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Dec 24th – 2016

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Rev. E. Anderson



On this Christmas Eve Day make sure you resolve to have Christ supreme in your thoughts and place over the next few days. Remember, you have been and are and ever will be a chief consideration in His mind both in time and eternity. Who He is and what He has done and yet to bring about is worthy of your truest and deepest meditation. Let this Christmas discover you knowing Him in a greater way and that your fellowship with Him be intensified and your labour for Him increased. Because He is the Best and has done the Best for you, He is simply to have the Best from you. This special season gives you that further opportunity of making sure He figures to be foremost in your thoughts and planning. You can only gain from such a deliberate exercise. So let this Christmas become more meaningful than ever!


As with Gladness Men of Old

This isn’t a song simply for the past, ‘men of old’, for the Christian community of the present. He who once was born still lives as a Risen, Exalted King destine to rule the universe. He seeks entrance into every human heart now and to give every reason to celebrate and sing. You not only need to visit the manger , but the Cross also, and find Him there to be your great Saviour, Friend and Lord. Christmas is purpose to lead you on to know Him and to be able to rejoice in His advent into the world, but your life, too. That is why Christmas and this carol is special – it introduces you the best Friend for Life and eternity!

The words and lyrics of the Christmas Carol ‘As with gladness men of old’ were written by William C. Dix in 1867. William Chatterton Dix (1837-1898) was born in Bristol, England and was the son of a Doctor. His career was spent in Insurance but he had a life long passion for writing lyrics for hymns and carols.

The music to the Christmas carol ‘As with gladness men of old’ was composed by the German musician Conrad Kocher (1786-1872). Kocher was well travelled and visited Russia and Italy. He established the School of Sacred Music at Stuttgart in 1821.

1/. As with gladness, men of old Did the guiding star behold
Leading onward, beaming bright So, most glorious Lord, may we Evermore be led to Thee.

2/. As with joyful steps they sped To that lowly manger bed There to bend the knee before Him

Whom Heaven and earth adore; So may we with willing feet  Ever seek Thy mercy seat.

3/ As they offered gifts most rare At that manger rude and bare; So may we with holy joy,
Pure and free from sin’s alloy, All our costliest treasures bring, Christ, to Thee, our heavenly King.

4/. Holy Jesus, every day Keep us in the narrow way; And, when earthly things are past,
Bring our ransomed souls at last Where they need no star to guide, Where no clouds Thy glory hide.

5/. In the heavenly country bright, Need they no created light; Thou its Light, its Joy, its Crown,
Thou its Sun which goes not down; There forever may we sing Alleluias to our King!


“Before we can begin to see the cross as something done for us, we have to see it as something done by us” ― John R.W. Stott


MORE THAN ENOUGH – 2 Kings 4: 1-7

It is a choice thing to read of the Lord caring about the need of a godly widow woman in real crisis. Her husband died leaving her heavily in debt and the prospect was very depressing. If she did not come up with the money then it looked as if her two sons would finish up as slaves to her debtor. Her recourse was to the man of God to see if he would help her amidst this awful circumstance. It was certainly a challenging factor to be dealt with for this anointed servant of God.

He did not send her away or back off from the issue but was quick in his response. She may have been in a quandary and difficulty but the prophet was not. He told her what to do with the jar of olive oil that she had. She needed to gather as many containers possible and then shut the door. She also had to pour the full jar out into the empty vessels. The larger jar only stopped pouring once there were no more other jars to be filled with the oil. She was able to sell it, pay off the debts and live off the rest. The prophet said, “and there will be enough money for you and your sons to live on” – Living Bible. She was to discover that God was a bountiful God and bigger than her need!

God’s people are thrown into situations of emergency when they find themselves where their funds have been reduced to nothing and there is a vast claim to be answered. It is easy to be driven to despair rather than prayer in these times. But God is still able to provide an abundant answer to the prevailing demand. He is an inexhaustible supply and supplier in all conditions. Perhaps you are wondering how you are going to make ends meet and wonder what to do? The God that met this woman will meet you and give you a testimony to His generosity in a great way.