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Oct 12th – 2016

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Rev. E. Anderson


A GOLDEN PROMISE from the Bible


Be assured of this, you can never be out of the mind and thoughts of God. He does not anyone or anything to remind him of you and everything that obtains in your connection. Before the universe was created you were very much in His consideration and purpose, and when all has runs its course one earth, you will be much in His future out-workings. He calls you to enjoy have full faith in Him and His glorious intentions. You can actually calmly rest and be free from frustration and fear knowing that he is in charge and control of your and your affairs both for time and eternity. He is you Guarantor and Guarantee in this world, therefore expect joyously to know the action of himself. So today, move on in your knowledge, experience and worship of Him. He who has His eye on the sparrow likewise watches over you.

Thought for the Day


Be aware of the fact that a principal weapon that Satan uses against you is that of discouragement. He will do all within his power to create in your mind and heart a condition where you feel deflated because things are not working and turning out you hoped for. Nothing appears to be coming together and your life and labour seems worthless. Sitting on your shoulder, he would utter all the negative things and so seek to distress and dement. But use your spiritual armoury and answer such in and through the LORD. He has given you His WORDS of PROMISE, the Holy Spirit of Promise and Power to under-gird and raise you up to answer all forms of discouragement. Having obtained conquest over such and Satan, you will come out stronger and see things really working for your growth and blessedness. Refuse to be discouraged and encourage yourself in the LORD at all times. You are born to win!! 

QUOTES TO NOTE – Desmund Tutu

If you want peace, you don’t talk to your friends. You talk to your enemies.


LIFE’S MAIN PURSUIT – Matthew 6: 19-34

In His sound instruction Christ clearly states where the emphasis and direction of life ought continually to be. As He concludes on the issue of what a disciple of His must give him/herself to He declares: “But seek the you first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness” –v33. Nothing could be more definite and distinct. What matters most in those who are born into the Kingdom of God is the government of God and the establishment of His principles and ideas of righteousness. It is not living by the assumptions and philosophies of men but knowing and acting according to His standard procedures.

This certainly means there will be no undue emphasis on materialism – vv19-10. It is being aware of the fact of a greater value of spiritual consideration above the natural and material. The light and intelligence of heaven must fill the mind and life. The darkness and ignorance of this world must be avoided. It is chasing God and seeing He is Master rather than mammon that would seduce and draw away from a loyalty to Him. – v24.  There is a freedom from the undue cares of this life because there is a positive living under the Fatherhood of God – 25-33. There is a total and daily provision for life so there is no need to worry or be anxious at any time.

Is this your pursuit? Do you allow this divine principle to be the directive and motive of your life? Searching questions! No disciple of Christ can lose by adopting such because there is the assurance from the Lord that all that is required throughout the whole of life will be fully catered for in the providence of the heavenly Father. He makes certain that His children do not lack, as they look to Him the real and main source of supply.


Study (13)



Israel, the northern kingdom, had surrendered and lost a great deal over the past and was in a very bad condition before God and others. What she had been and possessed had been completely forfeited and now she stood in a robbed state, denuded of the things that really mattered. In this chapter there is indication of those things that meant elevation and satisfaction but now they appear condemned in their terrible situation.


It seemed that Ephraim had been a leading tribe and the rest of the tribes gave them utmost regard. It affirms he was ‘the most fruitful of all the brothers.’ The prophecy of Jacob over Joseph’s son had surely come to pass so that there had been no failure on His part to bring to pass His word and make the tribe most blessed. They had known and enjoyed an outstanding growth and standing amongst the nation because of God’s goodness but now they are reduced to nothing. Whatever could have been boasted of in the past was now gone and they were brought down to nothing. They had been able to give a lead to their brethren and point the way for the good of all but this was now lost. How often this occurs, even in Christendom!


Unfortunately their prosperity worked an evil amongst them, the acceptance of other gods and the rejection of Jehovah. Baal had taken the prominent ground whilst the One who had brought them to prominence and blessing was completely forgotten. This is the charge that is leveled against her. They were more taken up with worshipping of idols (the breaking of the divine commandment) than the keeping of Jehovah as head and respecting Him. They had lost out on a dynamic accord with Him and so were in the state they path




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