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Dec 10th – 2016

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Rev. E. Anderson


The Christian is rich beyond measure because of the amazing legacies that have been bequeathed. If there is one thing that Christmas should teach you is the glorious truth that Christ came to enrich with His Presence, Salvation and infinite Gifts that are of a ceaseless nature. What He has bestowed cannot be purchased by natural means but is made available through the kindness an generosity of God the Father. There is the rich legacy of the Lord Himself and all the riches of His love, grace, wisdom, peace. joy, power etc., that are to be found in and through Him. He has left the legacy of His word and the legacy of His Spirit. Such is for the now world but then there is the untold legacy to come, heaven and a great future. Now is the time to receive and to learn from above and not from below. It makes all the difference to life!


God has Blotted them Out

It is a good thing to know that God has once and for all dealt with the sin question and problem through the vicarious death of His Son, Jesus Christ, on the Cross. That was an historic moment with dynamic, lasting effect. All sin has been atoned for and all sinners can be forgiven, cleansed and free from all sin. This hymn affirms it in no uncertain manner. Simply trust in Christ’s atoning death wipes sin away and the sinner is fully justified and acquitted. So rejoice in your pardon, peace and power, today. This is a great song written by Pentecostal authors Mr. and Mrs Seth Sykes

1/. I’m happy glad and free, Since the Lord has pardoned me.

And by His blood has washed my sins away

I now can sing and shout, My sins are blotted out, oh, happy day that fixed my choice in Jesus.


God has blotted them out, God has blotted them out.

My sins like a cloud hung over me, He blotted tem out when He set me free,

God has blotted them out, God has blotted them out.

2/. Well may my heart rejoice, Since the Lord became my choice,

For I’ve been lifted from the miry clay;

I sing along the way, My night is turned to day, I’m fully saved and satisfied in Jesus.

3/ What rapture doth abound, Since I heard the joyful sound

Of full salvation wonderful and free; His Word I cannot doubt, My sins are blotted out,

And all my need is now supplied in Jesus.

4/. When in the Glory land, I join the blood-washed band,

I’ll sing the song of Jesu’s precious blood,

That freed my soul from sin –  of grace that took me in, And gave to me the joy of full salvation.

5/. His word i now proclaim, How through faith in Jesu’s name

You too may know this pardon full and free;

And then with me you’ll shout, Your sins are blotted out, Oh, come and find your all in all in Jesus


He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree – Roy L. Smith


A CALL FOR DECISION – 1 Kings 18: 20-40

The moment had arrived when a challenge had to be put forward and when a decision had to be made as to who was God. Elijah takes the initiative because he intimately knew the mind of God on how to proceed. It was imperative that they come to a firm conviction on this issue and that all doubt is removed. The seeming solitary prophet was against a formidable array of false ones. But he laid the terms down as to how this important factor should be resolved. It was by means of sacrifice and as to who truly owned it in a miraculous manner.

He allows the false prophets to call on Baal as they made their sacrifice. They cried out in vain and there was none to answer. Elijah knew what he had to do and first built the broken down altar to the Lord. Having laid the sacrifice on the altar he drenched it with water making it impossible for it to ignite. His God was big enough to respond to his prayer and consume all the sacrifice, wood and water. His presence and power gave undeniable witness as to who was God and the people acknowledge it – “Jehovah is God” – v3

How needful it is that nothing is allowed as a stand-in for what should be truly present! When idolatry and immorality take over instead of God and His standards there comes the devastating erosion of life, faith and relationship with God. Other things are taken on board but can never make up for God and His blessing. Make certain that what you are doing at the present time accords with what the Lord requires. Herein is your blessedness and future. Remember nothing and no one can be a replacement for Him.