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Dec 9th – 2016

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Little and small things all make a very important contribution to the fulfilment of life. Nothing and no one should be overlooked as non-important but considered to be an integral part of the whole development of one’s character and charisma. As keen attention is paid to everyone and everything, there is sure to be true advancement and satisfaction that compensates for the involvement and commitment. Sometimes it is in the performance of the little factors that pave way for the bigger and greater and vice versa. Having being involved in the seemingly great it is nice to leave such and attend to something apparently insignificant. It is a sign that life in it all its fullness is being dealt with in a proficient manner. Don’t miss out on anyone or anything today.


Thine be the Glory, Risen , Conquering Son

This is a sacred song sung believingly and joyfully in Easter celebration of our Lord’s victory over death and the grave. What an absolute thrill to join with the saints of every age in delighting the fantastic work of Christ in His conquest of these evil factors. For the Christian, death has  no longer to be feared because Christ’s resurrection is an assurance of the greater resurrection of all saints to come.

The tune of Thine Be the Glory was written by Handel in 1747, intended for use in Handel’s Joshua oratorio; however, when it was played, it was popular enough that Handel added it to Judas Maccabaeus. In 1796, Ludwig Van Beethoven composed twelve variations on it for both piano and cello.

In 1884, Edmond L. Budry used Handel’s tune and wrote words for them, which he titled “A Toi la Gloire.” It is reported that he was inspired to write it after the death of his first wife, Marie de Vayenborg in Lausanne, Switzerland.  It was later published in French hymn book, Chants Evangéliques. The hymn was first translated from French into English by Richard B. Hoyle in 1923. He was commissioned to translate the hymn by the World Student Christian Federation after Budry granted authorisation to reproduce it from the French version. It was later published in the World Student Christian Federation’s hymn book, Cantate Domino Hymnal. World Student Christian Federation retains copyright on Hoyle’s English translation. The hymn is based on the Resurrection of Jesus  and uses elements of Isaiah 25:8. With German lyrics it is sung as an Advent hymn called Zion’s Daughter.

1/.  Thine is the glory, risen, conquering Son; Endless is the victory thou o’er death hast won!
Angels in bright raiment rolled the stone away, Kept the folded grave-clothes where thy body lay.


Thine is the glory, risen, conquering Son; endless is the victory thou o’er death hast won!

2/.  Lo, Jesus meets thee, risen from the tomb! Lovingly he greets thee, scatters fear and gloom;
Let his church with gladness, hymns of triumph sing, for the Lord now liveth; death hath lost its sting! Refrain

3/.  No more we doubt thee, glorious Prince of life; life is naught without thee; aid us in our strife;
Make us more than conquerors, through thy deathless love; bring us safe through Jordan to thy home above –  Refrain 


Christmas is the perfect time to celebrate the love of God and family and to create memories that will last forever. Jesus is God’s perfect, indescribable gift. The amazing thing is that not only are we able to receive this gift, but we are able to share it with others on Christmas and every other day of the year – Joel Osteen


CONFRONTATIONS – 1 Kings 18:1-9

There are times when people have to move out of their concealed positions and make a further stand especially against evil. Elijah had already done this previously but now he is called upon to meet the monarch Ahab who is not in a good spirit and state of mind. It was not an easy assignment but Elijah was up to it in God. When he met the king’s godly servant, Obadiah, he could have quickly gone back having heard about the attitude and action of the ruler. But Elijah was not for turning or running on this occasion.

The charge is made by his opposer that the prophet had brought ruination on the economic front to Israel. This is refuted and the man of God affirms that it is the king that has wrought the devastation because of the rejection of the Lord and a true reverence of Him. The natural calamity was due to a spiritual reason. The blame lay at the door of the ungodly monarch. Without fear and in a courageous manner the messenger of God puts the issue fairly and squarely. The evil that had been enacted was the cause of this awful situation.

It is so easy to hide in a tough situation and be unprepared to make a stand for truth and righteousness. There are times when there has to be honest and forthright confrontation. May be you are in circumstances where sin is being perpetrated and you are expected to remain indifferent or by-pass what is going on. The reason why you are there is that you might be bold and dare to challenge the wicked things that are taking place in the name of the Lord. Accept the challenge and see God working through your boldness of witness.