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Feb 7th – 2017

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Rev. E. Anderson



Thought for the Day follows an instructive theme for everyday of the Week. We now turn our thoughts to another important factor if there is to be positive dealing with God. The word is ‘life’, a spiritual reality to be entered into if one is to know God to live a true life and extract the best from life.

LIFE – BLESSED PARTNERSHIPS THAT ENHANCE LIFE – Ecclesiastes  4:9-12; Luke 24:13-18

Life if it is to be truly enjoyed and experienced must know what it is to have real partnerships with other beings. Life was never meant to be a lonely and selfish business and existence. Other beings are absolutely essential for the outgoing, outliving and development and real success of mortality and immortality.

Partnership with God is crucial for the understanding and proper exploitation of one’s powers and potential. Real pleasure of the highest level can never be entered into and known without a dynamic link up with God, heaven and eternity. That is why Christ came, to establish a personal and powerful union and communion with God and the eternal world. Life originates and flourishes in and through Him.

Partnership with man and wife is a beautiful and beneficial exercise and ministry. Priscilla and Aquila, husband and wife, in the New Testament Church knew how to live and work together for the blessing of others and their own good. – Acts 16: 2, 3,4, 26; Romans 16:3,4.What an asset they turned out be!

It speaks in Psalm 133 about the blessing of brethren dwelling together in unity. When men join together as a brotherhood and team the potential is wonderful: Joshua and Caleb, David and Jonathan, Elijah and Elisha, Peter and John, Paul and Barnabas. Two men found one another’s company and fellowship helpful on the Emmaus road, and then Jesus joined the brotherhood – Luke 24. Make sure that life is filled with the right partnerships and you will know an expanding and expressive life!


No More Veil God Bids me Enter

It is good and assuring to know that a true and living way and approach is now available to God through Christ and what He is and has done. He not only paid the penalty of our sin, He has now become our great High priest and introduces us into a dynamic accord and relationship with God the Father. He now welcomes us as His true offspring and is pleased to call us His children and family and prepare heaven and the eternal ages for us. Nothing could be better. We have every reason to be grateful and to praise the eternal Godhead!

Emma Bevan was the daughter of Philip Shuttleworth, warden ofNew College at Oxford, and later bishop of Chichester, England. In 1856, she married Robert Cooper Lee Bevan, of the Lombard Street banking firm that later became Barclays Bank Limited. She published several books translating German hymns into English.

“Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God … we have access by faith … and rejoice in hope of the glory of God … we glory in tribulations …” (Romans 5:1-5)

What a precious doctrine is the doctrine of Justification by faith alone in Christ alone, the distinctive Biblical doctrine re-discovered at the time of the Great and Glorious Reformation.  The true people of God wallow in its sublimity while the enemies of God and truth deplore its simplicity.  That a poor guilty sinner, moved by the Spirit of God, repenting of his sin and renouncing his self efforts, coming in desperation of soul to God for mercy in the name of His dearly beloved and only begotten Son, believing, trusting, and fully relying on His one, sufficient, substitutionary offering for sin at Calvary is saved for all eternity, is the most precious truth in the world!

What wonderful benefits and privileges flow from this justification.

“We have peace with God”

Justification takes away the guilt of sin and so makes it possible for peace between the sinner and God.  Not only is enmity removed but friendship and fellowship with God then exists and the poor sin-sick soul comes to peace in its fullest dimension.

“We have access by faith”

We who by nature are the wretched sons of want, once justified by faith, have access to God’s inexhaustible reservoirs of grace and immeasurable oceans of mercy. By the path of prayer, with the eye of faith, we enter the unseen realms.  We draw nigh to God’s  great throne of mercy and of grace.

1/. No more veil!  God bids me enter, By the new and living way.
Not in trembling hope I venture, Boldly I His call obey:
There with Him, my God I meet, God upon the mercy seat!

