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Feb 1st – 2017

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Rev. E. Anderson



Thought for the Day follows an instructive theme for everyday of the Week. We now turn our thoughts to another important factor if there is to be positive dealing with God. The word is ‘peace’, a spiritual reality to  be entered into if one is to know and extract the best from life.

PEACE – PRINCE OF PEACE – Isaiah 9:6;  Ephesians 2:13-19

The Scriptures reveal that Jesus Christ has many wonderful titles. Amongst them is this very choice ascription. He is called ‘The Prince of Peace” – Isaiah 9:6  which implies peace was and is a principal and dynamic aspect of His own person and that He has also the capacity to bring an order of peace under His inspiration and government. He came into this world to bring about this essential blessing to all who will receive and respond to His presence and influence.

Through His death on the Cross, He made it possible for every man to be reconciled to His Father. The conflict that was between man and God caused by sin He effectively dealt with by being the great sin-bearer. John the Baptist declared when he saw Him in prophecy, “Behold the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world” – John 1:29. The removal of sin means we can be forgiven and enjoy immediate, continued and eternal fellowship with God. He extends His peace into life and being so that one live in calmness and control throughout knowing all will be well. Christ brings and gives His princely peace so there is no=one and naught to dread.

The important thing for you is to make sure that you Christ. In so doing, this is one the supreme blessing He introduces and sustains. You begin to live like a prince and learn to rule in your circumstances and see the benefit of learning to reign from this blessed and authoritative state. Today, make sure that Christ is in His place because it does not matter what is occurring in the world around you, there is a inner state that transcends such.


I Know that my Redeemer Liveth

When Christ comes into your heart and life by faith you know that He has taken residence. He lets you know that He is alive and gives testimony that He really is your Saviour, Lord and Friend, now. Others may not be around but He is ever present in a living sense and wills to make His love, wisdom and power known. The world to come is also assured because He ever lives to prepare an eternal future where He will continue to make His living presence known.

1/. I know that my Redeemer liveth, And on the earth again shall stand;

I know eternal life He giveth, That grace and power are in His hand.


I know, I know, that Jesus liveth, And on the earth again shall stand;
I know, I know, that life He giveth, That grace and power are in His hand.

2/. I know His promise never faileth, The Word He speaks, it cannot die;
Though cruel death my flesh assaileth, Yet I shall see Him by and by.


3/.I know my mansion He prepareth, That where He is there I may be;
O wondrous thought, for me He careth, And He at last will come for me.


QUOTES TO NOTE – attitude

If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude – Maya Angelou


TRAPPED – Psalm 64

This is how the psalmist felt as he reviewed his situation. There were those around him that sought his downfall. He was in the midst of a circumstance where others  conspired to bring about his ruination. There was a realization of what they had determined to do and it looked as if he was trapped. He says in v6 “We have devised the perfect plan!” It did not look from a human standpoint that it would fail. A lot of thought and intrigue had gone into it so that it seemed it would succeed.

Gratefully he knew someone who could outwit them. He resorted to trusting the Lord! He could bring the whole matter to the One who not only knew what was purposed but also in His own wisdom and power could and would over-turn it. The device would be utterly undone and those who dreamed it up also. It is illustrated in the book of Esther where Haman concocted a way to dispose of all the Jews and bring about their total demise. It appeared to be working out until the Lord stepped in and overturned it completely to His peoples’ advantage.

There will come into existence those who will plot and scheme in evil against you to bring about your demise from position and life itself. What do you do when you know there are those who are working at destroying you and all you stand for? The best and wisest course of action is to place it in better hands: the hands of the Lord. Be assured, He is quite capable of handling delicate things of this nature. As you quietly trust Him He will act silently but powerfully undo all that is intended against you and bring it to nothing. The outcome will be to the praise of God -v10.