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Jan 16th – 2017

ernest kitchenRev. E. Anderson



Thought for the Day follows an instructive theme for everyday of the Week. We now turn our thoughts to another important factor if there is to be positive dealing with God. It is essentially ‘love’. This is a crucial factor if there is to be fruitful and worthwhile relation with an for God. Nothing of any worth will be known or accomplished without a vibrant and close accord with Him in this all essential.

Love – An Exemplary Illustration – Genesis 22

One of the earliest and helpful examples of a man expressing his love to and for God is detected in Abraham. In late life this person came to know and believe in Jehovah as God and handed himself over into His hands. There was a will to look to Him for direction and to obey Him completely whatever the demand. He left his kindred to go to a land of God’s appointment believing he had an incredible future ahead. The Lord stood with Him fulfilling an impossible promise of granting a child off Sarah who was past child bearing.

The acid test as to whether he really loved Go was to come. He had developed a real bond of love and fellowship with Isaac until his early teens. His son was his special delight. Looking at him he sensed his posterity would be preserved. And then he was to be challenged by God to sacrifice his son! Was he prepared to do this? Who had priority in his affections, Isaac or God? As the story and drama unfolds Abraham does not hesitate but gives to God a demonstration of his love for Him. The reason being, he knew that if He has the Lord in first place all would work out well. And he turned out a winner and an example for all to express their love for God.

In review of your spiritual state, is this kind of genuine love in you? Are you possessed with a real passion for Him, whatever He requires you are quick to respond in the affirmative?  As angels and men observe your faith and conduct, are they impressed by your instant obedience? Leave behind to family, friends, neighbours and even your possible opponents, your love for God is undeniable. The opportunity is yours!


Behold what Love, what Boundless Love

One of the blessed things is to know what Jesus Christ has come to make us. His advent an work was in order to make it possible for the sons of men to become the sons of God; to constitutes those who receive Him into their lives as members of a Special household, God’s Family. It take a supernatural miracle to do it but He is the One that can and does. To be able to know and call God as Father and to live in close relationship with Him is the real boon and blessing of life. The truth of such comes out in this hymn.

1/. Behold, what love, what boundless love, The Father hath bestowed
On sinners lost, that we should be Now called the sons of God!


Behold, what manner of love! What manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us,
That we, that we should be called, Should be called the sons of God!

2/. No longer far from Him but now By precious blood made nigh,
Accepted in the Well beloved, Near to God’s heart we lie – Refrain

3/. What we in glory soon shall be, It doth not yet appear;
But when our precious Lord we see, We shall His image bear – Refrain

4/. With such a blessèd hope in view, We would more holy be,
More like our risen, glorious Lord, Whose face we soon shall see – Refrain

QUOTES TO NOTE – marriage

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person – Mignon McLaughlin


TOTAL DEVOTION – 2 Kings 18: 1-8

One of the mysteries and inexplicable facts of life is that of a wicked king following the reign of a very godly one and vice versa. This happened here. Hezekiah assumed the throne and turned out to be an utter contrast to his father who was so evil. His predecessor was renowned for doing what was wrong but he arrived on the scene to institute divine reform in the interests of the people. He was of a different character altogether and purposed to do things that were right and pleased God.

It would not have been easy for him to have made this break and set the standard but he had the great element of faith and trust in his heart. It says, “He trusted very strongly in the Lord God of Israel . . . and that He followed the Lord in everything” – v5 (Living Bible). This record reveals where his thoughts, desires and will were. Whatever had gone on before was not going to be allowed to dictate the spiritual policy and programme. He was going to make a difference and to see things divinely transformed to the blessing of all.

No excuses should be made as to dealing with the issues that are to be confronted today even though what has preceded has been utterly negative and destructive. The opportunity is presented to bring some decisive amendment by and through God to this seeming godless generation. You can make a mark for God in these times as you raise the standard of spiritual and moral purity through a devotion to the Lord. Be resolved in your being toward God and you will see what He will do.



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