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Dec 1st – 2016

ernest kitchen E. Anderson



If you desire a mind and heart to be in a state of calm and real spiritual composure then concentrate and meditate on the LORD. This is guaranteed in a sacred and sure promise to you – “He will keep Him perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee, because he trusteh in You” – Isaiah 26: 3. If you want to be saved from falling to pieces then obtain the PEACE OF God. It’s available for you today for every circumstance and will save you from ending up in little bits. Your LORD is a LORD of constant wholeness and fullness, and those who personally and properly relate to Him experience that wholeness. Consider Him as the ever-Existing One who has all wisdom, love and might and is present with you today to share himself with you and all that He is and has. Be at rest in mind and heart! It is in this beautiful condition that you will be in control of all that comes before you today to be rightly dealt with.


 Thou Great Redeemer, Dying Lamb

This was lovely, choice hymn that featured a great deal in our Sunday morning services where the saints could and did express their person worship of the LORD. Freely and fully there was a heart and vocal expression of a very valued appreciation of the great Redeemer. One can recall how oft believers voiced in word as the song was repeatedly sang and a sense of His Presence was dynamically felt. After all, there is no one like Jesus!

Thou dear Redeemer, dying Lamb, I love to hear of Thee;
No music like Thy charming Name, Is half so sweet to me Is half so sweet to me.

O let me ever hear Thy voice In mercy to me speak!
And in my Priest, will I rejoice, My great Melchizedek, My great Melchizedek.

My Jesus shall be still my theme, While in this world I stay;
I’ll sing my Jesus’ lovely Name When all things else decay, When all things else decay.

When I appear in yonder cloud, With all Thy favoured throng,
Then I will sing more sweet, more loud, And Christ shall be my song, And Christ shall be my song.


Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom. Thomas Jefferson


 UNDER ORDERS – Matthew 28:16-20

In the final episode before Christ’s ascension He is seen giving His last minute instructions. These must have been of major importance. He expected them to be duly taken note of and carried out. After making known to His disciples His supreme place of authority and power, as the Head of the Church He then delegates a task to them. The main job in hand was to take His Gospel to all men in all nations. Having given the Christian message, it was then to make Christian disciples of them and to make sure they understood His teaching and commands. He would be with them to bring this to pass to the end.

Those first apostles and disciples understood this divine command. What followed after receiving the blessing of the Holy Spirit reveals that they succeeded in this mission. They were instant in making Christ known and in showing that He was and is the Saviour of the world and its true Lord and King. The birth and growth of Christianity makes the point that they were obedient to Him. The orders were wholly obeyed. They stuck to their task relentlessly as the book of Acts makes clear. The spread of the Good News of Christ saw people become Christ’s disciples.

Do not forget that the Christian Church is still under this commission. The task is unfinished. The call of Christ is to you to be His messenger in these days so that you will tell to others the great news of salvation. You have been saved in order to be a herald for Him. Your responsibility is take hold of the opportunities of sharing your testimony of His grace and power in your life. Today, ask the Lord use you in witnessing and leading other people to Christ. Know the great joy of being a true witness for Him and see His kingdom extended in others being saved.











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