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Oct 26th

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During your life you have experienced the immense comfort of God that has brought release, ease and solace and inspired you to go on. The outcome of the trial and suffering has meant that your faith has deepened, your love for the Lord increased plus a sense of gratitude to others for being their and saying and doing what they did. As you reflect upon the consolations received it is that in turn you will be able to move into other lives that are broken and bruised and bring essential sustenance and strength. You can impart that needful lift by your spiritual insight, testimony and presence, so encouraging them when in a low condition. Even Paul was not so big that he didn’t require people around who by their presence and words afforded some vital renewal and enable him to press on and through He says of Onesiphorus, ‘he oft refreshed me’. Look around and see who require today some helpful inspiration and care from you

QUOTES TO NOTE – Inspiration

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

From Every Stormy Wind that Blows

1/. “From every stormy wind that blows, From every swelling tide of woes,
There is a calm, a sure retreat: ’Tis found beneath the mercy seat. 2/. There is a place where Jesus sheds The oil of gladness on our heads; A place than all besides more sweet: It is the blood-bought mercy seat. 3/. There is a scene where spirits blend, Where friend holds fellowship with friend; Though sundered far, by faith they meet Around one common mercy seat. 4/. There, there, on eagles’ wings we soar, And time and sense seem all no more; And heav’n comes down, our souls to greet, And glory crowns the mercy seat

Jeremy Johnson wrote

From the time I first read the verse lyric from the old hymnal, it stirred me. It is the very essence of our salvation through Christ. Because of His sacrifice and atonement for our sin, we have a place to find rest. No matter what storm we find ourselves in, we know where to find shelter. No matter how bruised and broken, we know where to find complete acceptance. What comfort and peace there is, knowing that we can approach the Mercy Seat and lay all our burdens down. There is nothing that His love cannot cover. The mercy Seat is a place of forgiveness and freedom, and He invites us to come.

This hymn has been sung through decades by Christian people amidst varying degrees of trial and difficulty. . . . but never has it been sung with more dramatic meaning than when in 1857 the eight American missionaries, the Rev Albert Johnson, David E. Campbell, John McMullen, and their wives sung in Cawnpore (now Kanpour) India, just before they and the two Campbell children suffered death of Christian martyrs by order of the blood-thirst Nana Shai.

This is a choice, old sacred song, full of inspiring truth that brings a sense of the Lord’s presence. In the midst of ferocious storm and gale, there is the sweet consciousness that He is in charge and control and at the helm of things and will see you through. That is the testimony of all who really know and seek the Lord.


A FOUNT OF BLESSEDNESS – Matthew 12: 22-37

The Lord in His inspired teaching reveals that life can and should be a fount of blessedness. In confronting a religious leadership that was always seeking to find fault and were far from being a good example to others, He shows that everyone has an option in life, either to be a source of good or evil. He made things plain to these criticizers when He proclaimed: “A good man out of the treasure of the heart bringeth forth good things: and an evil man of out of the evil treasure bringeth forth evil things” –v35. He was implying to His hearers that they needed to take stock of themselves and make sure of their inspiration and deeds.

It was imperative that they make sure that they were positive in their approach to life and living by saying and doing what was right and good. It was to come from a pure and genuine motivation of goodness. If their inward beings were truly inspired by God, then there would spiritually and naturally flow a stream of blessing that would inspire and bless people with fruitful works that would become treasured factors. They would be a fount of wholesome words and deeds that would benefit all around. It would be more than religious formula uttered but radical ministration exercised that would transform people and situations.

Take stock today on what your life is producing. Is it good or evil? If it is the latter, then your inward nature needs to be radically and divinely changed and renewed, and only God can do that for you through Jesus Christ. He desires that you will become a treasure in life and that from you will flow unceasingly treasures that will enrich the lives of countless others. Ask Him to do this and He will.




JOEL 1-3

This servant of the Lord was called to be the prophet of restoration. His first task was to announce and foretell what was to occur of a serious order in terms of judgement but then came with an assured word in terms of divine renewal and restoration. What he first predicted would not be welcome news but, thankfully, it was to be followed up with the assurance that the Lord would not leave His people or situation in an awful condition. The latter state would reflect His immeasurable grace, goodness and glory.

1/. DEVASTATION – 1:1-1 – 2: 11

The disclosure here is quite descriptive as the prophet declares a seemingly unparalleled state of ruin of historic significance as he calls all to listen and take note. He says: “In all your history has anything like this happened before?” The nation is to be threatened and destroyed by an invading host and it is detailed in v4. All before them looks like the garden of Eden but after they have been on the scene there is absolutely nothing. They leave behind and trail of ruin and devastation that places His people in a very vulnerable position. They are stripped of everything and there is nothing around to sustain them.

2/. SUPPLICATION – 2:12-17

The summons and call in the wake of such is to wake up and to humble themselves before the Lord and cry out to Him especially in repentance. The reason for this whole evil condition is due to the wickedness in the people and land. The leadership is called upon to give a lead in prayer, fasting and humiliation before the Lord. It has not to be mere outward show but a genuine brokenness expressed before the Lord and the will to get things properly sorted out with Him. It was time to throw themselves as a people on the mercy and grace of the Lord.  It does show the potency and power of genuine intercession and supplication.

3/. RESTORATION – 2: 18-27

What an assurance to know that His ear is attentive and that He will respond in miraculous fashion. There comes the word that he will turn this tragic state all round and there will be a tremendous transformation take place. Whatever has taken place negatively, He is able to work positively to renew and restore. The army will be removed and everything will again flourish.

4/. BENEDICTION – 2:28-32

The crowning blessing will be in the outpouring of His Holy Spirit that will effect choice renewal amongst His people. This was to be realised in greater detail in Acts 2 followed by great works of salvation.


The final chapter deals with the ultimate re-Israel and world history. There is still something of major note to take place among the nations and for all.



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