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Oct 20th – 2016

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Rev. E. Anderson


A GOLDEN PROMISE from the Bible


The psalmist got it right when he wrote and meant it: “Happy are the people whose God is the LORD” (Psalm 144:15), that is, the one who is JEHOVAH, the great I Am, the one who always has been, is, and always will be in charge and control of affairs in every way. As He assumes His rightful place in your being, belief and behaviour, so you will know what it is to experience and enjoy pure and true delight and pleasure. He happens to be the Fount of Life and All Living. As you live and draw from Him so there will be a vibrant, inspiring, refreshing river of life flowing that will water and satisfy continually. You will not have to look or go elsewhere because He will meet every current demand and cause you to be filled with overflowing delight. Make sure that he is your LORD today and the hours ahead will be crowned with a manifestation of Himself and the ministration of His goodness. Life could not be better for you as you rest in and receive from Him all he desires to be and give.

Thought for the Day


For you to be able to fulfil life to any real satisfaction one of the things you require is ‘strength’. Such will be yours as you live connected with your LORD and experience a constant communion with Him. You will receive strength in every degree and nature from Him. There is the incessant demand for the strength of love, wisdom, grace, mercy, commitment etc. He is the source of all strength and has the capacity to impart that which He possesses in fullness and dynamic to those who look to Him for the same. It is available to you now to meet every current demand. He is able to strengthen a worm, as the prophet affirms, that it can be used to thrash a mountain! The call to you is to ‘wait upon Him and you will renew your strength”. So do not struggle through by your own puny efforts and strength. Draw from His energy and so be up to all that you confront. The promise holds good: “As your days, so your strength will be”.

QUOTES TO NOTE – Leadership

I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion – Alexander the Great


AN ISSUE OF IMPORTANCE – Matthew 9: 9-38

It is quite thrilling to read of the wonderful things Christ did in this passage in summoning a tax-collector to follow Him, in healing a woman of an issue of blood and two blind men, and of raising a young maid from the dead, casting out a spirit of dumbness and bringing deliverance to countless others. All were important matters to those concerned. The great truth was the motivating factor in Christ. He acted out of divine compassion to bring the relief that was required in each case. Nothing but pure love was the governing principle and passion of His life.

We are informed that as He gazed on the masses reaching out to receive His ministry, He was deeply concerned over their state because they were not being cared for, as they ought to have been. There was no one that was really bothered about the real condition of the people and then He put things into clear perspective. He saw a bumper harvest of people waiting to be gathered in for God and so He puts out this vital appeal: “Pray you therefore that the Lord of the harvest, that He will send forth labourers into the harvest.” This issue was important and needed to be resolved through prayer.

The situation still needs resolving today. There is a call for the need of all to be evangelized and won for God today. The people all around appear to be shepherdless and leaderless, although there are many professing leaders in the political and spiritual realm. The demand is for people with compassion, faith and commitment who will gladly spend themselves for others so that they may be won for Christ. Do your part in praying, giving and going to help the gathering in of the end time harvest for Christ. Let this year be a time when you sow and reap much in terms of spiritual harvest for Christ.




Hosea 14

This final section finishes up on a very promising note. It unveils in a most definite manner and measure the right attitudes of God’s people after all that they had passed through. At last they come to recognize some essential things that they needed to do before God. It broke upon their consciousness that there were things that required remedying with regard to Him and as they took the right course of action they would set in motion some glorious positives from the Lord. He would be moved to recognize their right and wholesome spiritual procedures and respond in significant ways. There are principles here that stand for all time and are intended to benefit the whole of Christendom and mankind.


Certain things are mentioned and identified as to what should actually take place in the hearts and actions of God’s elect.

  • The will to return to the Lord.
  • The readiness to express true prayer.
  • The spirit of repentance and asking for mercy.
  • The sense to acknowledge the Lord in praise.
  • The awareness that they cannot save themselves.
  • The conviction that idols are worthless factors.
  • The deep-seated assurance of God’s mercy.


As soon as the true spiritual sense prevails the Lord not only sees and hears, He is quick to make His wonderful and gracious response. There is no lack of interest, desire or will on His part and He is prepared to give assurance all round.

  • There is to be the purging of idolatry and faithlessness
  • There is to be no limits to the demonstration of His love.
  • There is to be the complete removal of His anger.
  • There is to be the manifestation of great refreshing.
  • There is to be the restoration to the land.
  • There is to be evidence of abundant blessing.
  • There is to be a total realisation of Him.


Nothing could be better between the Lord and His own. The thing he had desired now comes to glorious fruition. All’s well that ends well, and here is a case in point. The prophecy terminates with some sound instruction that must be recognized. (1) Wisdom in noting the need of these particular factors in listening, discerning and understanding. (2) The recognition of divine righteousness and the sense and will to walk in God’s ways and reject sin. (3) The result of sin means that God’s best is missed and ends in an absolute mess and shambles.




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