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Nov 8th – 2016

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Rev. E. Anderson



It is good for you to know and note that the LORD is ever at work in you to create and cultivate a genuine spiritual disposition. This means, He by His presence and grace,  is active to produce those qualities that are akin to His own nature. This did not altogether happen in your conversion although there was an immediate change for good. Having started to change you for the better, He stays will you until you really bear His likeness in spirit, faith and conduct so that it is most obvious that you are one of His. He did not call you simply to be a worker and leader for Him, primarily it is that His disposition at all times will be clearly seen in you. As this is so, your labour for Him will be enhanced by what is reflected in you of His person an presence.


Come let us join our Cheerful Songs

Christian life and experience is intended to be a happy and joyous one, where it expresses itself in cheerful songs, yes as the Scriptures state: “making your melody in your heart to the LORD”. The reason for these Sacred Songs and Choruses is that you may learn to rejoice in God and know that on that road He comes to reveal Himself and do things. How vital it is, whether a singer or not, that you learn to delight in the LORD in this way! You cast up a spiritual highway for God to come down on to work wonders for you. The invitation of this song at the outset is simply to do this. So today, ‘raise your cheerful songs’.

Come, let us join our cheerful songs with angels round the throne.
ten thousand thousand are their tongues, but all their joys are one.

“Worthy the Lamb that died,” they cry, “to be exalted thus!”
“Worthy the Lamb,” our hearts reply, “for he was slain for us!”

Jesus is worthy to receive honour and power divine;
and blessings more than we can give, be, Lord, forever thine.

Let all that dwell above the sky, and air, and earth, and seas,
conspire to lift thy glories high, and speak thine endless praise!

The whole creation join in one, to bless the sacred Name
of him who sits upon the throne, and to adore the Lamb.

Watts, the acclaimed “father” of English hymnody, was a pivotal figure in the transition from psalm-singing to hymn singing in the English church. By birth and choice, Watts’ did his work as a Dissenter rather than as an Anglican. His belief that the Psalms failed to provide adequate expression for Christian worship led him to write both “Christian psalms”-verses David might have written had he lived in the Christian era-and hymns. “Come, Let Us Join” was first published in Watts’ Hymns and Spiritual Songs in 1707. Watts conceived this book for use in worship, and to encourage its adoption, he used only four meters, suited to well-known tunes. The songs manifest Watts’ command of literature and language.

“Come, Let Us Join Our Cheerful Songs” is generally considered Watts’ first hymn, written in 1696 in response to a challenge to produce something better than the psalms sung in the Southampton Chapel he attended. Known best by its first line, this hymn originally carried the title “Behold the Glories of the Lamb” and consisted of eight four-line stanzas. Watts also used the title “Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God worshipped by all the Creation.” The hymn has been widely published in Britain and America


You must be the change you wish to see in the world – Mahatma Gandhi


THE MARRIAGE BOND – Matthew 19:1-15

When Christ is questioned on the issue of marriage and divorce He has the divine answer. He lifts up the standard of God’s Word and makes it the hallmark for what should be a meaningful and blessed relationship. There is no hesitation on His part as He makes it known that marriage should be for life, it is a spiritual, lawful and contractual agreement made between a man and woman till death parts. In laying down this idea and ideal at the beginning with the first pair, God was affirming His will on the issue. It should be regarded of major note, when marriage is entered into, that this principle has not been rescinded.

In stating this, Christ shows God’s interest in the bond. How imperative that He has His say and sway in the union right from the commencement! The marriage breakdown can, in the main, be ascribed to the fact that partners do not allow God’s daily input of grace and power to refresh the union on a regular basis. He not only laid down the law on marriage but also affords all the essentials to the outworking of it to mutual profit and blessedness. He lends His aid in the blending process and causes it to yield the best results on all fronts.

Be guided by God and His Word on this matter in your union and discover that He will be supportive of your partnership in every way, everyday. Your marriage is not to be an evil bondage but an exquisite blessing that brings true fulfilment in terms of relationship and happiness. He gives more than Edenic bliss! Heaven’s benediction and delight rests on those who accept and follow God’s directives in this bond. Divorce is not the answer: the Lord is the solution at all times!










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