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Jan 28th – 2017

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Rev. E. Anderson



Thought for the Day follows an instructive theme for everyday of the Week. We now turn our thoughts to another important factor if there is to be positive dealing with God. The word I ‘faith’, but it is more than word to be known. This is a crucial factor if there is to be fruitful and worthwhile relation with an for God. Nothing of any worth will be known or accomplished without a vibrant and close accord with Him in this all essential.


The most inspiring and memorable writings on faith must be Hebrews 11. The writer is imbued as he is taken up with this outstanding quality that adorned so many lives and brought about great things. He reveals that God himself is filled and governed by it in v3. There is then this clear statement that if any man is to be approved by God then faith must be present an paramount. The declaration is clear: “But without faith it is impossible to please Him: for He that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that He is a rewarder of them that please Him” – v6.

So no one, whoever they may be, will be accepted of God unless they believe in Him and His power and word. History has provided countless examples of ordinary people accomplishing extraordinary things because they dared to believe and trust God. In this 21st century it is possible to read and hear of people who are truly making history and revealing God in miraculous fashion. There is ample evidence that God is still around and in business. There is no way that He is a finished factor but still responds to those who acknowledge His person and power.

And that is where you come in! Just like those in this historic chapter proved God in their day, so can you today. The occasion is now yours to look to Him, trust Him and His Word an see Him work on a great scale in your affairs. You can have your own testimony as to His supreme authority and begin to see the hand and arm of omnipotence at work on a regular basis in your life. The faith that you have can increase and multiply so that even bigger things will be your lot and experience.


Called to Separation, with the Crucified

These are very challenging and inspiring words and verses to sing and mean them. When the call from Christ has been heard and genuinely responded to, the change in life and divine service becomes obvious. Heaven waits for the complete consecration of the saints so that they may be greatly employed to maximum good. One should be inspired an greatly encouraged that have lit up the pathway before by their unstinted commitment an devotion.  It is now your turn an opportunity!

1/. Called to separation With the Crucified, Temples of the Spirit, Saved and sanctified,
Set apart for service, By God’s hand ordained, We the cross have taken, By His love constrained.

Step by step with Jesus, All along life’s way,
Now the cross and conflict, Then the perfect day.

2/. Christ the veil has entered, With the blood He shed,

Sin’s great debt is cancelled, Love’s own feast is spread;
Now in Christ we’re chosen Kings and priests to be, Living off’rings bringing, His own blood our plea –  refrain

3/. Like a boundless ocean Ever rolling in, Comes this flood of blessing, Seeking lives to win;
Who such love can fathom, From God’s heart which flows, Or such grace e’er measure, Which His hand bestows? refrain
Pressing onward, upward, Life grows pure and strong. ‘Tis the vision splendid Saves from all that’s wrong;
In the steps of Jesus, We would plant our own, Blessed path of triumph, Leading to the throne – refrain

QUOTES TO NOTE – respect

A person’s a person, no matter how small – Dr. Seuss



Having started his Psalm on a note of seeming confession and weakness, he ended it in grand style. He was in a complaint mode at the outset admitting the awful state of the people of God. Instead of being in a spirit and experience of victory they are in defeat and exposed to attack from outside sources. As he progressed, the mind and mood changed and he was excited by divine faith. He was sure there would be a complete turn around and that there would be the delight of multiple success. He did not languish too long in despair but arose in attitude with a belief things would be wonderfully transformed.

He made the bold affirmation in v12 to climax the Psalm, “Through our God we shall do valiantly: for it is He that will tread down our enemies.” Being fortified by God with divine courage, then it was possible to fight and put under one’s feet all opposition. Spurgeon said: “Divine working is not an argument for inaction, but rather is the best excitement for courageous effort. Helped in the past, we should be helped in the future, and being assured of this we resolve to play the man.” The Lord infused David and his men so they were enabled to achieve great exploits for Him and His cause. This man of God was not prepared to settle down and live in defeat when he knew he was born to win.

It may well be you need to ‘play the man’ and become more courageous for God at this hour.  In no way does He want you going around bemoaning your fate but rather to be emboldened by Him in order to take on the enemy and situations that would destroy. Learn to look to God for an impartation of His wisdom and strength so that you can upset and offset all that stands against your progress and success. There are victories to be won and He calls upon you to seek His partnership, and as you do, so there will inevitably come a procession of triumph.






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