2/. In the robes of spotless whiteness, With the blood of priceless worth,
He has gone into that brightness, Christ rejected from the earth –
Christ accepted there on high, And in Him do I draw nigh.

3/. Oh, the welcome I have found there, God in all His love made known!
Oh, the glories that surround there, Those accepted in His Son!
Who can tell the depths of bliss, Spoken by the Father’s kiss?

4/. One with Him, O Lord, before Thee, There I live, and yet not I;
Christ it is who there adores Thee; Who more dear, or  who more nigh?
All the Father’s heart mine own –  Mine – and yet His Son’s alone.

5. All the worth I have before Him,  is the value of the Blood;
I present when I adore Him,  Christ the first-fruits unto God ;
Him with joy doth God behold, Thus is my acceptance told.

QUOTES TO NOTE – attitude

Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude – Thomas Jefferson



What is related here in this brief psalm is found in the last five verses of Psalm 40. It must have been an issue that had not gone away or hadn’t been answered or that it was a matter that was repeating itself. At least the writer knew what to do when other people were putting him through the mill. There were those who sought to blame and shame him and bring him to a state of disgrace before others. They really wanted to hurt him and make things difficult. He was only human and felt the keenness of their insults and attack. It had reached a climatic stage.

The answer to this was God and the proper use of prayer. He could talk to Him about the issue and ask for His involvement. He could turn it round and cause the shame and disgrace to be on his opponents. Having placed the matter in God’s capable hands he fills his mind with greater considerations. He affirms, “But may all who search for you be filled with joy and gladness. May those who love your salvation repeatedly shout, ‘God is great’” – v4 (New Living Translation). He knows the LORD will not let him down but will show up and act on His behalf and honour him.

There are occasions when people who dislike you will do all in their power to denigrate so that you will feel under enormous spiritual pressure. It is easy to resort to carnal methods and wrongly retaliate. It is possible to engage in the same kind of procedure especially when it is protracted. There is, however, a better and higher way to deal with it. When humiliated honour the LORD in prayer and ask for His action and He knows how and when to effectively deal with these evil people. Instead of you being disgraced you will be ultimately honoured in a greater way.




Micah 5

This is one of the most amazing prophecies given to Micah that focuses attention on Israel’s Messiah, Jesus Christ. In the midst of all the difficulties and heartaches he was witnessing, Micah, receives a word of foreknowledge as to what is going to occur with regard the appearance of a unique personality. This extraordinary person to emerge would leave His mark permanently in history and affect the blessedness of Israel in a remarkable manner. There was going to appear an individual who would become renowned and manifest so much good.


Bethlehem, a little town of lowly status would become a venue of great note because of this individual being born there. This place had gained some publicity through David, Israel’s, former monarch, but the birth of Jesus Christ there would give it incredible prominence.  The prophecy was to be later fulfilled and it is recorded in its accomplishment in Matthew 2.


A simple yet profound statement is made re-this one – “Yet a ruler will come from you, one whose origins are from the distant past.” This certainly is a unique declaration that makes it clear that Jesus Christ did not begin His existence on earth. It voices and accents the eternal and pre-incarnate position of Christ. The one who came had no beginnings and came as man can judged from the eternal past.


He has always had His eyes and interest on Israel. What has been in mind and view was to take ultimate control and give absolute and perfect leadership to this people at the end of the day.  This will be more than natural direction and government, it will be utterly divine and conducted with heavenly authority.


What he will achieve will not only benefit and bless Israel, one nation, the whole world will profit from Him and He will be highly exalted by all. Time and history has proven and witnessed the birth not only of Christ but Christianity and it is yet to see a greater display of His sovereign grace and rule. 


Another blessed title of this coming ruler is ‘Prince of Peace.’  Through His first advent He has brought into being peace for all men between God and Man through His vicarious and victorious work on the Cross. When He comes again, in all of His regal and legal power, He will initiate an order of peace the world over. Spiritual and natural peace come from Him alone through His Kingship and rule.





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