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Oct 22nd  – 2016

 ernest kitchen

Rev. E. Anderson


A GOLDEN PROMISE from the Bible


In order to maintain life and existence for her mother-in-law and herself, Ruth had to go out into the fields in her day and glean the fallen grain that would have just gone to waste. It was going to be hard work but she was up for it. Picking up each grain of corn was vital for their well-being and with good heart and commitment she did a great job. It was to lead on to greater things. The Lord has given you His sacred Word for you to read and look into so that you can feed on and be spiritually nurtured and given strength to perform for Him. He expects you to daily look into and eat the kernels of divine truth that will inspire, energise and enable to live and work for Him. His Word contains the nourishment of His precepts and promises that give you sense and ability to live a high standard of life and do deeds of an extraordinary nature that reveal that you are feeding off the finest of the divine wheat. Read and glean the all essential knowledge and revelation that will make you acceptable to Him, today.

Thought for the Day


Do not be like the bowl that has created bias within it that hinders it from going on a straight course. Whilst it has its use in a game to bring a sense of gift to the user of a properly weighted and balanced ball, it is imperative that within your being there is a balanced state of love, righteous, truth, faith etc. that enables you go straight and live uprightly. Satan seeks to implant and develop the bias towards evil within you that you must be ever conscious of and resist. He wants you to wobble and go all over the place, frustrating God’s grand design for your life. It is your personal responsibility to observe your life how it is conducted, whether your word can be relied upon and whether you can really be trusted and be kept on a straight course that honours your Lord.


I am as bad as the worst, but, thank God, I am as good as the best – Walt Whitman


THE GRACE OF MERCY – Matthew 12: 1-21

The Pharisees in the main were guilty of nit picking, always looking for the opportunity of finding fault with Christ and His followers. They appear to seize on his situation and it looked as if they had got one over on Christ and put Him in a difficult position.  The disciples, because of hunger, began to eat the ears of corn on the Sabbath day, which the Pharisees considered unlawful and so took Christ to task over the issue. One would have thought that they would have had some sympathy and compassion over the physical hunger of these men and realized what the priority ought to have been in the circumstances.

Christ answers the hypocrites from the Scriptures and then really hammers a point home by saying, “I will have mercy, and not sacrifice” thus revealing what is vital above all, mercy, that is lovingkindness. Whilst in life the thing that is of prime worth and importance is doing good and seeking to help and bless others. Being critical and condemning others is not the way to behave but to be doing all that is within one’s power to bring relief to people that are in deep need, that is the best and right way to live. It is the finest quality to possess and spirit to express.

Today you must seek to act in a manner that accords with the real spirit and nature of Christianity. It is always in demonstrating mercy. One of the prime evils of this world is mercilessness that is instigated by the merciless one, Satan. This should be overpowered and overtaken by Christians taking the initiative in practicing kindness at all times, being benevolent in thought, word and action, like the good Samaritan. Don’t be a judge, be one that blesses as much as possible.




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