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Oct 18th

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Rev E. Anderson

A GOLDEN PROMISE from the Bible 


There are occasions in your life and experience when you will be hit by happenings that will be cutting and wounding and you will require more than self-help. Although you may be strong in faith and courage, there are situations that arise that reduce to tears and one needs spiritual input from another source. The best source is the Lord. He is the most choice of comforters and knows how to minister directly into your life. He gave a promise to his disciples and it is ongoing: “I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you” – John14:18. Nothing and no one can ever stop Him from doing this. He is ever on the scene of life and changeless. There are various ways in which he ministers: firstly, simply by His Presence. When He draws near you know he is around and you can commit yourself into His loving hands and care; secondly, by His Words. Through His promises and assures he will not only be with you but work things out for your good in every way. Thirdly, by the gift of the Holy Spirit who is called the Comforter. As you allow yourself to be filled with Him He will make known to you that all is under His covering and working.

Thought for the Day


When you are rightly and inspiringly primed then you are in a healthy position to deal with what confronts you. This is what the LORD seeks to achieve at the outset of each day so that you up to anything that you .may face. Instead of being intimidate by people and circumstances you welcome the opportunity to prove what has been laid inside of you by heaven. You are to be gratified in the fact that you are going to more than deal with all that appears within the ensuing hours and have the delight of proving the LORD has not failed in his presence or commitment, Let today register a march of progress and success and set you up for even greater accomplishments. Be primed by His Spirit, Word and servants and you will be wise, strong and girded with all you require.

QUOTES TO NOTE – Leadership

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way” – John C. Maxwell


CALMING THE STORM – Matthew 8: 18-34

In the two incidents recorded here we have the ministry of Christ revealing a divine calming power and influence into very troubled conditions in the experience of men. It was first of all to His own disciples as they were in the midst of a great tempest at sea and secondly to a man who was possessed of evil powers that were tearing him apart. He proved that He was quite capable of dealing with both in a unique and extraordinary manner. With His powerful presence and omnipotent word He was able to subdue the storm and the demons.

In the case of the disciples, the thing was external but it was having a terrible disturbing impact upon their spirits. They were overcome by fear and dread. As for the man, his was internal. The experience caused him to be insane and to act in a ferocious manner so that he was a terror to other people in the area. Christ was able to expel the evil powers. Both Mark and Luke make the point that he is discovered to be clothed and in his right mind sitting at the feet of Jesus

No matter what is occurring in your life to create the biggest upheaval and upset, the Christ of God is still in the position to calm you within and the circumstances without. He is in perfect and absolute control. He desires that you place yourself under His care and covering so that He might be Prince of Peace to you. He will prove that He can and will give peace no matter what is happening to alarm and fill you with dread today. “When He speaks peace, the storms must cease.”





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