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Oct 19th

ernest kitchen

Rev. E. Anderson


A GOLDEN PROMISE from the Bible


It is your Lord and Saviour that extends to you the best investment in this life. He lays out very clearly what you must really give yourself fully to and as you do so will experience the greatest of returns. He said: “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you” – Matthew 6:33. This was voiced in His great Sermon on the Mount. He is the finest Guide and teacher on Life and the issues of Life. It has to be realized that God has initiated and is building His eternal kingdom in this world now and one day it is to be revealed in all of its glory. Whilst the kingdoms of men come and go, silently but successfully He is engaged in achieving something lasting and phenomenal. It is imperative to be spiritually born within His kingdom and then give yourself to living by its principles, inspiration and motivation. In doing so it works now. God takes total care of those who are sold out to Him. They lack nothing because out of His infinite resources He will supply all they require here and now. Invest with and for God and enjoy the yields now and the benefits eternally.

Thought for the Day


Having committed and consecrated yourself to the LORD at the outset of this new day, let there be no holding back when the challenging situations and people appear. Live up to what you have done before Him and there will be no holding back as far as He is concerned. He will not only be with and stand by you, there will come a rich flow of His love, wisdom and power so that you are able to act in  a becoming, believing and blessed fashion and see so much lasting good wrought. You will be overwhelmed by what is done as you see the rich consequences of giving your all and the best. Looking back at the day’s conclusion you will note that it has been highlighted and underscored by your LORD in a glorious way. The praise will be all His!

QUOTES TO NOTE – Leadership

A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit –  Arnold H. Glasow



It is essential to know what power and authority Jesus Christ possesses and in this incident He truly demonstrates it. Four men brought a friend who was in great physical need for Him to be healed and He used the occasion to make known what divine rights He had. Nobody was to be left in any doubts of what He was capable of doing. What the man really required He was able to perform. This individual that was brought to Him on a bed suffering from palsy was desperate to have his situation dealt with in every way. He had friends that were real and desired his deliverance.

He had a two-fold problem that must be answered and Christ settled both. One was obvious, the other not so evident. The major one was forgiveness of sins and the other was freedom from the curse of the palsy. He was a sinner that needed a Saviour and a sufferer that required a Healer. He was up to both and proved it. The man received a double blessing and went away pardoned and released from the curse of sin and sickness. It is true to say that he may have carried his mat away on that occasion but no longer did he bear the burden and guilt of his sins. He was a free man. Now he was able to walk in life and in the path of righteousness.

The same Christ offers you this double blessing today. You can be wholly free from your past with all of its sin and shame. You can live in the experience of forgiveness. There is no need to be crippled by a sinful nature or loaded with a guilty conscience. His death on the Cross has secured your pardon and His resurrection your release to live a new life. By the same token He will speak His word of power over your sickness so that you enjoy the natural blessing of health. Walk today in the life and strength of the Lord and know His complete healing.





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