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Feb 12th – 2017

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Rev. E. Anderson



Thought for the Day follows an instructive theme for everyday of the Week. We now turn our thoughts to another important factor if there is to be positive dealing with God. The word is ‘joy’, a spiritual reality to be entered into if one is to know God to live a true life and extract the best from life. One of the best an glorious emotions of life is a pure sense of true joy an ecstasy. It can be evident  in earliest childhood, throughout life an later years. It is good to view it within the context of the  Scriptures.

JOY – A MISSED OPPORTUNITY – Genesis 31:20-31

Unfortunately, father-in-law, Laban, and son-in-law, Jacob, did not hit it off in relationship and neither did their close relatives. It was a very unhappy unit and when Jacob is called by God to leave and cut out a new future he unwisely does it under-cover and makes things worse. Instead of gracious and happy send off there is deceit an subterfuge that was not healthy. Jacob should have trusted God in the leaving and allowed Him to work things out. Things were in a mess when Laban caught up with him! The Lord extracted him out of the awkward circumstances.

His father-in-law reproves him and states how things should have gone – “Wherefore dist thou flee away secretly, and steal away from me; and didst not tell me, that I might have sent you away with mirth, an with song, with tabret, an with harp?” – v27. He certainly made a good point whether he was honest in it! It could be said in hindsight, a much better departure could have been known which would have registered delight and pleasure and not ill-will and fear.

Lessons should be learned from this incident. When it is known that folks are due to leave and go their new pathway it is wise, proper and right to make it a cause of gladsome remembrance. It is more wholesome to be positive in joyful relationships than to reflect a hard attitude and show no good will and kindness. Even if things have not worked out well with others, it is better to part in high spirits. NEVER SHOULD THE OPPORTUNITY OF DOING WELL BE MISSED!


O Safe to the Rock that I Higher than I

The Christian believer in life needs an ever-present Rock and Refuge that is adequate to meet every situation of a troublesome kind that comes his/her way. Life can suddenly put one in a precarious state, hence to be able to resort to a safe and sure place. The LORD is the one best suite to fulfil these roles an has prove it throughout the centuries. Sing an believe this now an prove yet again His all-sufficiency.

Author: Cushing, William Orcutt , born at Hingham, Massachusetts, Dec. 31, 1823, is the author of the following hymns which appear in I. D. Sankey’s Sacred Songs and Solos:— 1. Beautiful valley of Eden. Heaven. 2. Down in the valley with my Saviour I would go. Trusting to Jesus. 3. Fair is the morning land. Heaven. 4. I am resting so sweetly in Jesus now. Rest and Peace in Jesus. 5. I have heard of a land far away. Heaven. 6. 0 safe to the Rock that is higher than I. The Rock of Ages. 1. Ring the bells of heaven, there is joy today. Heavenly Joy over repenting Sinners. 8. We are watching, we are waiting. Second Advent anticipated. Mr. Cushing has also several additional hymns in some American Sunday School collections

1/. O safe to the Rock that is higher than I, My soul in its conflicts and sorrows would fly.
So sinful, so weary, Thine, Thine would I be; Thou blest Rock of Ages, I’m hiding in Thee.

Hiding in Thee, Hiding in Thee,
Thou blest Rock of Ages, I’m hiding in Thee.

2/.  In the calm of the noontide, in sorrow’s lone hour,  In times when temptation casts o’er me its power,
In the tempests of life, on its wide, heaving sea  Thou blest Rock of Ages, I’m hiding in Thee. [Chorus]

3/.  How oft in the conflict, when pressed by the foe,  I have fled to my Refuge and breathed out my woe.
How often when trials like sea billows roll  Have I hidden in Thee, O Thou Rock of my soul. [Chorus]

QUOTES TO NOTE – inspiration

Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success – Swami Sivananda



Matthew Henry,states “Though this psalm is attributed to Asaph in the title, yet it does so exactly agree with David’s circumstances, at his coming to the crown after the death of Saul, that most interpreters apply it to that juncture, and suppose that either Asaph penned it, in the person of David, as his poet-laureat (probably the substance of the psalm was some speech which David made to a convention of the states, at his accession to the government, and Asaph turned it into verse, and published it in a poem, for the better spreading of it among the people), or that David penned it, and delivered it to Asaph as precentor of the temple.”

From vv6, 7, in speaking of promotion and demotion, David certainly discovered from a personal standpoint that the Lord could and did do both. He had experienced at the good hands of God exaltation from being a humble shepherd to that of honoured sovereign. Likewise he had observed the demotion of Saul and others, too, in the course of his lifetime. He had found it was far better to place his life and future in the wise and capable hands of the Lord and to serve the cause of truth and righteousness. At the end of the day, the wicked horns of human authority will be cut off and the righteous will be exalted.

How assuring to know that as you please the Lord by doing that which is good and right that He will cause things to move in your favour! There is no need to pull strings to try and get ahead of others in the church or the world. You do not have to manipulate and make a way for yourself but let God do all the promoting. He has a way and time in which to bring those forth whom He would see honoured.