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Oct 155h

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Rev E Anderson

Welcome to this Christian Website

A GOLDEN PROMISE from the Bible


Always entertain, exercise and sustain the divine principle of service within your being and conduct the directive ‘with good will doing service to the Lord and not unto man’. Make it your business and delight to do all the good you can whilst you can to as many people that cross your path today and everyday. Find real pleasure in being a servant and a servant to others in small and big things and reap the delight of seeing what it will do and mean to those to whom you minister. You never know how many will be grateful and encouraged by your gracious ministry and thank the Lord for your work of love. Look for those opportunities where you can render some kindness and so make the coming hours most rewarding and blessed. The final accolade is when you appear before your Lord when he will say: “Well done thou good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of your Lord”. The true and final accreditation is yet to be when the Lord will both own you and what have generously done!

Thought for the Day


There are given moments and situations when and where you need stand up with and for others especially when they are under pressure and in extreme difficulties. Even when you do not always feel like it, you must not let the opportunity go by when someone desperately requires you to be with them and uphold them in a meaningful manner. It was Ruth that forgot her self, her grief, woes, heartaches and awkward situation and stood with her mother-in-law, Naomi. She helped her to be carried through her trial and  ordeal. Nothing was too much trouble to enhance her well-being. She went to work industriously to bring relief in a demanding situation. Because she did this, others were to stand by her and eventually lead to a complete answer to the whole condition, hers, too. So it will be with you. Spend yourself freely and fully bringing others relief and gain and see the miracles that will happen on your behalf.

QUOTES TO NOTE – Leadership

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader – John Quincy Adams



The Lord reveals that it is possible to give true evidence as to the reality of Christian life and experience. It is known as the ‘fruit test’ – vv16-20. These verses ably and aptly teach that you can discover whether a person is a genuine believe in God by the character of his nature and conduct. There is no need to be deceived in this matter. Just as it is credible to know the difference between a good and bad fruit tree, so with regard to people who make godly profession. The real indication is to be viewed by the harvest produced and evident as noted in their nature and behaviour.

He is underlining the fact that each and everyone must make sure that they are found in the right category. If fruit of a quality order is to be known, that is of a divine standard, then it means that the whole inward disposition of a person must be right and good. It is not accepting the ideas and opinions of men but knowing for certainty what God regards as good and right. At the end of proceedings, it is He that will make the judgment. He will determine whether the tree and fruit are ultimately destined to be harvested or destroyed. This is serious business that must be given utmost thought and consideration.

You need to take a genuine look at yourself, to assess whether you can be classified as a good or bad tree. Do not make assumptions about this issue.  Rather be certain that your inward condition is as God desires and what you are revealing in attitude and action will pass this test. The opportunity now is for you to make the grade as detailed by Christ. He is committed, as the divine horticulturist, to create and produce the best in and through you.



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