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 Oct 21st – 2016

 ernest kitchen

Rev. E. Anderson


A GOLDEN PROMISE from the Bible


You need to be reminded that ‘the coming of the LORD draweth nigh’,(James 5:8), so the need to be prepared for His return. He has given notice of it – “I will come again and receive you unto myself that where I am, there you will be also” – John 14:3. He is preparing an eternal place for a prepared people. How necessary to get ready for this next great world event! All the last days signs and tokens that God’s Word have affirmed are being fulfilled amongst us to remind of the fact of the ‘world’s next great event. You have been forewarned in order to be forearmed so that this does not suddenly surprise and find you unprepared. So today, make sure you are in a healthy spiritual state. Be on the tip-toe of expectancy. Remember the old chorus: “This world is not my home, I’m just a passing through; My treasures are laid up – Somewhere beyond the blue . . . .” So be ready for the call! It could be today and so to watching for the return of your Lord, Saviour and King.

Thought for the Day


It is the desire of your LORD that you be possessed by His choice constraints, being inspired by heavenly and holy desires that motivate your within and lead on to some healthy and wholesome experiences and fulfilment. He does simply wish you be in His kingdom but that you be and do something of value that will be a credit to you and His dominion. Mere existence is not enough. It is important to throb, thrill and thrive with His quickening and guiding into a lifestyle that will bring extension to life, gifts and ministry, and ultimate satisfaction. For instance, Paul could write: “The love of Christ constraineth me” – 2 Cor 5: 14. That certainly a creditable force to governing life and ministry! So today, make it count and let Him be the driving passion within promoting all that is noble.

QUOTES TO NOTE – Leadership

The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves – Ray Kroc


ON MISSION – Matthew 10

The day arrived when the apostolic team were to be launched into divine mission. They had been taught a great deal by Christ and had come to trust Him and realize His authority. No longer were they to be nurtured in the nest but now the time had come to test their wings in service of a unique kind. It was to be adventuring in faith under the commission of Christ. This was to be challenging stuff! The object of their call was that they would become very useful and instrumental in furthering the cause of Christ.

It was rather a full commission as can be noted by the amount of instruction given by Christ. The gist of their message was to be ‘the Kingdom of Heaven’ – v7. It was to be backed up and blessed with the ministry of the miraculous. They were to witness extraordinary things as the sick were healed and other supernatural acts took place – v1. They were not be to be anxious about provisions or duly concerned about getting the message right because they would be truly supported by Him and the Holy Spirit. It would prove to be a discovery of the reality of Himself and the Kingdom of Heaven in its power and glory.

The whole Christian Church is under divine commission – Matthew 20:28. The whole world has to be evangelised with the Good News of Jesus Christ on who He is, what He has done and what is yet to happen through Him. He also assures what will occur when the mission is conducted under His direction, authority and conviction – Mark 16: 16-20. We must be prepared to adventure forth with Him and under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and see the Good News flourish today.





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