultimate price and wage.



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