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Nov 7th – 2016

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Rev. E. Anderson



The simple and direct command of Christ to you is – “Follow Me”. This is what He seeks from you above all else. If you are to be a real Christian disciple then it means looking and keeping your eyes focused primarily on Him. Whilst learning a great deal from Christian leaders and teachers, your first and constant commitment is to His person and word so that you live as He lived and designed how you should live too. The summons of Hebrews 12: 2 is “Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith”. It is He that will ever inspire and enable you to achieve your great destiny and as a consequence others will see Christ greatly revealed and reflected in your person, faith and conduct. So hear anew, the summons, “Follow Me”, so you will safeguard your life and future.


Blessed Lord in Thee is Refuge

I must confess that his is one of my favourite hymns. It was one of those songs that I loved to sing quite robustly and seemed to inspire me inwardly with great confidence. The words seemed to draw out of me the sheer delight of knowing God and His great ability to shield and protect me in and throughout my earthly pilgrimage. The phrase: “All my life Thou shalt control” was voiced with utter abandonment. The words are beautifully connected with Psalm 46 and are a fabulous confidence booster!

Herbert Booth, son of William and Catherine Booth, was born in Cornwall, England, in 1862. This song of his appeared in a booklet called “Songs of the Nations”, published for the 1886 International Congress of the Salvation Army. It was also included in Herbert Booth’s 1890 collection, “Songs of Peace and War”. He began writing the words while waiting, discouraged, for funds for the new “Men’s Training Garrison” in London. When an unexpected cheque arrived, he wrote the third verse:

O, for trust that brings the triumph When defeat seems strangely near; O, for faith that changes fighting Into vict’ry’s ringing cheer!  Faith triumphant! Faith  Triumphant! Faith Triumphant!  Knowing not defeat or fear.

In the early 1880’s, Herbert Booth was active in Salvation Army work in France, and wrote some of his early songs in French. He developed “The Salvation Soldier’s Song Book”

Blessed Lord, in thee is refuge, Safety for my trembling soul: Pow’r to lift my head when drooping
‘Midst the angry billow’s roll. I will trust thee, I will trust thee, I will trust thee, All my life thou shalt control.

In the past, too, unbelieving, ‘Midst the tempest I have been, And my heart has slowly trusted
What my eyes have never seen. Blessed Jesus, Blessed Jesus, Blessed Jesus,
Teach me on thine arm to lean.

O, for trust that brings the triumph When defeat seems strangely near; O, for faith that changes fighting
Into vict’ry’s ringing cheer! Faith triumphant, Faith triumphant, Faith triumphant,
Knowing not defeat or fear.


It always seems impossible until its done – Nelson Mandela


OFFENCES – Matthew 18: 7-35

The Lord deals with the issue of offending and being offended and both are cause for great concern and require appropriate action. On the matter of offending it is regarded as being a serious factor that demands urgent attention because of what the end result will be – ‘woe.’ Christ taught that it is absolutely imperative people do not act irresponsibly by bringing about untold harm and hurt to others, especially children, either by word or deed. Drastic surgery is essential so that one is not guilty of doing evil on any front to any one. He reveals it is needful to safeguard oneself from saying and doing things that bring pain, regret and sorrow.

But then there is the problem of dealing with being hurt by others. The best way to respond to such is by completely and unreservedly forgiving. Christ stressed there was to be no limit to this by answering Peter’s question when he thought seven times was a generous response – v21. He affirmed that there was no boundary to forgiveness. The evil that has been created and committed needs to be rid of both by the offender and offended and forgiveness is the divine way. God the Father must be copied in the will to pardon and be reconciled to each other.

Possibly you need to take a closer look at your life now to see if you are failing in any of these areas. Tighten up on your spirit and deeds so that you do not bring any grief to anyone by anything you may say or do. Be devoted to always doing what is good and right. Do not nurse any grievance and allow it to corrupt and rot within you. Cleanse and remove it by the spirit and will to forgive. Both these things followed through will make sure you are in a healthy and spiritual condition.










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