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Feb 5th – 2017 

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Rev. E. Anderson



Thought for the Day follows an instructive theme for everyday of the Week. We now turn our thoughts to another important factor if there is to be positive dealing with God. The word is ‘life’, a spiritual reality to be entered into if one is to know God to live a true life and extract the best from life.

LIFE – IN ITS BEGINNING – Genesis 1-27-29; 2:7,8

The book of Genesis is rightly entitled, the Book of Beginnings. It is the account of how things started and how the first, human pair came on to the scene of time. Their existence is credited as being formed by God in a special manner; He fashioned and created man and what a fantastic work they turned out to be! Only God could have brought it about! No wonder the psalmist said: “I am fearfully and wonderfully made” – Psalm 139; 13-16. The amazing intricate systems known to be found in man are the result of the divine genius. And He gave men His first breath and that was enough! Gen 2: 7.

Through this dynamic inspiration he was able to taste and enjoy life on two levels. It was first to be a spiritual reality to be entered into which would cause him to know and have fellowship with God Through such he would know an increasing sense of his destiny and move to fulfilment of the highest order. There was also natural life that enabled him to exist in this natural world enjoying its provisions.  The evil one, Satan, pressed home on the latter and cause him to go for the natural and so sold out on his accord with God. As a consequence of his sin he spiritually died and lost out on the real source of life.

Thankfully, God had His answer to this failure and loss and in the course of human history provided a way by which man could be quickened anew by His divine breath. Christ atoned for the sin factor and made it possible to receive this heavenly quickening to new birth and life and open the spiritual life on a great front. Make sure that you have received this from God in Christ. It will make all the difference to how you believe and behave in this world now and give you a restored relationship with God.


Let Me Come Closer to Thee, Lord Jesus

This quiet, lovely song expresses a deep respect for the Lord and the desire to be at one’s best and render the best in holy and wholesome devotion. Having been won to Christ one, yearns to be completely conquered by Him so that there is a complete consecration of being and life to Him at all times. He wills to draw so close until He is known in all His beauty, splendour and worth and there is an utter expression of Him so He seen in every part of one’s life. Christ seeks to switch us on to Himself so that He can live and shine through to others that they may discover His magnificence and worth.

1/. Let me come closer to Thee, Lord Jesus,  oh, closer day by day!

Let me lean harder on Thee, Lord Jesus, yes, harder all the way.

2/. Let me show forth Thy beauty, Lord Jesus,  like the sunshine on the hills;

Oh, let my lips pour forth Thy sweetness,  in joyous, sparkling rills!

3/. Yes, like a fountain, precious Lord Jesus,  make me and let me be;

Keep me and use me daily, Lord Jesus, for Thee, for only Thee.

4/. In all my heart and will, Lord Jesus, be altogether King!

Make me a loyal subject, Lord Jesus, to Thee in everything.

5/.Thirsting and hungering for Thee, Lord Jesus,  with blessed hunger here,

looking for home on Zion‟s mountain,  no thirst, no hunger there. ……

 QUOTES TO NOTE – attitude

Virtually nothing is impossible in this world if you just put your mind to it and maintain a positive attitude – Lou Holtz



We have a declaration and description of the procession of the Lord in conquest. It commences in v1 with the request – “Arise O God” and then there is the evidence of the Lord in full flight ready to take on any enemy and situation and to reveal His power. Nothing and no one can stand in His way as He marches forth to lead His people to victory. The enemies melt like wax before Him. His people could live in high hopes as long as He assumed the leadership. As sovereign Lord He was able to manifest His sovereignty at all times. He majestically subdued all.

As a consequence of His conquering power, His people were able to enjoy the fruits of His conquests. God’s people became the possessors of the Promised Land with all of its blessings – v10. He conquers in order to distribute gifts and to load His people with benefits – vv18, 19. In His train and trail of triumph He leaves blessing after blessing. Ancient conquerors made sure that those who fought with them enjoyed the fruits of conquest – see David 1 Samuel 30: 22-31. No one was to be left out of the pleasure of the conquest.

This is but a picture of the absolute victory of Christ over all evil forces that He confronted. He came on to the scene to contend with man’s enemy, Satan, and in one great act registered His conquest at the Cross. He gave proof of this by His resurrection. It is well to realize that He now occupies the throne in heaven and all is subject to Him. Realize that He would share the spoils of His conquest with you. He not only frees from the power of the enemy but also offers the blessing of His gifts into your life. Make sure that you receive all that He wills to bequeath now.











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