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Jan 6th – 2017

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Rev. E. Anderson



Thought for the Day follows an instructive theme for everyday of the Week. We start with the word ‘meditation’ and see its relevance to an effectual, blessed faith and lifestyle.

Meditating on God’s Grace  

This is basically to consider the unmerited love and favour of the Godhead to the least deserving of His creatures, and that means you. Compare the two natures of God and man and see the complete contrast and difference. Whilst God is pure, holy and without evil in His being and doing, this is not so with mankind: He has become infected, polluted and dominated with a sinful nature that makes such behave in despicable and abominable ways. How easy it would be to wipe each man off and commence again with a new creature! But He has chosen to be generous and gracious and save man out of this wretched state. Paul once said: “O wretched man that I am! Who shall deliver me from the body of this death?” – Romans 7:24. There was no way he could save himself from this corrupt state and inevitable judgment unless something gracious and miraculous happened!

Thank God it has. God, in Christ His Son has not only paid the debt due to sin. Christ has the power to not only bring forgiveness but freedom from sin and to bring man on to a unique level of relationship with Himself. His death for sinners makes and outstanding variation. Again Paul stated: “God commendeth His love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us” – Romans 5: 8. God in Christ bore your judgment in grace so that you could be renewed and made His son. The merit all belongs to Him!

You need to reflect upon this truth and fact today and learn to exist and live enjoying the wonderful blessing of His favour. Instead of God being your enemy, He is your best Friend; instead of your destiny being hell, it’s heaven.  Things could not better in prospect! Sing with John Newton – Amazing grace how sweet the sound, That saved a wretch like me” and so on.


I Want my Life to Be

Yet another great hymn of consecration that was regularly sung in early Pentecostal gatherings written by a Pentecostal preacher. It certainly signifies the real heart’s desire to render all to the Lord in sacred consecration and commitment and the will to serve Him to the utmost. May this characterize both and mind in setting forth into the New Year. Let this be the great directive of life and living. It ensures that life will not have been wasted but used in the most profitable manner and bring pleasure to God.

This is the personal witness of a man who sat in an Independent Methodist Church and watched the minister sitting in his wheel chair, – the minister who had become paralysed and for whom we have been praying. He announced a hymn I had never heard before. In spite of his condition he wa ready and up for commitment!

I want my life to be all filled with praise to Thee,

My precious Lord divine Who died for me,
Let all my will be Thine, Controlled by love divine

Live out in me Thy life, O Mighty Saviour.

Thy blessed will divine, with joy I make it mine,
My heart shall be Thy throne, and Thine alone.
Choose Thou the path I tread and whither, I am led,
Help me to follow on, O mighty Saviour.

A pilgrim born anew, a stranger going through,
Not of this world am I, since I am Thine.
Weaned from its passing show, transformed Thy love to know,
Hold Thou my hand in Thine, O mighty Saviour.

When evil foes assail and almost would prevail,
In that dark hour be Thou my strength and shield.
Lend then Thy strong embrace, uphold me by Thy grace,
In weakness be my strength, O mighty Saviour.

Yea, choose the path for me, although I may not see,
The reason Thou dost will to lead me so.
I know the toilsome way will lead to realms of day,
Where I shall dwell with Thee, O mighty Saviour.

QUOTES TO NOTE – motivational
It always seems impossible until it’s done – Nelson Mandela


PAY BACK TIME – 2 Kings 9

Sin and wickedness may rule for a long time and people seem to get away with their atrocious deeds but in time there comes the judgment hour. Ahab’s family had followed in the evil ways of Ahab, especially Jezebel the queen, but there was to come the day of reckoning. There was to be in the schedule of God the moment of accountability. In this instance Jehu was to become the instrument through whom it was to be meted out to Ahab’s son, Joram, and his mother, thewicked queen. Ahaziah the king of Judah, Jezebel’s son in law was not to escape either.

The prophetic word was to be fulfilled spoken by Elijah who had long since made his exodus. The body of Joram was to be thrown on Naboth’s former property, an apt reminder that the debt was being paid for the callous and vicious murder of this man. Jezebel was thrown out of a window, thus sealing her fate. Then the dogs of Jezreel ate her body until all that remained were her skull, feet and hands. The price paid for the previous sinful history was duly met and paid. The evil that had been carried out was ultimately punished.

It is foolish for people to think and get the idea that they can commit evil with impunity. There is no doubt that sin does pay its wages and that the consequences can be very severe and devastating. Sometimes it looks as if evil succeeds and one can form a wrong impression and judgment here. Sin will be judged at some time; therefore it is imperative not to live an evil life. The best and only way is to make sure that sin has been forgiven through Christ. Henceforth, life is lived through and to Him, so the evil path will not be trodden and no debt owed to it.





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