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Feb 4th – 2017

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Rev. E. Anderson



Thought for the Day follows an instructive theme for everyday of the Week. We now turn our thoughts to another important factor if there is to be positive dealing with God. The word is ‘peace’, a spiritual reality to  be entered into if one is to know and extract the best from life.

PEACE – A Gift from Christ John 14: 27

Jesus Christ was about to leave His disciples under strained and traumatic circumstances. Whilst He was with them they felt safe and secure because they knew He could in a miraculous manner deal with all kind of awkward scenarios, But when they saw Him transfixed an a Cross everything was seemingly dashed and destroyed and it created panic and despair. What could they do now amidst a complete change of circumstances? The legacy of peace He was bestowing was to secure them in and through this ordeal. He could have it amidst the strange situation and so could they! It was a peace that was to dictate and triumph through the Cross experience. He was in perfect control of himself and the proceedings.

Peter entered into this legacy because when he was locked up in prison with the prospect of death looming ahead he is unafraid and disturbed. .The night prior to his purposed execution he is sound asleep and has to be awakened by an angel to make a miraculous escape – Acts 12: 7. Without ado he is able to quietly make his exit from impending doom a nd get on with his ministry for the Lord.

Paul, too, discovered amazing peace in disturbed conditions. He was exposed on board a ship in the most intolerable conditions.- Acts 27.  Everyone on board was fearful but not he. He was going to get to Rome some way in spite of the outrageous inclement weather! Because He was calm he could take control and speak authoritatively into the awful conditions. He announced the safety of all and so they found peace in amazing circumstances. This is to be your lot, so cheer up, for the Lord is the Master of every kind of tempest.


 Wash me O Lamb of God

It is not only a choice and elightful experience to be naturally clean with every bit of dirt and grime removed, to be utterly clean in mind, heart and action. All can generally see the without but all do not see what defiles the within of life. Sin is a very defiling force and factor and takes pleasure through the Evil’s one’s working to spoil and mar man’s inward nature and behaviour.

1 /. Wash me, O Lamb of God, Wash me from sin;
By Thine atoning blood, Oh, make me clean;
Purge me from ev’ry stain, Let me Thine image gain,
In love and mercy reign O’er all within.

2/.  Wash me, O Lamb of God, Wash me from sin;
I long to be like Thee, All pure within;
Now let the crimson tide, Shed from Thy wounded side,
Be to my heart applied, And make me clean.

3/.  Wash me, O Lamb of God, Wash me from sin;
I will not, cannot rest Till pure within;
All human skill is vain, But Thou canst cleanse each stain
Till not a spot remain, Made wholly clean.

4/.  Wash me, O Lamb of God, Wash me from sin;
By faith Thy cleansing blood Now makes me clean;
So near Thou art to me, So sweet my rest in Thee,
Oh, blessed purity! Saved, saved from sin.

5/.  Wash me, O Lamb of God,, Wash me from sin;
Thou, while I trust in Thee, Wilt keep me clean;
Each day to Thee I bring Heart, life, yea, ev’rything;
Saved while to Thee I cling, Saved from all sin.

QUOTES TO NOTE – attitude

A healthy attitude is contagious but don’t wait to catch it from others. Be a carrier – Tom Stoppard



The rich desire expressed in v1 is that the smile of God shall be manifested to and on God’s people. This is a beautiful expression that implies the truth of God showing His good pleasure and favour. It was what was needed at that time. All are required to know something of the smile of God upon them. A smile is much better than a smirk that speaks of scorn and disdain. When God smiles upon a person and people it augurs well for good and affirms more than anything else His bountiful favour in every way. It was regarded as an act of mercy for this to occur and it predicted an experience of untold blessing. The dictionary uses the term – “the smile of fortune” and there is a fortune in God’s smile!

That smile is the introduction of many choice things that are truly required if life is to be fully enjoyed. For the psalmist, it meant the ways of the Lord being accepted and applied in life. It also included His power being demonstrated on their behalf and of God being exalted amongst them. His favour is to be noted when He is seen to be governing society with His kind of justice. The upshot of His smile is to be observed in being blessed on the material front – “Then the earth will yield its harvests” – v6. One will not be able to stop the order and flow of blessing.

One of the things you must seek and pray for is the smile of God upon your life and doings. Everything becomes assured and full of prospect when this obtains. It states elsewhere that “in His favour is life” thus revealing the necessity of having His benedictory smile on you at all times. If you really want to live and enjoy life to the full then you need the countenance of God towards you in a radiant manner, just like the sunshine. Enjoy living with the Father’s countenance on you for good today.