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Feb 9th – 2017

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Rev. E. Anderson



Thought for the Day follows an instructive theme for everyday of the Week. We now turn our thoughts to another important factor if there is to be positive dealing with God. The word is ‘life’, a spiritual reality to be entered into if one is to know God to live a true life and extract the best from life.


Jesus Christ never left or leaves issue in doubt. He speaks clearly and shows things as they really are so that one can come to know what is true, to be believed in and experienced. He uncovers the fact that there is an evil one, Satan, and he is a thief that comes to rob mankind of what they need. Referring to Satan, Christ said, “The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy” – v10. Never at anytime as he sought the good and happiness of any person but offers stuff in the ultimate that leads to their undoing and disaster.

On the other hand, how different is Christ. He unfolds His mission and commitment; “I came that they may have an enjoy life, and have it in abundance to the full, till it overflows”. It is not a thimble but more that a cup-full that overflows. David used the expression – ‘my cup overflows’. It is true to say that Christ desires to pack your life with all that is good and beneficial, leaving no room for regrets. People do not have to chase all over the place, spend infinite finance to discover real pleasure. No, He has the answer at all times for everyone.

These words are addressed to you: “I am come that you may live and that you might have life abundantly”. The LORD has more than mere existence in mind. He not only will to come and live inside of you, He desires to open up your life on a grand scale and begin to witness the impossible taking place in and through you. Why not find out today the truth of His words and Himself, too, and begin to LIVE.


Once my Way was Dark and Dreary

How refreshing in song to express one’s loving feeling to such a wonderful saviour, Friend and Redeemer! It is fabulous when the heart an spirit begins to overflow in love an gratitude to Christ in the light of his amazing love an commitment. This song provides the spirit, will and words to affirm such emotion. So join with those today in singing out this glorious refrain.

Words by  Eliza Hewitt an the music by Bentley DeForrest Ackley was born 27 September 1872 in Spring Hill, Pennsylvania. He was the oldest son of Stanley Frank Ackley and the brother of A. H. Ackley. In his early years, he travelled with his father and his father’s band. He learned to play several musical instruments. By the age of 16, after the family had moved to New York, he began to play the organ for churches. He married Bessie Hill Morley on 20 December 1893. In 1907 he joined the Billy Sunday and Homer Rodeheaver evangelist team as secretary/pianist. He worked for and travelled with the Billy Sunday organization for 8 years. He also worked as an editor for the Homer Rodeheaver publishing company. He composed more than 3000 tunes. He died 3 September 1958 in Winona Hills

1/ Once my way was dark and dreary,  For my heart was full of sin,
But the sky is bright and cheery, Since the fullness of His love came in.


I can never tell how much I love Him, I can never tell His love for me,
For it passeth human measure, Like a deep, unfathomed sea;
’Tis redeeming love in Christ my Savior, In my soul the heav’nly joys begin;
And I live for Jesus only, Since the fullness of His love came in.

2/. There is grace for all the lowly, Grace to keep the trusting soul:
Pow’r to cleanse and make me holy, Jesus shall my yielded life control – Refrain

3//. Let me spread abroad the story, Other souls to Jesus win;
For the cross is now my glory, Since the fullness of His love came in – Refrain

QUOTES TO NOTE – attitude

If you fell down yesterday, stand up today – H. G. Wells



This psalm is credited as coming from the heart and pen of Solomon. Within its contents and expression is the desire that the ruling monarch will be one that will reign in love, justice, truth and righteousness and that it will be a period when great prosperity will be known. All that is good and best is longed for so that all will enjoy the king and kingdom. He knows that the blessedness of the kingdom is very much upon the one that rules so it was imperative that he be truly governed by God in life and expression. This being so, all would be well.

It becomes obvious that the psalm is really prophetic in content as it points to the real Lord who will appear and manifest such a reign. Jesus Christ fits the bill here because all the best qualities are introduced by reason of His rule in the hearts and lives of men. He came to commence a kingdom in peoples’ hearts and lives and to establish love, truth, goodness, righteousness, faith etc., in everyone of His willing subjects. Life is brought into a state of divine blessedness and it is not of a temporary nature or order.  As His Name endures forever, so does His kingdom!

How vital it is to know this King in order to be brought into His kingdom and live under His dynamic rule! He knows everyone of His loyal subjects and takes responsibility with regard to them in every detail and area of their lives. Under His gracious rule He bestows untold favours on all and each must see that they delight in Him and His goodness. Make sure that you truly know this King and are born into His kingdom. Having been birthed into it make certain, too, that you live as a worthy subject and experience the blessings of His personal reign in your life.





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