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Mar 5th    – 2017

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Rev. E. Anderson



Thought for the Day follows an instructive theme for everyday of the Week. We now turn our thoughts to another important factor if there is to be positive dealing with God. The word is ‘victory’ a spiritual reality to be entered into if one is to know God to live a true life and extract the best from God. In coming to know Go through His Word, Spirit and Jesus Christ, the min an heart is to be possessed with sure knowledge of truth an things that matter. God made man to be a victor not a victim. It was His eternal an original intention that those who knew, loved and served Him should be kings and sit enthroned ruling life an eternity. In no way does He desire that you wallow in defeat and self-pity, rather the opposite. It is important to discover the route to glorious conquest.


It is Paul who makes the point that the Christian believer through Christ has been made into ‘more than a conqueror’ – v3, thus attesting that such knows what it is to experience an enjoy great victories and be a victor. Satan, sin and self were responsible for creating a constant state of disaster and defeat for you. It was not a healthy or wholesome condition to be in, being dominated by an evil trio. Thankfully, Jesus Christ mastered them and then made it possible for each Christian to start from a situation of conquest. The Cross is where He atoned for sin and the Tomb is where He gave permanent evidence  He had vanquished them.

Through what He did on the Cross removes our sins and His incoming life into our lives through His resurrection sets us free from these malignant dictators. His enabling Presence affords the dynamic of conquest. Not only fully justified from all evil but free to live the life God intended. Now a son of God to be and act like one and to walk in the path of personal triumph and holiness.

As you face this new week this will become the greatest week of your life. Instead of being threatened by adversaries that would enslave and make you miserable, you will defeat and destroy their weaponry and ride in supreme conquest. No longer will they be in the driving seat holding you hostage and prisoner, but you will be in charge of operations, what a testimony you will have to share of Christ’s indwelling and miraculous nature and power! You will thence become a menace an intimidation to the opposition. Further victims will be turned into victors.


A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes
C.H. Spurgeon


I’m Happy, Glad and Free

What a relief to really know that your sins have all been atoned for and that one can be totally forgiven and true fellowship with God the Father be possible. Heaven planned an effectual way and means by which it could be wholly dealt with. God’s Son, Jesus Christ, became the substitutionary sacrifice and the Cross became the greatest event in history. All can be forgiven a,ll because Christ died for all and for all sin.

God has blotted them out. Author unknown, early 20th century. This chorus is remarkable for its ability to present the scriptural texts within the verses without losing the rhythm and metre. It was published in Pilgrim Choruses (n.d., later The Pilgrim Preachers’ Chorus Book, London and Glasgow, 1923), edited by Ernest Luff and P.W. Petter. It was printed by permission in Choruses, published by the Children’s Special Service Mission (later the Scripture Union) in 1921. The 1921 printing is of one verse only: God has blotted them out,  I’m happy and glad and free; God has blotted them out –I’ll turn to Isaiah and see:Chapter forty-four,  Twenty-two and three;He’s blotted them out, and now…


1/. I’m happy glad an free, since the Lord has pardoned me,

And by His blood has washed my sins away,

I now can sing and shout, My sins are blotted out,

O happy day that fixed my choice in Jesus.


God has blotted them out – repeat

My sins like a cloud hung over me, He blotted them out when He set me free,

God has blotted them out – repeat

2/. Well may my heart rejoice, Since the Lord became my choice,

For I’ve been lifted from the miry clay;

I sing along the way, My night is turned to day,

I’m fully save an satisfied in Jesus.   

3/. What rapture doth abound, Since I heard the joyful sound

Of full salvation wonderful an free;

His Word I cannot doubt, My sins are blotted out,

And all my need is now supplied in Jesus.

4/. When in the Glory Land, I join the blood-washed band,

I’ll sing the song of Jesu’s precious blood,

That freed my soul from sin – Of grace that took me in,

And gave to me the joy of full salvation.

5/. His word I now proclaim, How through faith in Jesu’s Name,

You too may know this pardon full an free;

And then with me you’ll shout, Your sins are blotted out,

Oh, come an find your all in all in Jesus.



The psalm starts off in an emphatic way. It states unequivocally – “The Lord is King!” –v1. There is also the knowledge expressed that He is clothed with majesty and that He is possessed with strength. This is a revelation that must break through to His people. The One that rules Israel is none other than the Sovereign Lord that is not to be trifled with because He rules with majesty and strength. The stimulus of God’s elect household must be from Him at all times. He occupies the throne that matters and He will never be dismissed from it. Forever it belongs to Him alone!

Mention is made concerning the might of the great oceans but it is nothing to the dynamic power and strength of the Lord. After all, He gave the waters their existence and energy. They bespeak His sovereignty. The reason why His might is referred to is that there will not be simply the exalting of the truth of His supremacy but that His creatures will learn to draw from His all sufficiency. It is to those who have no might that may receive from Him something of His life and energy. From His throne, He is able to speak and give the required might as required – Isaiah 40: 29.

Each believer requires a clear revelation of God within their lives and experience. It needs to be known that He is King and on His eternal throne and that He rules in the affairs of men and this world. Let this thought and truth have ascendancy in your mind and heart. It will act as a strengthener and support at all times. He wills that His might be introduced into you so that you can live by His strength and so achieve by His enabling.  Today He desires that you will express His abilities in your ministry, and like the oceans, be an expression of His power and glory. His empowering will mean your succeeding.



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