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Jan 11th – 2017

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Rev. E. Anderson



Thought for the Day follows an instructive theme for everyday of the Week. We now turn our thoughts to another important factor if there is to be positive dealing with God. It is ‘communion’. This is a crucial factor if there is to be fruitful and worthwhile relation with God. Nothing of any worth will be known or accomplished without a vibrant and close accord with Him.

Communion – Up the Mount with God – Exodus 33:29-34

A number of choice people had some precious moments with Jehovah as they were called and ventured on a demanding union and communion. Abraham, Moses, Elijah and Jesus are cases in point, when each one had some unusual an dynamic experiences. Moses in particular had rare disclosures where God was made known to him in revelation an communication. Forty days and night he spent in the presence of God and it made a tremendous impact upon him. Not only did he receive the Covenant that Israel had to accept and live by, instructions on the constructions of a Tabernacle the Jehovah was to live in, but a unique experience that was unforgettable.

His face began to shine like the sun in its glory an the people below could tell where He ha been, in the presence of God in rich communion. So powerful was the glow on his face that the Israelites could not bear its intensity. They called for him to place a veil on his face whilst he talked with them. It indicates the principle that truly appearing in God’s presence does make impact and leave its own testimony.

The declaration of the psalmist in Psalms 34: 5 is: ”They looked unto Him, and were lightened: and their faces were not ashamed”. You will not if you come to the Lord in humility, grace and faith go away with red face of embarrassment but with a unique radiance that has been begotten by the Spirit of the Lord – see also 2 Cor 3:18.


It is no Secret what God Can Do

“It Is No Secret” was written by Stuart Hamblen, who is regarded as one of radio’s first “singing cowboys.” Hamblen, the son of a Methodist minister from Texas, didn’t handle his fame very well. As Wikipedia tells us, his drinking, and the brawling and “destructive behavior” it produced, landed him in jail “many times.”

This all changed in 1949 when Billy Graham appeared on Hamblen’s show as a way to publicize what would become the historic Los Angeles Crusade. While on the show, Graham invited Hamblen to attend the crusade, and Hamblen accepted. Later, Hamblen contacted Graham and asked if they could meet and talk. And it was then that Hamblen committed his life to Christ.

Sometime later, a friend of Hamblen asked him about the rumor going around Hollywood that Hamblen had changed his ways. Hamblen replied that it was no secret what God had done for him and what God could do for his friend, too. The friend then replied that Hamblen should turn those lines into a song.

That friend’s name was John Wayne. No kidding.

So Hamblen followed Wayne’s advice—he wrote it. “It Is No Secret” became the first song to reach #1 on the Gospel, Country, and Pop charts. Think about that: a song that tells us that “with arms wide open, he’ll pardon you” reached #1 on the Pop chart. Thank you, John Wayne.

It’s been recorded many times, arguably most famously by Elvis Presley. Also by Johnny Cash. Perhaps the greatest illustration of the song’s lasting impact is that “the original manuscript of the song ‘It Is No Secret’ is buried in the cornerstone of the Copyright Buildings of the Library of Congress.” Wow.

Singing cowboys, Billy Graham, John Wayne, Elvis and a song about God’s restorative power. As I said, you can’t make this kind of story up.

But God can. And that is the point of Hamblen’s song. God longs to, as my friend Thomas Howard wrote in “Christ the Tiger,” (great book),”restore to you the good which your own foolish mistakes have cheated you.”

That’s no secret. That is the good news.

1/.The chimes of time ring out the news, another day is through
Someone slipped and fell, was that someone you?
You may have longed for added strength your courage to renew
Do not be disheartened, I have news for you
It is no secret what God can do
What he’s done for others he’ll do for you
With arms wide open, he’ll pardon you
It is no secret what God can do

2/. There is no night for in his light you’ll never walk alone
You’ll always feel at home, wherever you may roam
There is no power can conquer you while God is on your side
Take him at his promise, don’t run away and hide
It is no secret what God can do
What he’s done for others he’ll do for you
With arms wide open he’ll pardon you
It is no secret what God can do

QUOTES TO NOTE – marriage

A good husband makes a good wife – John Florio


DEAD BUT NOT DONE FOR – 2 Kings 13: 20-25

The time came for this worthy servant of the Lord to die and to be buried. But as the record has it: he was dead but not done for. Even after death it appears that he still possessed a ministry of life. When friends were burying one of their colleagues they saw an invading bandit gang who were intent on evil and felt threatened. In haste they, without thinking, dispatched the dead body into the tomb of Elisha. Then the miracle happened! The man was immediately was quickened to life as his body touched the mortal remains of the prophet.

There was resident and remaining in that dead form of Elisha something of a divine supernatural power that could restore to life. The man who was the recipient would have a remarkable testimony to the genuineness of the man of God. He being dead yet speaks of his anointing! As he went on his journey, wherever he went, to his friends and others, he would declare the amazing thing that had happened to him. Those who had thrown him into the tomb must have been quite astonished to have witnessed the living presence of their friend again!

If God did this in Old Testament times what should be manifest in and through Christendom with the knowledge of the living Christ being present! He is no longer in the grave; having conquered its power He exists to grace His Church with His ability to perform miracles. What He did in the days of His flesh He still has the capacity to do through the person and work of the Holy Spirit through His people and servants. You can be the recipient of His miraculous power today so that the major problem that engulfs you will be more than answered by a miracle. Further, He can use you to bring a miracle to someone else who desperately requires one.







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