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Jan 18th – 2017

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Rev. E. Anderson



Thought for the Day follows an instructive theme for everyday of the Week. We now turn our thoughts to another important factor if there is to be positive dealing with God. It is essentially with and in ‘love’. This is a crucial factor if there is to be fruitful and worthwhile relation with God. Nothing of any worth will be known or accomplished without a vibrant and close accord with Him.

Love – A Wholehearted Expression – David ‘s Example throughout Life

Taking a look at the life of David from beginning to end it is apparent that he ha a deep-rooted love for God an people. He was in love with life and all associated with it. Very early as a young lad he had a true and a strong affection for the Lord. He ha God-given gifts that he use and expressed in his love for God. It wasn’t a problem for him to compose and play out on his instrument psalms of praise in adoration of Him who filled his thought an desires. In one of his psalms he says and sings: “I  love the LORD, because he has heard my voice an my supplications” – Psalm 116:1.

Before His decease he was able to make vast contribution to the building of the majestic Temple to and for the LORD. He went all out to raise an enormous capital for this major enterprise. When judgment was Israel and a plague broke out he pleaded to the LORD for its end. As the LORD responded so avid was to makes sacrifice on the spot purchasing the ground from Araurnah. He would not accept it as a gift but uttered some memorable words :I will not offer burnt offerings unto the Lord my God of that which cost me nothing” – 2 Samuel 24:24. His first commitment was to impress the LORD with his love.

In your life this characteristic exhibited in and by David must be birth and totally expressed in and through you. At each stage of life, from early childhood and onward there is to be glorious unfolding and display of your genuine affection for Him. The opportunity and privilege is now yours, today. To reveal to God an man, the reality of this virtuous quality. Make use of such and leave a witness behind of your unstinted passion and devotion.


As I Journey Through the  Land

Like the Israelites of old, as they journeyed from Egypt to Canaan, the period between was regarded as a pilgrimmage. They had been slave but now they were pilgrims moving on to something bigger and better than they ha ever known. It was a joy to anticipate something infinitely richer than had been their lot in slavery. So the parallel: the Christian is now a pilgrim moving out of this temporary world into permanent residency in heaven, where all is so different. Now just a sojourner: but in heaven a royal citizen forever.

R.H. Cornelius, known as Rufus Cornelius by his friends, was born in Blount Co., AL., January 24, 1872. He was educated in the public schools of Oneonta, the county seat. He began teaching in the public schools at an early age and at one time was associate Principal of the Oneonta High School. It was while teaching in the high school that he became interested in church music and began to study with some of the best teachers of the time. His first major teacher was the late A J Showalter in one of his normals at Eden, AL. He continued his study with this well-known teacher until he had finished the courses a second time. He soon felt that the study of harmony was his first love in his study and soon became one of the best harmon teachers of his time.

Near the close of the century, he moved to Texas and settled in Midlothian, Ellis Co., where he established a publishing house and published many fine gospel song books that sold by the thousands.. Soon after coming to Texas, he devoted much time to teaching singing schools (Cornelius Normal Musical Institute) and soon became one of the best known teachers of that great state, often having many more calls for schools than he could have time for. In many cases his schools were dated years ahead. he had possessed a beautiful tenor voice and was of a very pleasant personality. This caused his to be loved by all who knew him. About 1914 he was called to Southwestern Baptist Seminary as head of the music department. After several years here in the Baptist School in Ft Worth, Texas, he felt he was more needed back in the field of teaching and songbook publishing. Soon after coming to Texas, he married Maycon Temperance Burleson, who was a fine singer and musician and wrote many songs.During the first 32 years of the 20th Century, this couple of musicians blessed the State of Texas with their singing and teaching. Of all the fine song written by Mr. Cornelius, “Oh, I want to See Him” will carry his memory for years to come. The Cornelius’ were members of the Baptist Church and were devoted Christians.

1/. As I journey through the land, singing as I go, Pointing souls to Calvary—to the crimson flow,
Many arrows pierce my soul from without, within; But my Lord leads me on, through Him I must win.

Oh, I want to see Him, look upon His face, There to sing forever of His saving grace;
On the streets of glory let me lift my voice, Cares all past, home at last, ever to rejoice.

2/. When in service for my Lord dark may be the night, But I’ll cling more close to Him, He will give me light;
Satan’s snares may vex my soul, turn my thoughts aside; But my Lord goes ahead, leads whate’er betide – refrain

3/. When in valleys low I look toward the mountain height, And behold my Saviour there, leading in the fight,
With a tender hand outstretched toward the valley low, Guiding me, I can see, as I onward go – refrain

4/. When before me billows rise from the mighty deep, Then my Lord directs my bark; He doth safely keep,
And He leads me gently on through this world below; He’s a real Friend to me, oh, I love Him so -refrain

QUOTES TO NOTE – marriage

All that a husband or wife really wants is to be pitied a little, praised a little, and appreciated a little – Oliver Goldsmith



The Lord did have something important to say amidst this stressful situation. Isaiah made a forecast as to the outcome of the events. The king did not need to worry about the objectionable words of the opposition because the Lord had noted them and was undisturbed. He said, “Tell your master not to be troubled by the sneers these Assyrians made against Me” – v5 Living Bible. They were of no consequence to Him that occupies the real throne of power. They were wasting their breath against the One who rules time and eternity!

The promise was given for Hezekiah to trust – “For I will defend this city, to save it, for mine own sake, and for my servant David’s sake” – v34. He is the true Defender of Zion, the Holy City. He could allow it to be seemingly reduced to the point where the besiegers thought they had won and suddenly turn it all round in a moment to conquest. All that God used in this instance was one angel to go and smite the Assyrian host and put it out of action – vv35. The Lord knew how to protect His inheritance.

The Lord has not lost any of His genius or ability to deal with serious situations that threaten the well being of His people or property. It is possible at all times for His people to look alone to Him as their Chief Protector and Defender. It does not matter how dark and difficult things may appear to be, there is no need to be unduly troubled because He is still around to act on behalf of His own. You can place your confidence in Him for He will not let you down. He will give you a word into your circumstances that will place you in peace knowing that He will answer every threat.




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