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Jan 5th – 2017

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Rev. E. Anderson



Thought for the Day follows an instructive theme for everyday of the Week. We start with the word ‘meditation’ and see its relevance to an effectual, blessed faith and lifestyle.

Meditating on God’s Son – Jesus Christ

The Scriptures in particular focus great attention on Jesus Christ, the most important human being that has been on this planet. The Old Testament gives a prophetic declaration and disclosure of an individual to be born of the Jewish Race, of David’s line, who would become the Saviour of the world and its ultimate King and Ruler. The platform was being set to give indisputable witness as to this unique person who would do something for man that none other could do by being the sacrifice for sin and making it possible for man to reconciled to Him  – see Isaiah 7:14; 9:6,7; Micah 5:2; Psalm 22:12-21.

You must meditate on Him and think know who He really is and what he has truly achieved for you and what His status is now. Read Philippians 2: 5-11 for a wholesome understanding of the love and humility of this choice person. You need to get to know him and be like the apostle Paul who declared that he might know Christ above everyone else. This year, make it your business to increase your knowledge of and fellowship with Him. Record the ways and means in your book today on how this can be so for you.


The  Saviour Can Solve Every Problem

As we go through life we do not always know what awaits around the corner There is no such thing as ‘a problem free life’ but it is good to have someone along side who can help, grace and wisdom to deal with such. There are occasions when it seems we are in a mess and real difficulty. How good to know He does not desert when the going goes tough. Be assured in 2017 He is present  with to answer every situation in His way and good time.

Author: Oswald J. Smith – November 8, 1889–January 25, 1986, Toronto, Canada. Presbyterian. Attended Manitoba College, Winnipeg, 1909-1910; Toronto Bible College, 1907-1908, 1910-1912; McCormick Theological Seminary, 1912-1915; further study at Knox College, Toronto; several honorary doctorates. Pastorates in Toronto, 1915-1958; frequently conducted evangelistic meetings and crusades elsewhere. In 1928 he organized the virtually autonomous People’s Church, which combines a vigorous evangelistic program in Toronto with an enviable overseas missionary network; in 1958 he relinquished its guidance to his son Paul, but remained its highly active minister emeritus. He published some 35 devotional and inspirational books, which

  1. The Saviour can lift every burden, The heavy as well as the light;

His strength is made perfect in weakness, In Him there is power and might.

Refrain: The Saviour can solve every problem, the tangles of life can undo;

There is nothing too hard for Jesus, There is nothing that He cannot do.

  1. The Saviour can bear every sorrow, In Him there is comfort and rest;

No matter how great the affliction, he only permits what is best – refrain

  1. The Saviour can strengthen the weary, His grace is sufficient for all;

He know every step of the pathway, And listens to hear when we call – refrain

  1. The Saviour can break sin’s dominion, The victory He won long ago;

In Him there is freedom from bondage, He’s able to conquer the foe – refrain

  1. The Saviour can satisfy fully, The heart that the world cannot fill;

His presence will sanctify wholly, The soul that is yielded and still – refrain

QUOTES TO NOTE – motivational

Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground – Theodore Roosevelt


AN UNHOLY ALLIANCE – 2 Kings 8: 16-29

It is surprising to read that the son of Jehoshaphat the good king of Judah should produce such a bad son and successor by the name of Jehoram. One would have thought that the godly influence of his father would have inspired him to continue on the same route, seeking a wholesome relationship and obedience to God. But this was not so. The record has it – “But he was as wicked as Ahab and the other kings of Israel” – v18. It appears that he had no intention of doing that which was required of the Lord but followed the ways of the northern kings There was no concern in his heart towards God and to adopt the cause of righteousness within his reign.

The reason for this could well have been due to the fact that he became tied up in an unholy relationship in marriage. He married one of Ahab’s daughters, Athaliah. What a wicked woman she turned out to be! She must have had some controlling domination over him just as Jezebel had over Ahab. She did not turn out a spiritual asset but a damaging and destroying power that ruined him, his reign and the nation. The union and relationship was a wicked one that had an awful impact on all. What Jehoshaphat had set in terms of a wholesome standard was rejected and so things deteriorated very quickly. Things could have been different.

It is important to make sure that there is no forming of any accord with people who will have any wicked input into our lives. Many have lost out with God and a wonderful future and destiny because they linked up with someone who was not of the same mind, faith and persuasion. You must keep yourself from becoming a companion of those who will have a perverse impact on your life and future. Evil companions are a definite hindrance to spiritual life and growth.




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