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Dec 30th – 2016

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Rev. E. Anderson



Take note, it is imperative that you pass through the wilderness and enter into your divine inheritance in the Land of Promise. This is a vital stage to you in becoming a great possessor in spiritual and supernatural realities and blessings. There are essential tests to be faced but in them the Lord would reveal His presence and power and aid in negotiating them. Fear, doubt or unbelief must not be entertained. Learn to develop that calm trust like Joshua and Caleb and you will be in the right frame to enter your inheritance. The wilderness is to see you graduating in faith and obedience so that you will be a strong and capable person, sufficient to be an overcomer in the land of pleasure and fulfilment. Do not get stuck in the wilderness, knowing it is to be a gateway into the best, not a graveyard. This is your year for possession!!


Fight the Good Fight

The opening words of this indicate that the Christian Life is not about living a garden of roses, in an idyllic situation where all appears beautiful, fragrant and soothing. No, it is not a comfort zone but a battle-field. General Booth caught this revelation and sought to implant and inspire it in those who came to Christ through its testimony. He offered blood and fire. The Christian has been called to the battle-field and has to contend with the forces of evil led by Satan. As Paul reveals: the Christian must be clothed in the armour of God and stand his ground against a vicious enemy – Ephesians 6:1-10..

Author – John S.B.Monsell

Baring-Gould asked me to compose a tune to Come Holy Ghost, Our Souls Inspire,  to be sung at a large meeting of Yorkshire colliers. I walked, talked, slept and ate with the words, and at last evolved the tune which I naturally named Pentecost…One day, as I was walking along Regent Street I felt a slap on my back, and turning around saw my dear old friend Arthur Sullivan.  My dear Billy, he said, I’ve seen a tune of yours which I must have. (He was then editing Church Hymns) All right, I said, Send me a cheque and I agree. No copy of the book, much less a proof was sent to me, and when I saw the tune I was horrified to find that Sullivan had assigned it to Fight the good fight! We had a regular fisticuffs about it, but judging from the favour with which the tune has been received, I feel that Sullivan was right in so mating words and music.

This hymn was sung in the movie – “Chariots of Fire”.

1/. Fight the good fight with all thy might; Christ is thy Strength and Christ thy Right.
Lay hold on life, and it shall be Thy joy and crown eternally.

2/. Run the straight race Thro’ God’s good grace; Lift up thine eyes and seek His face.
Life with its way before us lies; Christ is the Path and Christ the Prize.

3/. Cast care aside; Upon thy Guide Lean, and His mercy will provide;
Lean, and the trusting soul shall prove Christ is its Life and Christ its Love.

4/. Faint not nor fear, His arms are near; He changeth not, and thou art dear.
Only believe, and thou shalt see That Christ is All in all to thee.


To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you Lewis B. Smedes


WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? – 2 Kings 5: 20-27

This was the searching question that was put by the prophet to his servant Gehazi. He had the opportunity to answer it honestly but decided to tell a lie in order to deceive the servant of the Lord. He ought to have known the man of God better having been with him so long. Besides manifesting the sin of covetousness he added the evil of untruthfulness to his conduct. In doing what he did he had left a wrong factor in the one that had been released of his disease. Elisha had stated that his healing was free; an act of divine generosity, but this perverse deed had sown the wrong idea in the recent delivered man.

The consequence of where he had been was to lead Gehazi into a different way of life. He was smitten with leprosy and was no longer able to fulfil the role of being the prophet’s servant. Instead of being a divine protégé for the future, going in the direction of readiness to be the prophet’s successor, he is robbed of the possibility of making a mark for God and living a fulfilled life. Things could have been so different if he had not gone chasing after the natural and material.

How careful Christians have to be that they are not sidelined by the allurement of earthly things! The temptation does come where people have materialism offered at the expense of their spiritual well being and so miss out on God’s calling and anointing. Do not allow greed or covetousness to move in and take over and lead you down the wrong track. As you go with God He will more than take care of your needs. Abundant provision will be yours as you maintain your integrity to Him. You are being schooled for something greater in His purposes. Do not miss it!






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