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Nov 4th – 2016

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Rev. E. Anderson



Being daily switched on to the LORD and to cultivate a listening ear to what He has to say is very vital to your spiritual well-being and progress. To each of the of churches spoken to by Him in Revelation has the apt words: “He that hath ears to ear, let him ear . .”. The Christian has two sets of ears, natural and spiritual ones, the latter are vital to listening and hearing from the LORD. He speaks by His Holy Spirit, the Word of God, through Christian ministers and circumstances. He really wants you to know, understand and live in faith and obedience to what He says regularly to you. It is as you hear and obey that you will move forward and upward into the knowledge of Himself and His loving plans for your life. So make sure you are switched on and tuned in to what the LORD of heaven and earth is saying to you, now!


A Mind at Perfect peace with God

Taken from the Daily Bread

Few things (if anything at all) in this fallen world can be called perfect. But God promises to keep us in “perfect peace” if we keep our minds focused on Him and continue trusting Him (Isaiah 26:3).

So why do we find it so difficult to trust Him? Often, it’s because we’re afraid that things won’t go as we want them to unless we control them ourselves. The less we are in control, the more anxious and worried we become.

Author Hannah Whitall Smith wrote, “It is not hard, you find, to trust the management of the universe, and of all the outward creation, to the Lord. Can your case then be so much more complex and difficult than these, that you need to be anxious or troubled about His management of you?”

Yet we often think our situation is too difficult for God. If we can’t solve things ourselves, we doubt that He can. We have our Christian beliefs, yes—but that isn’t the same as believing God. Believing God is a personal response that grows out of our Christian faith and is expressed by our increasing trust in Him and His promises.

As our mind remains on Him, He keeps us in perfect peace. This has been the experience of countless believers, and you can experience it too.

God can be trusted in the dark as well as in the light.

1/. A mind at perfect peace with God; O what a word is this!
A sinner reconciled through blood; This, this indeed is peace.

2/. By nature and by practice far, How very far from God;
Yet now by grace brought nigh to Him, Through faith in Jesus’ blood.

3/. So nigh, so very nigh to God, I cannot nearer be;
For in the person of His Son I am as near as He.

4/. So dear, so very dear to God, More dear I cannot be;
The love wherewith He loves the Son, Such is His love to me.

5/. Why should I ever anxious be, Since such a God is mine?
He watches o’er me night and day, And tells me “Mine is thine.


Love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.



Three men were chosen to ascend what has been called the mount of transfiguration to have an unforgettable experience, Peter, James and John. As they began to make the trek up that height they may well have felt fatigued from a natural standpoint and wondered what this journey was all about. Little did they know that something of major significance would occur that would be most revealing and inspiring? The Lord was going to cause them to be enthralled by the divine disclosure that was to be unveiled.

They were to see Christ in a fresh light and have an emphasis directed to Him. He was to stand out in majestic glory and authority and have two Old Testament figures conversing with Him, Moses and Elijah. What a trio of persons! They were identifying His status and encouraging Him to fulfil the mission He had come to fulfil, to become the sin-sacrifice and bring salvation to mankind. The voice from heaven further confirmed His person and underlined the need to listen to Him – “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased; hear ye Him” -v5.

Christianity is all about Christ being seen by those who want to know Him and to those who desire to give full attention to His words and to act in accord with them. He still makes Himself known and speaks to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. He comes to lead individuals to one side so that He may unveil His glory, express His grace and goodness and teach the things that require to be known. Make certain that you allow God a major input into your life today because He has much to disclose that will stir and motivate your faith and life.





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