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Dec 15th – 2016

 ernest kitchen

Rev. E. Anderson



The One whom you believe in and love and serve is very wonderful, in fact He is the God of Wonders, a truly wonderful LORD in every way. In fact, the prophet in Isaiah affirms that one of His Names is ‘WONDERFUL’. Know the Wonder of your LORD. It is what you are called to meditate in and to allow the revelation to stimulate your love, faith and appreciation more and more. There are the wonders of His person, His attributes that are altogether perfect, infinite and eternal. His wonderful capacities and capabilities, those are evident in creation and in your own being because you are fearfully and wonderfully made. There are the wonder of His gifts that He freely and fully showers and shares with those who love and serve Him. Now it is your delight to worship He who is altogether WONDERFUL in a wonderful way throughout the whole of today.


Thou Art the Everlasting Word

This song I haven’t heard sung for years but was a great worship song usually used on a Sunday morning to express one’s appreciation of Christ the Eternal Word. Many times it was repeated as the truth of His greatness dawned and enriched the mind and spirit. It somehow brought an immediate sense of His presence and worth. It could do to be resurrected and employed again.

Thou art the everlasting Word,  The Father’s only Son,
God manifestly seen and heard,  And heaven’s beloved One.

Worthy, O Lamb of God, art Thou, That ev’ry knee to Thee should bow!

In Thee, most perfectly expressed, The Father’s glories shine,
Of the full Deity possessed,  Eternally Divine! – refrain

But the high myst’ries of His name, The creature’s grasp transcend;
The Father only – glorious claim!  The Son can comprehend – refrain

Yet loving Thee, on whom His love  Ineffable doth rest,
Thy members all, in Thee, above, As one with Thee are blest! – refrain


God never gives someone a gift they are not capable of receiving. If he gives us the gift of Christmas, it is because we all have the ability to understand and receive it – Pope Francis


AN ACT OF GRACE – 1 Kings 20: 1-30

Israel was in real trouble and difficulty. The Syrians under Benhadad decided to reduce the nation to slavery and misery and it was seemingly in their power to accomplish this when considering their numerical, military strength. In no way could Ahab muster enough men and forces to counteract the evil threat that was now lined against him. From all outward factors it looked as if he and the nation were doomed. What could he do with such a small company in comparison to the opposition? The end looked certain! It would require an outstanding divine act of intervention to rescue the situation!

Thankfully, God moved in great grace to rescue this wicked people out of their dreaded prospect. A prophet is sent with a sure word of prophecy to Ahab saying that the Lord would work marvellously and bring deliverance – vv13 14. On two occasions the Lord acts on his behalf and the people to see a formidable enemy overthrown. It was an act of love and grace on His part to get them to realize how much He loved and how they needed to give Him His rightful place at the head of the nation. It was another instance to prove: “then at last you will know that I am the Lord” v13. It seems that grace then was abused and disregarded.

How wonderful the Lord is even now with His amazing grace. He wants all to discover Himself and His loving nature. He does intervene now to help although people seem to pay little heed to His kindness. Do you flout His grace when He steps in to work in a critical circumstance and then conveniently forget him? Possibly you need to review the times He has moved in your impossible conditions to rescue you so that you will ponder your relation with Him and your ways. Do not neglect His grace.











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