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Oct 10th – 2016

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Rev. E. Anderson


A GOLDEN PROMISE from the Bible


Nothing could but be sure or clearer in sacred promise and covenant: “And, behold, I am with you, and will keep you in all places whither you go” – Genesis 28: 15. This is what was assured to the patriarch Jacob in his first encounter with the Lord. He did not know all that was before him, but events and experiences prove that the Lord was true to His word. The old saint had some difficult situations and places to face but he knew the Lord’s presence and help. And so on to you. The Lord is ever on the scene of life and has appeared to you and guarantees that as you honour and respect Him and His ways, you too will be supernaturally guided and preserved whatever you confront. He is up to every person and generation.  So claim and live within the context of this promise today and every day, and all will be well and end well.

Thought for the Day


It is good for you to know and be sure who really is in the driving seat in this world and especially in the Christian Church. Jesus Christ, since His death and resurrection, has been exalted to Saviour and LORD of all and is in the seat of power and authority. You are now situated alongside of Him and as you recognise His great position you will imbibe his grace and authority and motor with Him. You, too, will be aware of the fact that through Him you can control and take control and drive in the direction that will make great progress in this world. No longer a victim of Satan and this world’s philosophy and workings, the kingdom of God will be manifest and released in and through you. As you belt up with Christ you will go places with Him and see much accomplished that will increase your faith, gladden your being and contribute much to others in and outside the Christian community

QUOTES TO NOTE – Desmund Tutu

Forgiveness says you are given another chance to make a new beginning.


SECRET SERVICE – Matthew 6: 1-6

Christ in His teaching really deals with the issue of hypocrisy, which is a definite vanity. He desires its utter removal from the lives and experiences of His disciples and those who are subjects within His Kingdom. He sees it as a most deceptive factor that can corrupt the pure and choice aspects of Christian life and ministry, such as prayer and giving. There is the need to make sure that what is done is always with true, godly incentive and desire so that the ministry performed is of a worthy nature in its expression and so results in the benediction of God. He does not want to see anyone being a play-actor in His Kingdom. All must be real and genuine.

Giving and praying are two precious spiritual ministries and services that the Christian disciple can be involved in to great profit. There is to be no aping of the Scribes and Pharisees who performed these things before others just to receive the praise of men. He states these matters because it is not the best way to perform and as such to be avoided at all costs. It is better to have secret service in these realms, doing them simply before God and avoiding all publicity. Such will not go unnoticed where it matters.

How essential it is to line up with Christ’s teaching here! There is always the grave danger of pride raising its ugly head, of the aspiration to be seen and recognized by those around. There is nothing to be really gained by adopting this manner of life because all praise of men is short-lived and has no lasting benefit. Learn to give well privately and pray in secret and discover the immense divine rewards.



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