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Feb 13th – 2017

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Rev. E. Anderson



Thought for the Day follows an instructive theme for everyday of the Week. We now turn our thoughts to another important factor if there is to be positive dealing with God. The word is ‘joy’, a spiritual reality to be entered into if one is to know God to live a true life and extract the best from life.

JOY – IN THE ARK OF GOD’S PRESENCE – 1 Chronicles 15:1-28

David had experience great disappointment in his first attempts at bringing the ark of God’s presence to the Holy City. Because he had one it the wrong way thing had gone abysmally wrong an he was truly upset. He discovered however that the Lord had not got it wrong but he had and was willing to get things done as heaven required. Instead of a state of sadness there was to be an overwhelming state of gladness. This ay was going to be marked with immense delight because the ark of God was being placed where it should be – Zion!

Because he knew what he was doing was acceptable to the LORD, David pulled out all the stops an le the procession n with untold pleasure an praise.  It says: “David went to bring up the Ark of the Covenant out of the house of Obededom with JOY” – v25. Along with all the people they let the LORD know how glad they were to be engaged in such a procedure an procession. Nobody was in any doubt a to the king’s thoughts and emotions on that memorable day. He gave the lead an they gladly followed on in the jubilation.

Our Christian faith an worship should be characterize by spontaneous rapture an delight in the knowledge of who the LORD is an what He has wrought for us. He came to bring some enthusiasm an excitement to the mundane of life in the revelation of His dynamic salvation. As this is birthed and released it will make all the difference to living and testimony to the world of the joy of experiencing God and true worship. Once the ark of His Presence is installed true pleasures abound!


He  is not a Disappointment

This is a spiritual song that truly elevates an magnifies Christ. It proclaims that in no way will He let people own who turn to Him an believe. He is more than capable of answering anyone an anytime an in the opening words of each verse, they will discover He is not a disappointment! That is something for you to personally discover an to begin to testify to.

1/. He is not a disappointment! Jesus is far more to me

Than in all my glowing day-reams I had fancied He could be;

An the more I get to know Him, So the more I find Him true,

And the more I long that others Should be led to know Him too.

2/. He is not a disappointment; He has saved my soul from sin;
All the guilt and all the anguish Which oppressed my heart within.
He has banished, by His presence, And His blessed kiss of peace;
Has assure my heart forever That His love will never cease.

3/. He is not a disappointment; He has healed my body too:
What a tender, mighty Saviour, There is naught He cannot do!

When on earth He healed diseases As they touched Him in the throng;

Has He lost His heart of pity? Is the risen Christ less strong?
4/. He is not a disappointment; Christ is coming by and by;
In my heart I have the witness That the day is drawing nigh.
All the scoffers may despise me And no change around may see;
But He tells me He is coming, And that’s good enough for me.

5/. He is not a disappointment; Christ is all in all to me—
Saviour, Sanctifier, Sov’reign—The unchanging Christ is He;
He has won my heart’s affection, And He meets my ev’ry need;
He is not a disappointment, For He satisfies indeed.

QUOTES TO NOTE – inspiration

I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination – Jimmy Dean



What is related here in this brief psalm is found in the last 5 verses of Psalm 40. It must have been an issue that had not gone away or had been answered or that it was a matter that was repeating itself. At least the writer knew what to do when other people put him through the mill. There were those who sought to blame and shame him and bring him to a state of disgrace before others. He acutely felt the fact that they really wanted to hurt him and make things difficult.

The answer to this was God and the proper use of prayer. He could talk to Him about the issue and ask for His involvement. He could turn it round and cause the shame and disgrace to be on his opponents. Having placed the matter in God’s capable hands he fills his mind with greater considerations. He affirms, “But may all who search for you be filled with joy and gladness. May those who love your salvation repeatedly shout, ‘God is great’” – v4 New Living Translation. He knows the LORD will not let him down but will show up and act on His behalf and honour him.

There are occasions when people who dislike you will do all in their power to denigrate so that you will feel under enormous spiritual pressure. It is easy to resort to carnal methods and wrongly retaliate. It is possible to engage in the same kind of procedure especially when it is protracted. There is, however, a better and higher way to deal with it. When humiliated honour the LORD in prayer and ask for His action and He knows how and when to effectively deal with these evil people. Instead of you being disgraced you will be ultimately honoured in a greater way.




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