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Oct 4th – 2016

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Rev. E. Anderson


A GOLDEN PROMISE from the Bible


You can learn from the great sacrifice that Christ made for the world. He gave up everything and suffered immensely that He would see something of lasting worth, the birth and growth of the Christian Family, a whole new race of sons of God. That is what He has accomplished through forfeiting His life in suffering and death. The prophet said: When you shall make His soul an offering for sin, he shall see His seed” – Isaiah 53:10. Nothing of any worth is accomplished without someone paying an awesome price for it. As you have to pass through the valley of pain, anguish and affliction to bring something of worth into being, look through the eyes of faith and know that it is worth it all. Your self-giving is no waste of time or effort but will bring into being something of outlasting value. There is something of infinite worth at the end of it!

Thought for the Day


Each day is presented to you by your LORD as a challenge. You have not faced or trodden it before and you are not fully aware of what it holds. Be confident of this, He knows what is ahead in the next hours and has ordained that you confront things that will bring the best out in and through Him. Instead of wilting and withering before you commence it, stand in his love, wisdom and strength. They are his enabling qualities that will be present to inspire and accomplish things you may be thought you were not capable of. Let excitement and enthusiasm beset your being so that you are up for all that will enlarge your nature, coast and gifts. It is going to be a great day!!!

QUOTES TO NOTE – Desmund Tutu

If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.


FACING TEMPTATION – Matthew 4: 1-11

It is instructive to know that Christ had to face temptation. He was not rendered immune from being confronted with evil suggestions from a wicked adversary but was to ready meet and deal with all that he threw at Him. He had just been blessed with the Holy Spirit and had received the commendation of the Father, but these were no preventative from the subtle attack of the wicked one. Christ was prepared to go and face the foe and to win a major triumph over him in the desert.

The weapon that He used with telling effect was the Word of God. In the three temptations recorded, Christ employed the Scriptures of truth to beat His opponent and it is apparent that Satan had no answer to the rapier thrust of such. Christ would do nothing to satisfy any personal craving to manifest miraculous power for self-sustenance, preservation or advancement. Although filled with the latent power of the Holy Spirit, He would not engage it to His own ends. The time would come when He would do so, but at this point He would not abuse the same for selfish advantage. This was submitted to God to be manifested in due course.

God allows you to be put through your paces especially after a time of great blessing and confirmation. This ought to be no surprise to you because of what you witness in the life of Christ. Make sure that the blessing of the Holy Spirit is yours and that you are feeding off God’s Word. The answers will come from God in the midst of your trials and temptations so that you can effectively overcome all that the enemy would entice you with. It is your right in Christ to win the battle and triumph with great success and move on to greater things in and for God.




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