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Oct 7th – 2016

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Rev. E. Anderson




The promise is made by the Lord: “He will keep the feet of His saints” – 1 Samuel 2:9. Yes, when they seemingly cannot keep their foothold because of the conditions underneath them, He is ever around to lend the omnipotent hand and so stabilize your situation. Sometimes the Lord allows you to go through these kind of circumstances just to discover that His eye and interest is ever in you and that He can and will bring you through the most traumatic conditions in good fettle. No, there is no cause for alarm because He is completely aware of where you are at all times and has ordained that even His angels are at hand to give support if required. As you ponder the path of the saints and the slippery places they encountered, note His presence and providence with them, so you will be assured that you will not slide into disaster. The God of Israel is looking after you!

Thought for the Day


As a son of God within His Family, being your heavenly Father, He has bestowed great and precious promises within the Scriptures for you to know, believe and experience. You are child of promise and before and behind are the immense guarantees from your Father for your present and eternal inheritance. It is time for you to famaliarise yourself with them now and start to anticipate their fulfilment as well as your eternal future. He has already done so much for you and such is simply the platform for much more to be wrought and fulfilled. You must learn to live up to His expectations and as you do, all that he has assured will be providentially brought to realisation in your life. Remember, ‘He is able to do abundantly above more than you can ask or think’ – Ephesians 3: 20.

QUOTES TO NOTE – Ronald Reagan

Within the covers of the Bible are the answers for all the problems men face. 


A BLESSED PEOPLE – Matthew 5: 1-12

As Jesus Christ commenced His teaching ministry He sets out most clearly the kind of people that will make up His spiritual and eternal Kingdom. He taught that they have to possess the right attitudes that reflect the nature of God. They can be listed as humility, brokenness, perfect control of life, desire for spiritual realities, kindness, purity, seekers of peace and unity, the ability to wisely put up with persecution etc. It is quite a demanding list. There is no way that this is possible without being renewed by God’s grace and receiving His power to perform. Those who possess this nature and its qualities are truly blessed and are different.

God blesses these unique people in a beautiful manner by producing characters that are wholesome in every way. They are fit to live and rule within the Kingdom of God. They know the delight of inheriting the earth, of being truly and fully satisfied, of experiencing untold tokens of kindness, of knowing and seeing God, of experiencing a state of peace etc. The reward of being as God desires and designs brings varied blessings of inestimable worth. The Kingdom life in evidence is a blessed life.

As you commence and proceed through this year, note that you are a child of the Kingdom of heaven. Let heaven’s nature reside and preside in you so that you evidence all these godly attitudes. It will be apparent to all that you are different and so witness to God’s Kingdom life. There will be a divine happiness prevailing at every level that will be its own testimony to a blessed life.





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