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Jan 25th – 2017

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Rev. E. Anderson



Thought for the Day follows an instructive theme for everyday of the Week. We now turn our thoughts to another important factor if there is to be positive dealing with God. The word I ‘faith’, but it is more than word to be known. This is a crucial factor if there is to be fruitful and worthwhile relation with an for God. Nothing of any worth will be known or accomplished without a vibrant and close accord with Him in this all essential.


A great deal is written about Abraham in the Old Testament, how he became the Founding Father of the Israelite nation. It is quite an outstanding, adventurous story of a man who discovered the best way to live, and that was by simply trusting God every day and in every way. Mind you, he didn’t discover this until he was 75 years of age. (Of course, you don’t have to wait that long!). God wanted him to break out of the rut he was in and start a life as a pilgrim, having to sell up and go on a journey with God to some unknown place, now famous in the Middle East.

He was to challenge him further; to believe for a son at 100 years of age and his wife was 90 and passed child-bearing. Later a greater act was demanded of him. He was called to sacrifice his son, this lad he dearly loved and he responded in a magnificent manner – see Genesis 22. He was of this mind and faith, God would have to raise him from a heap of ashes, if need be, because God promised to bless this boy and make him a progenitor of a significant, powerful nation. He passed the test and discovered God making further promise in the giving him a lasting seed that would be uniquely blessed – vv16-18.

The Lord took the limits of this man’s life and revealed its great possibilities. He would do the same for you!. It is now time for you a His child to believe Him and His incredible promises and witness Him at work bringing choice things to fruition. Abraham is but an example an encouragement for you to note and to enter into a life of pilgrimage, sacrifice, possession and success. Let faith in God and His Word be in your life and lifestyle and see God at work in extraordinary fashion.


This is one of those great songs that has ever impressed and ministered to my spiritual being. What knowledge of strength and assurance seems to flow when once the truth begins to possess and flow through mind and heal! It brings a great sense of Presence an peace whenever I sing the words and express my worship of Him which is always a delight to do. As you voice the words today may they awaken and stir your breast in a divine way. The clouds cannot really hide Him from view!

What though clouds are Hovering O’er Me

Miss Harriet M. Conrey, a daughter of Jonathan Conrey, and a granddaughter of Peter Conrey, percentor of the old Gold Street Baptist church, New York City, was born in New York, November 5, 1838. She was baptized by Rev. Thomas Armintage, D.D., pastor the the Fifth Avenue Baptist Church,but a present she was a member of the Park Avenue Baptist church in Plainfield N. J. Formerly she was a teacher, but on account of ill health she has been obliged to turn to other pursuits.

1/. What tho’ clouds are hov’ring o’er me, And I seem to walk alone,
Longing ‘mid my cares and crosses, For the joys that now are flown,
If I’ve Jesus, “Jesus only,” Then my sky will have a gem;
He’s a Sun of brightest splendour, And the Star of Bethlehem.

2/. What tho’ all my earthly journey  Bringeth naught but weary hours,
And, in grasping for life’s roses, Thorns I find instead of flow’rs,
If I’ve Jesus, “Jesus only,” I possess a cluster rare;
He’s the “Lily of the Valley,” And the “Rose of Sharon” fair.

3/. What tho’ all my heart is yearning For the lov’d of long ago,
Bitter lessons sadly learning From the shadowy page of woe,
If I’ve Jesus, “Jesus only,”  He’ll be with me to the end;
And, unseen by mortal vision, Angel bands will o’er me bend.

4/. When I soar to realms of glory, And an entrance I await,
If I’ve followed “Jesus only!” Wide will ope the pearly gate;
When I join the heav’nly chorus, And the angel hosts I see,
Precious Jesus, “Jesus only,” Will my theme of rapture be.

QUOTES TO NOTE – respect

If we lose love and self respect for each other, this is how we finally die – Maya Angelou



David had developed a wonderful confidence in God. He knew that when he was in real difficulty who to turn to and that He would step into work on his behalf. He could say with assurance in v7 “My heart is confident in you, O God.” Throughout the past years and experiences the Lord had created and nurtured this conviction within him so that when he was really up against it there was One that would adequately deal with the crisis. His confidence in God had grown in God through many experiences of His intervention and so could and would trust Him for much more.

He appeared to be in straits here as he is being chased and surrounded by enemies that sought his destruction. The psalm was composed when he was on the run from Saul and his men and he required divine interventions. In the threatened situation he wrote and said, “I cry out to God Most High, to God who will fulfil His purpose for me” – v2. It was to be a period when he would be put under intense trial and pressure but the Lord would more than deal with all that was planned against him. As he prayed he believed that the answer would be forthcoming and that the purpose of God would be outworked in and through it all.

Let your confidence grow in the Lord and in His Word today. Trust Him to move into those situations you are called to face that require His intervention. Remember, He allows things to happen of a critical nature for the purpose of enriching your life with greater faith in Him. The greater the bonding with Him when things are extremely difficult, the more you will discover both His immense love and ability, so a testimony of real worth will emerge in your life.



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