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Oct 27th – 2016

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Rev. E. Anderson



One of the things that you need to grasp and understand is that trials are not intended to decimate but to develop spiritual strength in mind, heart and will and to be the increase of your patience and ability to wait God’s timings and answers. That is  why the lengthy book of Job is in the scriptures to reveal the outworking of things from God’s angle. Job was not being put through the mill because he was wrong but right. God’s estimation of him before the onset of those bitter experiences could not be better. The role and work of Satan is exposed, but he failed to destroy Job’s life and future. It may be that you are in a phase where you are under assault in many ways and it is easy to form the wrong mind-set and make wrong decisions. Lamentations 3:26 is a good to verse to meditate on and hold on to when trials assail. “It is good that one should hope and wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord”. Joseph was taken through a rugged pathway but he came through his trials in triumph and became a leading figure for God in his days. His trials were stepping stones to success. And so are yours, too! 


Trusting Jesus that is All

1/. Simply trusting ev’ry day, Trusting through a stormy way;
Even when my faith is small, Trusting Jesus, that is all.

2/. Trusting as the moments fly, Trusting as the days go by;
Trusting him whate’er befall, Trusting Jesus, that is all.

3/. Brightly doth his Spirit shine Into this poor heart of mine;
While he leads I cannot fall; Trusting Jesus, that is all.

4/. Singing if my way is clear; Praying if the path be drear;
If in danger, for him call; Trusting Jesus, that is all.

5/. Trusting him while life shall last, Trusting him till earth be past;
Till within the jasper wall; Trusting Jesus, that is all.

All we are called to do in our Christian faith is to love, trust and obey. They are  the simple ingredients for a God-blessed and secure life. There is no other or better way to live and discover the abundant mercies and ministries of heaven.

“Trusting Jesus” is a hymn that is completely American in background.

Edgar Stites, author of the words, was a direct descendant of John Howland, one of the Mayflower’s passengers.  Active in the Civil War, he was later a riverboat pilot and then a missionary to the frontier churches in South Dakota.

The hymn poem first appeared in a newspaper and was handed to the American evangelist d. L. Moody.  In turn, Moody gave it to his soloist and song leader, Ira D. Sankey, asking him to set it to music.  In his book, Sankey’s Story of the Gospel Hymns, the singer says, ”I assented, on condition that he should vouch for the doctrine taught in the verses, and he said he would.

The author Robert Louis Stevenson once said, “Every man can win through until nightfall.”  The Christian would agree, “Yes – with the consciousness that I am god’s and He is mine”

God has not promised strength or grace or faith for tomorrow.  He has said, “As thy days, so shall thy strength by” (Deut. 33:25). — Billy Graham

QUOTES TO NOTE – Motivation

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop – Confucius



God’s prophet and spokesman, John the Baptist, was not afraid or ashamed to fulfil his responsibility to God and to the cause of righteousness. Those who were leaders and in positions of power had moral duty to manifest the highest standards to the people they served. They could do not do as they wished and liked but must set the noblest rule in terms of moral conduct. Herod the tetrarch did not do so and was found guilty of pursuing a relationship with his brother’s wife. The prophet would not play coward but spoke up against the matter.

It landed him in prison and because of the woman’s hatred and vindictiveness he is subjected to death. He paid the price of speaking out at the cost of his life. It did not matter what the ultimate cost was to be, sin had to be exposed and made to be seen for what it was. Although God’s servant had to suffer, the others will have to suffer all the more later on with a greater guilty conscience and the final judgement that is to be theirs. It would appear that Herod after John’s removal has no rest in his wrong relationship and sin when he hears about Christ. He thinks that John the Baptist has risen to haunt him!

In an age when moral and ethical standards have toppled and are being pilloried, it is easy to sit back and say nothing. The danger is of the Christian and the Christian Church becoming spineless. In no way should there be a compromising of the scriptural situation when there is a demand for the clear-cut presentation of divine righteousness. There would be those that would defile Christendom with their evil relationships and wickedness. A divine stand must be taken wherever you can against such, so that you are counted with those who do not countenance sin.





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