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Feb 27th – 2017

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Rev. E. Anderson


Thought for the Day follows an instructive theme for everyday of the Week. We now turn our thoughts to another important factor if there is to be positive dealing with God. The word is ‘assurance’ a spiritual reality to be entered into if one is to know God to live a true life and extract the best from God. In coming to know Go through His Word, Spirit and Jesus Christ, the min an heart is to be possessed with sure knowledge of truth an things that matter. Doubt and uncertainty is removed as the blessing of heavenly convictions move in an take over life.

ASSURANCE – Being Assured that God has Spoken – Genesis 12:1-4

As Abraham began his journey and a long-life relationship with God, it was very late in life. He encountered God and in a choice manner and from thence he needed to be absolutely sure of Him and His directives for the future . He could not afford to make any mistakes in this area. He must not assume or presume in this because his destiny depended upon its reality. The things that were to be called for were of an extreme order and he must not become a fool before others. No doubt he must have pondered much upon what was uttered within his being before stepping out.

God told him to leave the place of seeming security and embark on a mission that appeared crazy. He said He would reveal to him as he left all an go to the place where he wanted him to settle and make of him a great nation and immortalise his name. He would bless him beyond measure as he stepped out trusting Him and His word. Abraham was to discover that taking God at His word would not be an easy option. Later there would be the call to sacrifice his beloved in whom all his joys and hopes were pinned. Certainly, he wasn’t to follow any wild imagination. But he was absolutely assured in his spirit that he heard aright and would prove God did have a programme for his life. He was not to be disappointed.

It is imperative that you cultivate a listening ear to God if you are to know and be able to accomplish something of worth with your life. One thing you can be assured of, He does want to speak and drop His divine revelation in and upon your life. It will be so if you are truly prepared to give time to Him to do so. Don’t let people and things hinder you but ascertain His voice and word so you can move into a meaningful and lasting work, ministry and service that will be eternally rewarding. You cannot afford to miss out on a life of assurance in what has been marked out for you by Him.


The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away mall tones – (Chinese Proverb)

The Trusting Heart to Jesus Clings

When you manifest that wonderful trust in Lord it is somewhat connected with song. It is true, Jesus gives you someone and something worth singing about. As you sing it has a growing impact an infusion to faith. He draws near as you sing to Him and sing of Him.

The author was, Eliza E. Hewitt and she had a pseudonym: Lidie H. Edmunds. Eliza Edmunds Hewitt was born in Philadelphia 28 June 1851. She was educated in the public schools and after graduation from high school became a teacher. However, she developed a spinal malady which cut short her career and made her a shut-in for many years. During her convalescence, she studied English literature. She felt a need to be useful to her church and began writing poems for the primary department. she went on to teach Sunday school, take an active part in the Philadelphia Elementary Union and become Superintendent of the primary department of Calvin Presbyterian Church.

1/. The trusting heart to Jesus clings, Nor any ill forebodes,
But at the cross of Calv’ry, sings, Praise God for lifted loads!

Singing I go along life’s road, Praising the Lord, praising the Lord,
Singing I go along life’s road, For Jesus has lifted my load.

2/. The passing days bring many cares, “Fear not,” I hear Him say,
And when my fears are turned to prayers, The burdens slip away.

3/. He tells me of my Father’s love, And never slumb’ring eye,
My everlasting King above Will all my needs supply.

4/. When to the throne of grace I flee, I find the promise true,
The mighty arms upholding me Will bear my burdens too.


The city of Jerusalem is highlighted, the place that God has honoured and made a place of renown. It is recorded that He founded the Holy Metropolis and loves it in an extraordinary way. Jerusalem became the venue where David honoured the Lord by bringing the Ark of the Covenant and extravagantly preparing for the Holy Sanctuary to be built there. After Solomon had built the Temple God came and owned it in a supernatural manner. So the city became a very blessed location because the Blessed One came to take up residence there.

The city became a venue of residence for its kings and for glorious occasions of celebrations. No wonder those born there sensed a special privilege. The sacred place became the spot on earth where major things took place and above all, where Israel’s Messiah was manifested and where the Saviour of the world was crucified. It was outside its wall where He obtained the salvation for all mankind. He makes it possible to be born again. Through Him we become the heavenly Jerusalem of which the earthly one is but a type – see Revelation 21.

The Christian believer has an advantage over a person born in the city of Jerusalem. They will share in the home and delights of the unique metropolis of heaven with all of its grandeur and glory, in the presence of the King of kings, Jesus Christ. It is the blessed city above all and is altogether different and unique. God is really to be seen and known in her and all those who have a place there are sure to be blessed by Him on an unbelievable scale – 1 Corinthians 2: 9. It is imperative that you become one of its citizens through faith in Christ alone.



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