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Oct 24th – 2016

ernest kitchen 

Rev. E. Anderson



Paul makes this affirmation in Romans 8:19 and this is how J. B. Philips translates it as: “The whole of creation stands on tiptoe of expectancy waiting for the sons of God to come into their own”. An earthly father of great means and substance likes to witness his sons move into their inheritance and put it to great use and benefit. It  is better to see it before his decease. As you have been made a son of God by grace, it is with this in view, that you make something of your life and gift here and now through what the God the father has bequeathed you now through Christ by the Holy Spirit.. Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Hannah, Ruth, Deborah went for it in God in their day and generation, and so must you. Today, be the person you should be and believe and act in a mood and manner where you exercise your rights and possess your possessions. You are enriched to enrich others!


You have been birthed into a Christian Fellowship. Christ has initiated you into His community to make a valid contribution to it and enjoy communion with Him and other fellow believers. It does say in Ephesians we are to making melody in our hearts to the Lord, singing psalms and sacred songs. It is a good daily exercise that makes a difference. You are to value real, spiritual fellowship as voiced in the old song – 1/. ‘What a fellowship, What a joy divine, Leaning on the everlasting arms; What a blessedness what a peace is mine, Leaning on the everlasting arms. 2/. Oh, how sweet to walk in this pilgrim way, Leaning on the everlasting arms; Oh, how bright the path grows from day to day, Leaning on the everlasting arms. 3/. What have I to dread, what have I to fear, Leaning on the everlasting arms; I have blessed peace with my Lord so near. Leaning on the everlasting arms’.


The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. Mahatma Gandhi


A FOUNT OF BLESSEDNESS – Matthew 12: 22-37

The Lord in His inspired teaching reveals that life can and should be a fount of blessedness. In confronting a religious leadership that was always seeking to find fault and were far from being a good example to others, He shows that everyone has an option in life, either to be a source of good or evil. He made things plain to these criticizers when He proclaimed: “A good man out of the treasure of the heart bringeth forth good things: and an evil man of out of the evil treasure bringeth forth evil things” –v35. He was implying to His hearers that they needed to take stock of themselves and make sure of their inspiration and deeds.



It was imperative that they make sure that they were positive in their approach to life and living by saying and doing what was right and good. It was to come from a pure and genuine motivation of goodness. If their inward beings were truly inspired by God, then there would spiritually and naturally flow a stream of blessing that would inspire and bless people with fruitful works that would become treasured factors. They would be a fount of wholesome words and deeds that would benefit all around. It would be more than religious formula uttered but radical ministration exercised that would transform people and situations.


Take stock today on what your life is producing. Is it good or evil? If it is the latter, then your inward nature needs to be radically and divinely changed and renewed, and only God can do that for you through Jesus Christ. He desires that you will become a treasure in life and that from you will flow unceasingly treasures that will enrich the lives of countless others. Ask Him to do this and He will.





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