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Feb 11th – 2017

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Rev. E. Anderson



Thought for the Day follows an instructive theme for everyday of the Week. We now turn our thoughts to another important factor if there is to be positive dealing with God. The word is ‘life’, a spiritual reality to be entered into if one is to know God to live a true life and extract the best from life.


Christ has the distinct pleasure and joy of raising three people from the dead, a young maid, man an Lazarus, the brother of Martha an Mary. He possessed the authority of being able to perform this extraordinary ministry and made at least three families happy by doing so. No one can imagine the tremendous happiness that was created when this awful negative was handled in such a loving, incredible fashion. In each instance, Christ clearly revealed He was indeed the Resurrection and the Life

But then He had to face the trauma himself and His story proves that He was up to this outstanding challenge. He was put through the most excruciating suffering and death. And He really died! Many folks would not have survived the ordeal but He surrendered His life. The soldiers made sure He was truly dead.

It is said that ‘you cannot keep a good man down’; and this was true of CHRIST! A thousand boulders could have been placed at the door of His tomb. He would have walked through the lot. He vacated the body then renewed it and was raised with a Resurrection Body, capable of anything. Christians in every generation have believed in and served a Christ who is gloriously alive and alive to save and serve His people with grace an power. It is vital that you know Him in this regard.


I Feel like Singing all the Time

This is a very rousing an stirring song that certainly impact the spirit an lifts it into a great feeling of delight. When the believer is in this mind an mood there is a beautiful sense of divine, triumphal pleasure at being to focus on praising the LORD. It is a very good therapy for the soul. Engage in it today an prove its worth!

One day in a children’s meeting in Utica, New York, the Rev. E. P. Hammond writes me, “while I was explaining how Jesus loved us and gave himself for us, I noticed a bright-looking girl bursting into tears. She remained at the inquiry-meeting, and with others was soon happy in the love of Christ. The next day she handed me a letter of which this is a part: ‘I think I have found the dear Jesus, and I do not see how I could have rejected him so long. I think I can sing with the rest of those who have found him, Jesus is mine. The first time I came to the meetings I cried, but now I feel like singing all the time.’ This prompted me to write the hymn, but I had no thought of its ever being sung…

Mr. Spurgeon was very fond of this hymn. At the first meeting in his building one of his deacons said to me, ‘This Tabernacle will seat six thousand grown people, but there are eight thousand crowded into it to-day.’ Three thousand could not get in on account of the crowd. Every child had one of our hymn-books, and all united in singing this hymn which they loved so much. It has been sung in our meetings in nearly every state in the Union, and translated into many languages. We sang it in our daily meetings in Jerusalem, near where Christ was crucified, and away in Alaska, two thousand miles north of San Francisco. Thousands of children sang it in Norway and Sweden, day after day.

QUOTES TO NOTE – inspiration

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.



Things were traumatic and difficult. The Holy City, Jerusalem was in a dreadful state caused by the invasion of enemies who had destroyed the divine sanctuary. Everyone was in a state of desolation. There was an air of being God-forsaken, which was intensified by the mocking attitude of their enemies. It had all occurred because the people had rejected God, so in turn God had rejected them. They were paying a severe price because of their ingratitude and sinful behaviour. There were no miracles or prophetic signs amongst them – v9.

How long does this dreadful state have to go on in the light of God’s grace and power? – Vv10, 11. There is a call of remembrance of all that the Lord had done in the past for His people when He was amongst them and in charge of proceedings. An important appeal is made in v20 “Remember your covenant promises”. This is a vital consideration with God and His people. The psalmist lays hold of it in sure hope. The situation can be turned by reason of the fact that God has assured He will do good to His Elect Household. He can stand on God’s Word and plead it in the midst of this awful predicament.

In observing what is happening with regard to the Christian Church, it appears to be under siege. Evil forces are bent on its ruination and desolation. They would mock her state. There is a need for those who will stand in the gap and make intercession to God on her behalf. It is time for the Church to be renewed, restored and become a praise to God. Call to remembrance that Christ has made promise regarding His Church and her destiny – Matthew 16: 18. She is to succeed!