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Oct 23rd – 2016

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Rev. E. Anderson


A GOLDEN PROMISE from the Bible


Christ has and begets no small vision to those who become His real believers and followers. He sees the possibilities that are latent within them and desires and works to make them patent, that is, to become obvious here and now in this world. You are to move out of your personal littleness, a small and circumscribed individual, boxed in by inferiority and a sense of limitedness, into His conceptions and possibilities. He says to you as to his first disciples; “Greater works shall you do because I go to my Father” – John 14; 12. He seeks to destroy the self-image and reveal what you can be and do through His indwelling and enabling. So, instead of bemoaning your frailness and weakness, begin to boast His grace and bigness in you and so outwork tremendous growth, aptitude and accomplishment. You are here to leave a great mark behind and for others to be inspired and motivated by your example. Start right now.

Thought for the Day


There are occasions when you need to humbly and honestly make vows to your LORD. They must not be done hastily but in calmness and in full awareness of what is being promised to Him in sacred word and covenant. He is certainly impressed when such takes place and when the thing is carried through to its ultimate. He keeps His word of covenant to you and will never break any guarantee made to you. So be wise, sure and determined when you enter into a word and heart commitment to Him on any issue. When you live up to what you have vowed, be sure of this, He will honour your loyalty and steadfastness in gracious ways.

QUOTES TO NOTE – Leadership

It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things occur. You take the front line when there is danger. Then people will appreciate your leadership – Nelson Mandela


BEING YOKED WITH CHRIST – Matthew 11: 20-29

Christ had a genuine concern for people. As He saw them in a restless condition because of the pressures and problems of life, He desired to see the burden dealt with in a positive manner. Looking at those around He noted how weighed down they were with care and anxiety and knew that the people required relief. Of course, He knew what the true answer was. He was and is the solution to the major concern of living. He said, “Come unto Me.”

What He affirms is that people must take Him on board in life and become yoked to Him in a loving and sweet relationship. Just like two beasts joined as one with a yoke, to be and work together as a team to accomplish. The stronger is able to assist the weaker one in the task and so enable fulfilment. Listening and responding to Christ in His directives gives the wisdom to cope, plus the knowledge that His spiritual dynamic is transferred to the one spiritually linked and bonded with Him. In stead of life being a drudge and burden, it becomes a pleasure and satisfying.

You must make sure that above all you are definitely coupled and allied with Christ. He is the One that will make all the difference to every day and circumstance, giving you insight and inspiration en route in life so that you have the divine perception and power to perform. Instead of being restless like the majority of people around, you will be restful. You will live and work from a state of rest and it is the best and only way to really be and do. Remember, existence is a blessing not a burden! Christ is the boon to living, so be certain that it is Jesus and you in partnership.



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