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Nov 14th – 2016

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Rev. E. Anderson



The LORD would assure both mind and heart that His Word holds good in your circumstances that ‘all things are working to your ultimate good’ and that nothing is happening that is not part of this great purpose. Nothing is allowed that will lead to your breakdown, undoing and ruination but everything will as it is worked out under His hand, inspiration and leading will bring enormous returns and blessing. It is needful to trust when all is not clear and understandable and believe that He is in charge and has the capacity to bring about immense benefit when things are dark and difficult. Those things are permitted in order to enlarge faith and make you into a better person and enable you to be more effectual in life and ministry to others. So whatever is to be today, rest in the outworking of His will in and through you.


In life is good and to advantage to be fixed and settled in mind and heart, especially so with regard to faith. Those who come to place their trust in Christ in His great work of grace and salvation are introduced into God’s Family and so can live under the care and Fatherhood of God. All the things of earth as expressed in this song cannot be equalled to knowing an enjoying the providence of God in this life as well as being assured of the greater life to come. Let the words of this hymn grip and guide you through another successful day.

My Heart is Fixed Eternal God – Richard Jukes 1804 – 1876

Richard was born on 9 October 1804 at Clunbury, Shrop­shire, Eng­land to parents Richard and Martha. As a young man, Richard was a practical joker. Just before his conversion, when attending a service, Richard, and a number of other youths, tried to pin peoples clothes together as they listened to the Word of Life.

Richard joined with a Primitive Society in the Ludlow circuit in 1825 and in September of that year went on the plan as an exhorter. He was a stone mason before becoming an itinerant minister.

In 1829, Richard was part of a team missioning in Wiltshire. He visited Aldbourne, where on several occasions he was opposed and his services disturbed by wicked and thoughtless men. On 12 May, he was preaching to a gathering of about 1000, most of whom wished to listen, when he was disturbed by a person who played on a tambourine and by four young farmers who rode among the congregation in order to disperse them. The following week he was disturbed by a number of drunks.  On 26 May, the clerk of the parish tried to disturb the service, the church bells were rung so vigorously that they were damaged and several people threw eggs at the preacher. Despite this opposition a society was formed and a barn was obtained for a place of worship. Richard was known as the ‘Bard of the Poor’.

1/. My heart is fixed, eternal God,  Fixed on thee; And my unchanging choice is made, Christ for me.
He is my prophet, priest and King, Who did for me salvation bring, And while I’ve breath I mean to sing: Christ for me.

Let others boast of heaps of gold, Christ for me. His riches never can be told, Christ for me.
Your gold will waste and wear away, Your honours perish in a day, My portion never can decay, Christ for me.

3/. In pining sickness or in health Christ for me. In deepest poverty or wealth, Christ for me.
And in that all-important day, When I the summons must obey, And pass from this dark world away, Christ for me.

4/. At home, abroad, by night, by day, Christ for me. Where’er I speak, or sing, or pray, Christ for me.
Him first and last, him all day long, My hope, my solace, and my song, I’ll send the ringing cry along: Christ for me.


You need to change and the best person to bring this about is Jesus Christ the Son of God. In letting Him into life as the Son of God He will make you a son of God and that is the greatest change you can know and enjoy – see John 1:11,12


THE PURPOSE OF THE TEMPLE – Matthew 21: 12-17

In this brief account and event Christ makes known the real purpose of the Holy Sanctuary. As He arrives at this place that should have been sanctified for the presence and glory of God, He is angry because it is not fulfilling its real purpose. There was the wholesale abuse of the place in the buying and selling of animals for sacrifice at an extortionate rate. It became a place of making money rather than existing for people to know and experience God.

No wonder He flamed with righteous anger and overturned the tables of money and drove out the beasts. It was essential they be taught and told unmistakably what God’s House existed for. He affirmed as it was written: “My house shall be called the house of prayer” – v13; Isaiah 56: 6; Jeremiah 7:11. What was taking place was sacrilege and needed drastic action, and Christ was not afraid to deal with it. There was little thought of spiritual things in the desire to make money through the selling of these beasts and birds for sacrifice. This activity was deeply offensive to God.

It is vital today to know what God’s House exists for. It is to be the venue where people are primarily to meet and talk with God. It is where individuals go to discover His major input into their lives through communion and answers to prayer. As you go and meet with His people in the sanctuary that has been raised for His glory, know this; He wants you to enjoy His presence and for you to call on His Name to work in the interests of your needs. There He would prove what He wills to do for you in your circumstances and problems and then you can bring your living sacrifices to Him out of a grateful heart.












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