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Jan 17th – 2017

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Rev. E. Anderson



Thought for the Day follows an instructive theme for everyday of the Week. We now turn our thoughts to another important factor if there is to be positive dealing with God. It is essentially ‘love’; an all important word an truth to be known and released. This is a crucial factor if there is to be fruitful and worthwhile relation with an for God. Nothing of any worth will be known or accomplished without a vibrant and close accord with Him in this all essential.

Love – A Fundamental Requirement – Deuteronomy 6:5; Luke 10:25-28

The fact that both Testaments voice the fact that Jehovah required above all else the possession and primacy of love, that it should be present and prevail above everything else in His people toward himself underlines its essentiality: “And you shall love the LORD  thy God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your might”. He required this dominant, driving dynamic to be inside of each Israelite and so reveal to Him all above else they were subject to this fine law and force. This would purify their affections and motivation and make them approved of and by Him in every way and all times.

He was quite right in His demand because it would place them in a position where He could respond in blessed and beneficial ways. It would be the route by which they would become the recipients of the choicest and best in everything. He had already proved His eternal passion for them but He longed to build on it more and more

Christ having loved you and given outstanding evidence of it calls forth for this from all Christendom. What He seeks above all from each Christian believer in Him, not only faith, but a supreme quality, love, yes, His kind of love. He seeks to inspire its presence and to promote its action. Look at His three-fold challenge to Peter – “Do you really love me?” – John 21: 15-17. This is what will make all the difference to life and living and save from embarrassment when He is ultimately faced. Let His kind of ruling love be inside of you and you will enjoy a glowing accord with him.


Down from His Splendour

It is good to have a true understanding of the nature an worth of Christ which provokes and promotes in a real Christian the pure and holy response. The hymn writer reveals what Christ left and came into and did for mankind thus stirring the right re-action in the breast of the believer. He states: “How can I help but love Him, when He loved me so”. More meditation and reflection on His passion an mission should awaken a glowing affirmation of appreciation and adoration.

The author was Elton Menno Roth. Nothing is known much of him but much is known of the One he presents in this song.

1/. Down from His splendour in glory He came, Into a world of woe;
Took on Himself all my guilt and my shame, Why should He love me so?


How can I help but love Him, When He loved me so?
How can I help but love Him, When He loved me so?

2/.  I am unworthy to take of His grace, Wonderful grace so free;
Yes, Jesus suffered and died in my place, E’en for a soul like me – Refrain

3/. He is the fairest of thousands to me, His love is sweet and true;
Wonderful beauty in Him I now see, More than I ever knew – Refrain

QUOTES TO NOTE – marriage

Many people spend more time in planning the wedding than they do in planning the marriage – Zig Ziglar


UNDER GREAT THREAT – 2 Kings 18:9-36; 19:1

It was to be a time of tremendous stress and threat on every hand as the Assyrians rose to power and began to show their vindictive strength. They were hard and brutal as they conquered the nations around. Israel was to fall foul of them and became victims of their cruelty as the inhabitants were taken from their homeland. It looked as if Jerusalem would become subject to their designs, too. A number of cities had already fallen and it looked as if the Holy City would be the next to go.

Hezekiah had done everything to pacify but it was no good. He needed to trust God under this great threat. The evil opposition besieged the sacred capital, vented its abuse and affirmed there was no way that it would be spared from falling into its hands. What was to be done under the traumatic circumstances? The king called for silence and then there was a genuine repentance reflected in the tearing of their clothes and the putting on of sackcloth. It shows how desperate they were. And then there was a resorting to prayer – v1. In turning to God at this crisis hour He was the One to really answer it.

It could well be that your world has come crashing down around you and your whole situation is truly being threatened. How essential to know what to do when pressure of this nature is being applied. One thing is certain: God is never ever under threat. He has the wisdom and capacity to deliver when all things are at their worst. The thing that has to be done in faith is to hand the problem over to Him. He is ready to take on the responsibility. He can turn situations around in an extraordinary manner and prove beyond doubt that He is the Lord.




Micah 2 & 3

Micah had to face the fact of the presence of false prophets in his day. One of the things to be contested was the existence and exercise of these persons who did not do the people any good. However, it would seem that this was the kind of messengers that they wanted and listened to – 2: 11. They certainly did not want to listen or hearken to true words coming as from a messenger of Jehovah – 2:6,7. The false ones that were amongst them were only interested in their own ends – 3: 5-7. The Lord predicts what their future and end will be. But Micah truly asserts his own position amidst this climate.


He is personally and deeply conscious of the anointing of God’s Spirit in his being and aware that he is God’s true messenger to the people. There was the rich token of God’s presence and the prophet felt it in a powerful fashion. No uncertainty exists on this front as the quickening life of God flows in and through him.  He could not do otherwise but confess the inspiration that was resident and at work within him. Jesus Christ could equally say the same as He commenced His dynamic and prophetic ministry – Luke 4: 18. This is what makes the difference and authenticates messenger and message.


A sense of divine righteousness possesses his mind and heart and he is strong in his convictions and assertions. He is not ignorant of what righteousness is all about and what should be the standard creed and conduct for God’s people to be embracing and evidencing. If he is to have a cutting edge upon his ministry then he must know in his own life and exercise the holy standard required by the Lord and act accordingly, if he was to stand before the people to declare righteousness  There must be no weakness on this front.


He evidences fearlessness, ready to point out the wickedness of rulers, leaders, priests, prophets, priests and people. There is no sweeping under the carpet but a total exposure of what is basically wrong all around. There is to be no cover up policy but a bringing to light of all the current evils. Sin and sinners are not to be countenanced and given credence. He is prepared to give a complete exposure and declare there position to be untenable.


He has a clear insight from the Lord as to what is going to occur and it is not very pleasant. Mount Zion will be ploughed up, become a heap of rubble and a forest will grow where the Temple has been. There will be nothing left of people or place. The glory and the grandeur will all be gone and the true prophetic voice and word fulfilled. All the false will be seen for what it was – vain.






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